10 Strongest Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs are considered man’s best friend for a reason: they are loyal and have an undying persistence to save their owner’s life even at the cost of theirs in a dangerous situation. It is not just loyalty that sets them apart. They’re intelligent and some of them are even popular for the superior strength they amass by the time they are fully grown. This article will be dealing with 10 of the strongest dog breeds in the world.

The list of 10 strongest dog breeds you need to know before owning them as pets:

10. Great Dane

Great Dane

They were initially known as German boarhound, but later on they were referred to as Great Dane. The breed originated from Germany and is one of the most common domestic dog breeds in the world. Majestic appearance, strength, power, long legs and a well-formed body are their primary characteristics. Their size gives them an imposing look, but they score very low in the aggression spectrum. Danes have very low prey drive and it makes them unsuitable for hunting. As with any large dog breed, Danes are also susceptible to hip dysplaxia. Hence they need to be subjected to regular exercise throughout their life. Zeus, a Dane from Michigan, USA is the record holder for the world’s tallest dog at a whooping height of 44 inches.

9. Newfoundland


Newfoundland is a dog of Canadian origin and is primarily used as a working dog. DNA analysis and gene mapping have linked them close to Labrador and Golden Retrievers. They are usually brown, black, or white-and-black in color. They are among the few breeds that have innate swimming abilities. This makes them ideal for search and rescue in water bodies. They are also characterized by tremendous strength and intelligence. This makes them the perfect candidate for rescue missions, and there are plenty of evidence from the past to support this. Newfoundland dogs are sweet-natured and loyal. This makes them wonderful family companions, especially among children.

They are extremely tolerant to cold weather, but not towards hot and arid conditions. They shed a lot of fur and drool a lot which makes them difficult to groom. These dogs may have versatile functions, but they are very susceptible to poor health conditions. They are extremely easy to train and require minimal obedience training. They crave companionship and hence should not be left alone for long periods of time.

8. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

This is a breed that is the perfect example of an animal whose looks can be deceiving at every level. These dogs usually weigh between and 25-40 Kg, and come across as the perfect cuddle companion. These dogs are extremely ferocious and demand a lot of intensive training to be used as a working dog. Chow chows find it extremely difficult to adapt to environments and they are extremely wary of strangers. They enjoy their independence so much that they are okay with not being pet by their owners. Despite the aggressive behavior, post training, they usually serve as extremely loyal dogs to their owners and they guard their territories with everything they got. They may not be a fast breed, but their endurance is commendable.

7. Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta

These are dogs whose breeding period dates back to the 16th Century. These dogs would find a lot of reference in the Mughal history as they were used by Kings during hunting. Apparently, Akbar: The Mughal Emperor owned a Bully Kutta for his hunting recreational activities. They weigh between 70-80 Kg and are primarily used as guardian dogs. They are not an extremely popular breed among families and require a well-experienced owner to control its temper and behavior. If trained from when it is a puppy, they may be used as guardian dogs for homes. A feature that sets them apart from other dog breeds is its muscularity and thick bone structure. This is precisely the reason why they are used for dog fighting as the muscle structure provides them the necessary agility and speed required for sparring.

6. Boxer


Boxers are medium-sized dogs with short hair that originated from Germany. They primarily belong to the class of working dogs. They have strong jaws and have a characteristic broad and short skull. These dangerous dogs crave companionship and are extremely protective in nature which makes them suitable for families. They earn extra brownie points for being a perfect family dog because they are bright and playful with children. They are characterized by above average intelligence and athleticism. It is a dog breed that is susceptible to multiple illness and cancer accounts for 38.5% of boxer deaths. These demand food that is high in quality calories: lean chicken, fish, and lamb. Boxers are also popular for their versatility. They fill roles such as service dogs, guide dogs, herding dogs, messenger dogs, attack dogs, and guard dogs in times of combat.

5. Sivas Kangal Shepherd

Sivas Kangal

The dog gets the name from the province in Turkey where it was bred: Sivas. These majestic looking dogs are not just capable of fending off small-sized predators, but they have the power to even guard a flock from wolves and jackals. Due to its massive size and vigor, it is primarily used as a guardian dog. That being said, they also work well in families as their guardian and have an extremely playful and gentle approach to children. If the temperament of a Kangal is analyzed, it will be evident that they have monk like traits: powerful, calm, and controlled. The adaptability of these dogs to changing situations is remarkable and they also have the capacity to arrive at judicious actions when confronted by an intruder.

4. American Pit-bull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier

As the name suggests, they are a cross-breed of Pitbull and Terrier. The primary reason for breeding them was to achieve a breed that has the capacity to fight along with strength and athleticism. Endurance, confidence, and enthusiasm are what separate them from other popular breeds. They usually grow to a size of 22 inch and weigh between 20-30 Kg. These dogs are popular for their agility that makes them suitable as working dogs. They usually find a place in search & rescue operations and also as police dogs. In addition to being in law enforcement agencies, they are also considered for filling the role of companion dogs and therapy dogs.

3. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

As the name signifies, this is a breed that was developed in Argentina. It was developed by crossing the now extinct Cordoba dog along with the Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Great Dane, and the French Mastiff. The primary character of the dog is aggressive and it makes them suitable for harsh work like search & rescue, police assistance, and helping the military during missions. These were bred primarily for hunting and they are perfect for big-game hunting as they aid in the hunting activity as well as willingly protect their owners. They are extremely social animals if trained from a young age, but due to its unsteady temperament they are not usually preferred as family dogs and require owners that are constantly ready to take leadership. Due to their extreme fighting stamina, they are banned in some countries.

2. St Bernard

St Bernard

St Bernard is also rightly known as Alpine dog which makes them extremely popular in search and rescue operation in mountainous regions. They are one of the most popular working dogs that are believed to be originally bred by two hospices located in the Italian-Swiss border and the Italian-French border. The dogs are named as homage to Bernard of Menthon: the monk who established the two hospices. St Bernard breed is patient, sweet with adults, and are commonly known as the Gentle Giant. For these to become effective worker dogs, they must be trained while they are still a puppy to avoid difficulties that may come up training a large dog.

1. Mastiff


If there is a breed that stands out for its enormity, even when it is just few days old is the Mastiff. Their characteristic features are: massive body, black mask, broad skull with a square head. As far as temperament is considered, they are good-natured and noble in addition to being courageous and docile. These dogs are massive in size and that obviously demands a food intake 2-3 times a day. Compared to other breeds, the Mastiff has the tendency to engage in slothful behavior; hence regular exercise must be maintained throughout the dog’s life. Zorba, an English Mastiff from England currently holds the Guinness record for the greatest weight ever recorded for a dog.