10 Tips To Lower Your Electricity Bill

Money and electricity is both precious. If you are wasting electricity then you are in turn damaging our environment. If you are wasting money, then you do not value it and do not know wasting money can also damage the environment. Since everyone wants to save money we have chosen electricity as a way to save. In the developed nations, price of electricity is high. This is due to various factors like consumption and production. A set of simple and efficient tips should easily bring down your electricity bill and usage.

Here is the list of ten tips to lower your electricity bill:

10. Run Your Fridge Efficiently

Fridge is an energy monger in the kitchen. If you are using a very old model, then it can easily cost you more than all the other kitchen appliances combined. Service the fridge at least one a year by changing its coils. When you go out of station, clean the fridge and switch off. Run the fridge for lesser times throughout the day. Fridges run efficiently with full loads. Keep the fridge and freezer filled always to increase the efficiency. Check the fridge doors for any leakages. Change it at least once in two years. By all this ways, you can save lots of money on your electricity bill.

9. Use Cold Water For Washing

Washing machines have options to wash with cold or hot water. You can save lots of energy by switching to cold water. Heating water consumes 90% of the electricity during a wash by the washing machine. This will also help in reducing the emission of carbon. Many people assume that washing with hot water will clean the clothes but that is actually not true. Apart from cold water a full-load washing machine always saves energy. Lots of money saved on your electricity bill by following these simple tips.

8. Upgrade/Service Your Old Appliances

Service Your Appliances

Servicing your old appliances is an extremely important factor to save money on your utility bills. The efficiency of your electrical appliances reduces due to continuous usage. To bring back the efficiency of your appliances, you should service at least once a year. Similarly, at one point of time you may need to upgrade your appliances for better electricity utilization. At this stage, it is better to buy a new appliance than servicing it. We would recommend you to sell your old appliances for some extra money when you are upgrading.

7. Buy/Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy Star appliances use at least 40% less energy than older or non-Energy Star appliances. Appliances like computers, fridges and ACs use Energy Star rating. These appliances use energy-efficient technologies to save money and environment. The voluntary program launched by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been adopted by several other nations around the world. Since 1992, the energy star appliances have helped American families and businesses save more than $430 billion on their utility bills. Always use and buy only energy-efficient appliances in the future to save money.

6. Insulate Your Water Heaters

Insulate Water Heater

Most of the electricity in the world is spent on heating. Heating water is one of them and some energy could be saved by insulting the walls of the water heaters. 20-40% of energy spent on heating water could be saved by insulating. Insulation helps reduce standby heat losses. Generally, water heaters last for 15 years after which you need to look for better ones instead of insulating. Insulation can help save some money up to 5% on your water electricity bill.

5. Use LED Lights

LED Lights

Compared to conventional lights LED lights could save up to 80-90%. Lights form the bulk of all the household electricity consumption. LED lights are energy-efficient as they reduce the electricity consumption. They are not only energy-efficient but are also eco-friendly than fluorescent and incandescent lights. LED lights are expensive but are long-lasting. They last longer and are worth the upfront investment on them. Using LED lights for all the household lighting will save a good amount of electricity and money in the long run.

4. Replace ACs with Fans

Replace ACs with Fans

If you are having tight budgets, then start using fans. Air conditioners are electricity mongers and they gulp lots of your savings if you are continuously using them for long. Fans in general do not consume a lot of electricity but AC generally requires more energy. They both can’t be compared to how they run and consume electricity. They both are two different things. Fans only circulate the air within the room whereas ACs brings the temperature of the room down. You will save lots of money by replacing your ACs with fans. One more way is to use AC and fan in conjunction to save money.

3. Switch Off/Unplug Appliances Not in Use

Chargers, laptops, XBox consoles, TVs and many other devices consume electricity even when they are not on. These are the actual “energy vampires” in your home. It is the best practice to switch off and unplug the appliances when not in use. You could save hundreds of dollars if you follow this good practice. Though the energy consumption on idle or standby devices is low, it is significant when multiple devices for a long period of time are left connected. If you want to leave the device plugged in then switch off the power switch on the switchboard.

2. Use Renewable Source of Energy

Solar Panel As Renewable Source Of Energy

Solar power and wind power are one of the most common sources of renewable source of energy for homes. You could power your home with solar or wind energy using solar panels and wind mills respectively. The main advantage of solar energy would be to save money on heating. Solar panels installed on the terraces could help you save lots of money on your monthly electricity bill. Similarly, spending an initial investment on wind mills on your terrace would help in providing electricity to your smaller appliances. Wind mills could be helpful if you are in a windy place.

1. Check for Electricity Leakage

Electricity Leakage Through Faulty Wires

Faulty wiring can cause electricity leakage. It is common in the northern climatic zones with reoccurring cycle of freezing and melting soil can cause rocks to puncture underground wiring. Animals can also cause faulty wires due to breakages. Check your crawl space and attic for any faulty wires. Hire a professional electrician to assess your home for faulty wires or electricity leakage. Apart from faulty wires other reasons for electricity leakage could your faulty meter, faulty thermostat wiring and old wiring. Insulate your home so that electricity leakage is under control. It is good to assess your home at least once in 3 years so that you can control your electricity bill from skyrocketing.


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