10 Most Terrifying Phobias

A phobia is an extreme fear of something that causes the affected person to take extreme steps in order to avoid dangers posed against them. Most often we are scared of something or the other in life. And some portion of the folks belong to the fear of paranormal activities. However, the phobias listed here are very unusual, which needs extreme medical interventions to treat the affected person. Here, we have listed the 10 most terrifying phobia, which are capable of producing goosebumps in you.

10. Xanthophobia (Fear of Color – Yellow)

Xanthophobia fear of yellow

Xanthophobia is one of the rarest phobias in the history of medicine, which primarily involves an individual being more anxious about color “Yellow”. Some of us do feel awkward seeing some color, but Xanthophobia is a serious concern.  Xanthophobia is linked to an individual’s mental trauma in the past, wherein the sufferer is always conscious of yellow color. Moreover, the victim gets mental shock when they hear yellow word from anywhere around them.

9. Uranophobia (Fear of Heaven and Going There)

fear of going to heaven

Uranophobia, also recognized as “Ouranophobia”, is known to cause fear of heaven and sky as a result of chemical change in the brain. The genuine reason for the cause is still not known due to unknown complication in the chemical ratio of the brain. Uranophobia is also linked to one’s religion, where an individual has a belief of going to heaven after death if the individual lived a righteous life. Further, they get an intuition that they get punished for the sins done by them. People suffering from this phobia could experience symptoms like tremors, shock and anxiety.

8. Nomophobia (Fear of Being Without Phones)

fear of being without phones

Getting addicted to mobile phone in current generation is very common, but there is something beyond addiction. There could be a possibility that people who are addicted to phones may suffer from a phobia known as “Nomophobia”- Fear of being without phones. Nomophobia is related to one’s metal ability, wherein individual suffering from it could show adverse effects in terms of social and personal lifestyle.

Phones are of course very helpful, however researchers have revealed that an average person spends about 4 years on their phone in their entire lifespan. This could pretty seem less, but when imagined the amount of time spent on phone in reality could be bizarre. Phones are one of the biggest electronic equipment in the world to have maximum addicted individuals.

7. Phagophobia (Fear of Eating)

fear of eating

Phagophobia is again a dangerous phobias known till date, which avoids the individual from eating everyday food. Usually, they experience choking conditions and the food being stuck in their neck while swallowing. Additionally, the fear of eating food can become worse if not treated on time, which can include the sufferer getting isolated when food is into consideration. Usual scenario include the shapes of the food items, which can make them anxious and annoying.

6. Phobophobia (Fear of Developing a Phobia)

fear of developing a phobia

Phobophobia is an extreme condition of one developing a phobia, which is caused by unconscious mind linked to emotional trauma and stress. Suffering from any phobia mentioned on this list apart from phobophobia itself can cause a victim to develop fear of developing other phobias. Common symptoms include tension, hypersensitive, dizziness, heart pounding and avoidance. Usually people suffering from this phobia could be either due to mental stress of previous memories or chemical imbalance in the brain.

5. Acousticophobia (Fear of Sound)

fear of sound

People suffering from Acousticophobia are hypersensitive and react to situations very violently if exposed to even low noises. Acousticophobia is also recognized as “Sonophobia”, usually related to heavy headaches like migraine. People suffering from this phobia undergo a bizarre nightmare in their regular life. They try to be composed always, which is highly impossible to execute. There can never be any situation where an individual can spend their entire lifetime in a soundproof rooms. Finally, every minute details related to sound and voice can create massive impact on their mental health.

4. Anemophobia (Fear of Air)

fear of wind

Anemophobia, also recognized as “Ancraophobia” is a mental disorder of getting too anxious of breeze or wind. It is considered to be one of the most annoying and lethal phobias in medical history, because every moment of the victim turns out to be a nightmare. Without breath, no life could even imagine to exist, and ironic situation happens to be with the victims who tend to get worse day by day suffering from Anemophobia. Victims always have an intuition of getting themselves killed by wind flow and hence they try to a place of environment variation.

3. Urophobia (Fear of Urination)

fear of urination

Majority of us always have a weird feeling of obstructing the urine flow when we get to see any individual nearby. Urophobhia is a condition where the victim feels highly difficult to urinate either in reality or imaginary situation at public restrooms. The condition is recognized as “Paruresis”, which can cause adverse effects if not treated on time.  An indivudial suffering from Urophobia will be able to urinate only when alone at home or at a private place. They feel very uncomfortable during the process of diagnosis and intense metal therapy is given to overcome this extreme condition.

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2. Chronophobia (Fear of Passing of Time)

fear of time

Chronophobia is considered to be one of the most terrifying phobia in medical history. The fear of passing of time could actually come to any of us irrespective of age. It is prone to people who are into their maxed-out stress level, who show up extreme anxiety over time. Prisoners especially tend to suffer from Chronophobia by just thinking of the amount of time they would spend for their rest of their life. Falling ill at later stages of life can cause an individual to exhibit terrifying fear against nearing death by repeatedly thinking of their remaining time.

1. Panphobia (Fear of Everything)

fear of everything

Panphobia, also recognized as “Pantophobia”, is a very horrible condition where an individual enter a subconscious mind of horror. The individual affected by panphobia presumes himself or herself to be latched up with an unknown evil entity. The fear tends to be with them till they die with the same intention that there is something wrong with each and every activity they come across in their life. Panphobia is placed on top of this list, since every other phobia specify to a particular entity.  It can most probably eradicate the individual’s reality by doubting on every scenario of his or her life.

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