10 Terrifying Things Found Under Beds

Have you ever wondered anything terrifying lying under your bed any day? There are world’s weirdest things found under the beds and have created the history out of it. Some of them are strange, weird, creepy, or even horrifying. How would you react with such situations if you find any one of the things listed below? We have listed the most terrifying things found under the beds that can creep out anyone at any cost.

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10. Poltergeist


Majority of us must not have experienced the supernatural activity at home, but was true for Brian O’Neil and his wife Bridgett. In July 2014, both of them were completely confused what creepy stuff had happened to their room, when they discovered almost all items scattered here and there. Clothes, electronics, shoes, cash and many more were littered, but none of the items were stolen. The final option left for Brian was to call the police, who interrogated the scene but was clueless as there were no finger prints. Brain further experienced sleepless night due to noises that were coming from under his bed. Eventually what they found under his bed was a poltergeist with a knife, who was then arrested by police.

9. Escape Tunnels

Escape Tunnels

A 36-Year old from Georgia was arrested in December 2014 for selling methamphetamine. The police had no clue of where this man was hiding for months; however he was kept under the watch by police for very long days. Although the bombing squad busted his home, they couldn’t find him anywhere in the home but what they found under his bed was astounding. There was a 6-Foot underground tunnel under his bed that connected a nearby store, which was evading the entire days when he was under the police surveillance.  The underground tunnel had several rooms to escape from police, which was all together sealed when he was arrested.

8. Burglar


How the situation would be, if we find a burglar at our home hiding somewhere!! A 61 year old was highly terrified when she could not find her cat at home. She searched every corner of her home to find the cat and finally what she discovered under her bed was frantic. She had no clue on how to react when she discovered a burglar under her bed. It was a providential escape for the old lady as there was no harm done by the burglar to her. However, the burglar fled the scene, but was caught by police at later stages.

7. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Penis

Napolean Bonaparte’s Penis

Napoleon Bonaparte was a successful political leader and a French military, during the mid 18th century. As he was a legendary genius, a decision was taken to perform an autopsy on Napoleon. After Napoleon’s expiry in 1821, an autopsy was performed on his body and majority of the parts were removed. Eventually, even his penis was removed and was given to a priest for preservation. Years later, the organ was bought by a urologist, which was kept under his beds until his death. It was then discovered by his daughter, who has already received huge offers of up to $1 lack dollars.

6. Most Expensive Violin

Most Expensive Violin

Dubbed the Mona Lisa of Violin, is the world’s most renowned and expensive violin. The violin that was found under a bed was estimated to be 274 years old and was auctioned at a cost of $16 million in 2012. This valuable violin was played by the world’s most renowned violinist, which adds excess treasure to the asset. The expensive violin was left under the bed of the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, which was then left behind by an anonymous under the bed of the world’s most renowned violinst – Anne Akiko Meyers. She has put her entire financial support in terms of loan for her life to redeem the violin.

5. Decomposing Body

Decomposing Body

Have you ever wondered you sleeping on a decomposing body? However, we all keep our hotel rooms messed up when we are on tours and vacations. In July 2013, a couple checked in Capri Motel in Kansas City, where they experienced terrifying nightmare. The couple couldn’t manage to sleep at night due to extreme stench filled every corner of the room. Finally, they had to call the hotel crew to inspect the area as the stench was unbearable. The crew pulled out the mattresses of the hotel room and what they found was horrifying. They discovered a girl’s dead body under the mattresses, which was cleansed by the hotel crew.

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4. Sinkhole


In July 2011, Inocenta Hernandez of Guatemala City resident found herself in a state of horror, when she heard a loud explosive noise that made her wake from her deep sleep. Hernandez wondered the origin of explosion would be outside her home that made her peep out of her home thinking it would be an accident or car explosion. Unfortunately, the sound was from her home, when she was informed by her neighbour, which made her discover a three foot wide – forty foot deep sinkhole under her bed. The loud explosion could have probably killed Hernandez and her grandchildren; however, it was a providential escape.

3. $1 Million Dollars

$1 Million Dollars


A man from china named La Guangdi, found $6.33 million Yuan, which is approximately $1 Million Dollars. La owned an apartment in Dongguan, which had many houses for the tenants to occupy. The hefty cash was found in one of the tenant’s house under the beds and the jackpot was stuffed in four carton boxes. Apparently, the tenant was a long time occupant who had left these full loaded carton boxes of cash and absconded. The owner found the cash when he was cleaning the house for the next tenant to occupy. The jackpot is now under the custody if police and is under the investigation to figure out the location of former tenant.

2. Crocodile


Can you ever imagine a crocodile under your bed? Whittall, a guy from Zimbabwe had a nightmare in the morning after spending a night in Humani Ranch, when he heard his home’s maid screamed of no clue. The maid found a 330-pound crocodile resting underneath Whittall’s bed. There was no realization of a crocodile presence from Whittall, the entire night. He recalls that one of his leg were hanging off the bed, fortunately Whittall did not become the monster crocodile’s meal. Luckily, the crocodile was wrangled off the bed and were left in the nearby dam.

1. Prostitute


A 70-year old Pennsylvanian was believed to have good relation with his neighbours by selling alcohol. He made pretty decent income and profit out of selling alcohol to his neighbours. There was always a doubt on this man on what he would be doing with the huge profits that he earns by selling the liquors to his neighbours. There were about 20 people in the private housing facility, which was owned by the old man. He used the extra income to a prostitute who was hiding underneath his bed every night. Later, the assisted living subsidy was confiscated by the police when they found a naked prostitute under his bed.

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