10 Shocking Facts About Cocaine

Drug addiction is the biggest problem faced by today’s youths and youngsters. Millions of people all over the world get addicted to drug abuse. Every year a new variety of drug is produced. Some of the most commonly used drugs are cocaine, heroin, alcohol, hallucinogens, Marijuana, MDMA (ecstasy/molly), tobacco and steroids. Cocaine is a commonly used drug for abusing, for pleasure and for getting high. Cocaine is extremely powerful to get addicted even by using it for the first time. It can damage your brain and all your internal organs. This deadliest drug can even kill you suddenly. This post would give you shocks through your spines by showing us top 10 shocking facts about cocaine and cocaine usage.

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10. Extremely hard and rare to quit

Cocaine is Hard to Quit

The dangerous and powerful drug is not only hard to quit but also it is rare to come out of cocaine addiction. Once a person is addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine, it is extremely hard to come out of addiction. The user craves for more and more of cocaine each time. Normal recreational use of cocaine releases lots and lots of pleasure hormones in the body making you feel happier and more enjoyable. People who abuse the drug tend to feel worse after every cocaine use and intolerance increases. People who are addicted need at least little cocaine to feel okay, no day-to-day pleasures, stress, memory problems and finally you forget that you are addicted to cocaine. Cocaine changes every way you think and makes it hard to quit.

9.  No antidote available to reverse the addiction

No Antidote for Cocaine

There is no officially known antidote for cocaine addiction. There are few drugs that are known to have shown some positive results on animals. Two of these are dexmedetomidine and rimcazole. No tests have been conducted on humans yet to produce antidotes. FDA hasn’t approved a valid antidote for cocaine overdose as of 2016. NIDA is working aggressively to produce an antidote for the addiction. Many companies have come forward to produce drugs out of which some have been successful. The successfully produced drugs have targeted the way cocaine affects the brain chemistry. Disulfiram used to treat alcoholism has shown the most positive results for cocaine addiction. A vaccine also has been produced to tackle the cocaine addiction effectively.

8. Damages all the internal organs

Cocaine Damages Internal Organs

The drug is powerful enough to damage internal organs such as heart, liver, kidney, lungs, brain and stomach. The drug can cause stomach ulcers and kidney failures. Regular cocaine users have twice the age of the heart compared to non-users. The damage doesn’t stop here but affects the entire body adversely. It shrinks the blood passages. It affects your liver and kidney. Some people experience problems with their eyes and skin. Brain damage is extreme for the crack addicts. No organ is spared by the toxic drug.

7. Powerful enough to get addicted by using it even for the first time

Cocaine Addiction Even by Using First Time

Crack cocaine is extremely powerful that can get you addicted by using it even for the first time. Crack addicts require the drug every 15 min. The urge for more drugs can increase after every use. People getting addicted to cocaine lose interest in other areas of their life. People experience high amounts of depression, fatigue and mood swings after the cocaine effects dries out of the body. The first dosage of cocaine changes the brain chemistry to a tremendous level causing intense memory loss and hijack of the normal brain functions. This intense effect leaves the user addicted for ever.

6. Sharing needles used to inject cocaine can cause HIV and Hepatitis

Cocaine Needles can Cause HIV

Not just cocaine is dangerous, but sharing needles used to inject cocaine can be even more lethal by causing HIV and Hepatitis. Sharing needles causes contracting highly infectious diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Sharing needles leads to high risk of blood transfers. Countries were sterilized needles are not available, drug abusers share needles. Some even share snorting pipes that causes transfer of infectious diseases quickly and easily.

5. Damages the nose which requires plastic surgery to fix

Cocaine Snorting Damages Nose

Cocaine can severely damage your nose cartilage in the long run. Cocaine causes septum perforation or hole in the septum that is common among people who snort or sniff cocaine. Blood supply to the nose is severely affected and can disfigure the nose. Septal perforation can never heal on its own and needs special diagnosis. Nose perforation can only be treated with a highly qualified nasal perforation specialist or by a plastic surgery. If untreated can damage the nasal function and normal appearance of the nose.

4. Cocaine addicts brain bleed and die suddenly

Brain Bleed Due to Cocaine

Many cocaine addicts brain bleed without any symptoms and suddenly die without explanations. Many studies conducted on cocaine abusers have been linked to brain haemorrhage and blood vessels getting ruptured. More than 40 percent cocaine users had malformed blood vessels in their brain. Many users had thickened arteries and blood walls. These led to malfunction of brain, strokes, heart attacks and unexplained deaths. Sudden cardiac deaths have quadrupled due to the use of cocaine. Death can occur due to heavy strokes or a powerful heart attack. The heart beats are irregular in cocaine users, which is one of the main reasons behind heart problems and death.

3. Cocaine + Heroin = Speedball (most lethal weapon)

Speedball Cocaine with Heroin

Mixing cocaine and heroin together is called speed-balling and is a classic mixture still considered the best in terms of hallucinations and pleasure levels. The mixture is also called the death trap because cocaine is a stimulant whereas heroin is a depressant making it lethal. Users injecting them together experience intense high of cocaine followed by soothing effects of heroine. The users then tend to crave more and more of these drugs. The users do not feel the extreme effects of both the drugs and the user is unaware of the danger. The abusers feel more energetic as both the drugs have opposite effects on the body. Since the user is unable to know the lethal levels of either of these drugs, it becomes difficult to get out of the addiction. The combined drug effects can play rough on your organs, which is another deadly reason to why speed-balling is indeed deadly.

2. Cocaine and alcohol combination is the most dangerous drug combination known

Cocaine Alcohol Crack Cocaine

When the drugs cocaine and alcohol mixes, the body converts them into a chemical called as cocaethylene. The toxic substance is known to result in longer duration of cocaine effects in the brain. This deadly combination of the drug leads to more deaths than any other drug combination known in the world. The combination is 25 times stronger than just taking cocaine alone. The toxic element is formed in the liver resulting in liver damage, seizures and compromised functioning of the immune system. Cocaethylene is a dangerous substance that can lead to serious health problems, stronger euphoria and indirectly encouraging the person to excessive drinking of alcohol.

1. Increases heart attack within an hour by 2400%

Cocaine Causes Heart Attack

Consumption of cocaine increases the chances of getting a heart attack by 2400% within an hour of Cocaine intake. According to study conducted at various locations, cocaine not only increases the chances of myocardial infarction and heart attack in the long run but also increases the chances of getting a heart attack by its occasional usage for recreational purpose. Cocaine is known to be the perfect heart attack drug. Cocaine users have thickened heart wall, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and harder arteries which all contribute to heart attacks.


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