10 Deadliest Frogs In The World

We just remember the childhood days of catching the tadpoles and frogs to play around with, when frogs are into consideration. If you get around to see frogs listed here, never ever positively try to touch them, because some of them even secret poison through skin. Two different categories are to be found with respect to poison, one harboring and other secreting the poison. Both ways, the frogs are deadly enough to kill in a few minutes of contact. We have come up with the 10 deadliest frogs in the world, which are charming by looks but monsters in harboring poison.

10. Giant Leaf Frog

Giant Leaf Frog

Giant leaf frog looks like a monster on the green woods with terrible body modification. Not just that, the frog is potent enough to cause hallucination in affected victims. Also known as “Giant Monkey Frog”, it is found majorly in Amazon Basin. The body is waxy and are capable of secreting fluids around their eyes to visualize surrounding perfectly even inside the water. As per IUCN, the frog is categorized to be endangered and due to which spotting them would be really a difficult task.

9. Red Backed Poison Frog

Red Backed Poison Frog

Red Backed poison frog looks incredibly dangerous with vibrant red color on its back. The toxic content in them are capable of causing intense damage to human tissues and instant death in animals. Native to Amazon rainforests in Ecuador and Peru, the Red Backed poison frog uses the poison content in them as a defense mechanism in danger. As per the Zoologists, the frog doesn’t produce the venom, but stores as a result of consuming poisonous ants and insects. It has unique feature to store the poison in their epidermis of the skin and immunize to avoid from self-damage.

8. Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

Fancy name, yet potentially hazardous? Absolutely, the Strawberry poison-dart frog highly poisonous resembling like a strawberry, but never even think of touching it. It consists of Pumiliotoxin 251D, which is generated as a result of frog’s diet. The frog eventually turns to be more dangerous due to natural secretion of toxins containing nitrogenous bases. Reactions made by the toxins can paralyze an individual, eventually causing death. The species is found majorly in Central America, with no much variations in color combinations.

7. Splash Backed Poison Frog

Splash Backed Poison Frog

Splash backed poison frog consists of poison containing huge tubocurarine in them. The basic components of the poison is used in arrows for combatting. Fantastic in terms of look, the poison is  secreted from skin and capable of killing an adult human in a span of less than five minutes. Basically found in Peru, the Splash backed frog is found in the upper drainage of Huallaga River.

6. Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog

Yellow Banded Poison Dart Frog

Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog looks fantastic in terms of looks, but is highly dangerous due to toxin content in it. It resembles like a chocolate wrapped on a yellow cover. It can grow up to a length of about 5 cm and primarily found in Venezuela. Very hazardous when Toxin content in the frog are into consideration, since it consists of Dendrobatidae. It hits the nervous system, which can further weaken the never impulses to cause death. Most scary part is that, the toxins are secreted from the skin, and even touching them would be life threatening.

5. Phantasmal Poison Frog

Phantasmal poison frog

Looks like giving a million kisses for the frog, but can toss you in matter of minutes. The Phantasmal Poison frog can max length about 1.6 inches and are found only in Ecuador. Further, the frog is considered an endangered species and spotting them could be pretty rare. The potent in them is capable of killing a fully grown adult. Medical Science have come up with huge advantages with the poisons in them to prepare medicines. Records have found that the toxin consists of epibatadine, which produces 200 times higher in effects than morphine with zero addictive effects.

4. Brazil-Nut Poison Frog

Brazil Nut Poison Frog

As the name says, the Brazil-Nut poison frog habitats right from the tadpole near the Brazil-Nut tree, which is considered as one of the deadliest frogs around the world. The tadpole development is believed to happen inside the capsule of Brazil-Nut tree. Very rare indeed, and is endemic to Brazil. Grows up to a length of about 18 to 23 mm in length with yellow spots on the black body.

3. Black Legged Dart Frog

Black Legged Dart Frog

Black-Legged dart frog also recognized as “bicolored dart frog”, somewhat resembles like the Golden Poison frog. It is considered as the third-most poisonous when dart frogs are into consideration. The toxic content in them is identified as 150 micrograms capable of killing an adult human just in few minutes of ingestion. Symptoms such as muscular paralysis and respiratory disorders are seen in the victim. About 50-55 mm in length, the Black-legged dart frog stands to be one of the largest among the dart species.

2. Kokoe Poison Frog

Kokoe Poison Frog

Kokoe Poison Dart frog  consisting of a deadly toxin known as “batrachotoxin”.  The scariest part is that, the toxin is spread almost across the frog’s body and touching itself goes horrible. The poison consists of steroidal alkaloid, which can result in irreversible damage to the tissue. The victim infected with more toxin can lead to death if not treated on time as a result of paralysis. Primarily found in the wet forests of Colombia at an altitude of 60 and 520 meters.

1. Golden Poison Frog

Golden Poison dart frog

Golden poison frog is by far considered as the most poisonous frog in the world. It is capable of killing between 10 and 20 adults at a single shot in a matter of seconds. The amount of poison in them is correlated with killing up to two African Bull Elephants. About 1.5 cm in length, the frog is assumed to have acquired the poison storage by consuming the poisonous ants. Further, the poison repository is used for self-defense, but not to kill the prey. The dosage in them is tremendously high with quantity of about 1 milligram, capable of killing about 10,000 mice.

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