10 Unusual Pets Owned By Famous People

It is true when they say, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull right alongside it” and there are some celebrities who sure agree with this statement. Most of them don’t compromise when it comes to spending their hard-earned money on a lavish lifestyle and rich luxuries.

It sounds very prevalent when celebrities spend their money on luxuries like private jets, villas spreading for hundreds of acres and holiday trips around the world, but there are some things that might look unacceptable or too much to handle for some of the people out there. There are celebrities who own very unusual pets to go with their lifestyle. Some of these animals are not only unusual, but they can also be counted as one of the most exotic species.

Here are 10 famous people who owned some of the most unusual pets:

10. Paris Hilton’s Kinkajou

Paris Hilton's Kinkajou

Paris Hilton was known for her riches which she earned as a TV personality, through modeling, business, and singing. So, when it came to spending money, she never compromised a bit. There was a time when the socialite Paris Hilton owned a Kinkajou. She named him Baby Luv. Even though these animals look cute and cuddly but in reality, they are wild animals who are known to scratch and bite their owners. Their bites can cause serious health issues which makes it a bad idea to pet them. The same thing happened when Baby Luv bit Paris during one of their play sessions. This caused bitterness in their relationship.

9. Kristen Stewart’s Wolf-Hybrids

Twilight star Kristen Stewart made it to the headlines when her fans got to know that she has four wolf-hybrids living with her. Maybe the obsession with wolves was not just limited to her movies. According to the star, “They are not pets; they’re more like companions.” Also, she has the required permits and license to own these wolves. She said that she has been raised with the wolves while growing up. For Kristen, the wolves were more of a family than just pets.

8. Tyga’s Tiger

Tyga's Tiger

The internet exploded when the young rapper Tyga, who was in a relationship with Kylie Jenner bought a tiger named “Maverick” and showed it off on social media. This may have gotten him a little bit of fame but he also suffered a lot of backlash from fans. All hell broke loose when Tyga didn’t spend a single penny on saving the tiger when it was getting seized by the rescue group based in southern California. Since, the animal comes under exotic species; Tyga had to face criminal charges for keeping the animal with him.

7. Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee

Michael Jackson's Chimpanzee

Michael Jackson, the king of pop was famous for owning a chimpanzee. Ever since the chimpanzee came into his life, he accompanied him almost everywhere. Michael adored his pet chimp “Bubbles” a lot. Bubbles made public appearances, but soon retired and started living at “The Centre of Great Apes”. Michael bought the animal from the Texas Research Facility. During “Bad” tour, Bubbles also drank tea with the Osaka’s mayor. Even though, the media mocked Michael and people called him eccentric just because the pet was close to him, Michael never stopped caring for the pet until the animal became too mature to be kept in captivity.

6. Miley Cyrus’s Pig

Miley Cyrus's Pig

Miley Cyrus is known for being expressive and encouraging her fans to use their voice as a tool of empowerment. The 25-years old singer is also known for owning an unusual pet. She owns a pig named “pig”. Also, she does everything she can to devote her time to her pets and take care of them. In past, she cancelled a lot of her tours just because she wanted to give time to her pets. She loves them so much that she gives them priority over almost everything in her life.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio’s African Spurred Tortoise

Leonardo DiCaprio's African Spurred Tortoise

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, known for his Oscar worthy performances in movies once bought an African spurred tortoise. The actor found this 7-years old reptile while attending a conference in California. The tortoise costed him $400. While attending the conference, DiCaprio showed his interest in the African spurred tortoise that was on display, so he decided. It is known that, these turtles can live up to 200 years. Also, these tortoises can get as big as 180 lbs.

4. Elvis Presley’s Wallaby

Elvis Presley's Wallaby

If you think that it is a millennial thing to own exotic pets, then you want to reconsider. One of the heartthrobs of 50s who was also known as the “King of Rock and Roll” was also known for petting rare and exotic animals. From a pet turkey to basset hound and a chow-chow to two great Danes, and many more Elvis is one of the weirdest in this list. Elvis had a lot of different pets, but one of the most unusual pets that he ever owned was a Wallaby. But not being able to provide the wallaby with enough attention and care, forced him to donate it to a zoo in order to keep the animal safe and healthy.

3. George Clooney’s Pot-Bellied Pig

George Clooney's Pot-Bellied Pig

There was a time when the whole media and the film industry were obsessed with the pet of one of the finest celebs George Clooney. Clooney is known for his acting in film Batman and Robin and TV series ER. George Clooney bought a pot-bellied pig to gift his then-girlfriend. But he ended up keeping the pig himself. He kept the pig for 18 years until he said his final goodbyes. According to George, his pet used to run his house. Also, he once mentioned that, “pigs are really smart. And he was funny, and he made me laugh. But they’re work, because they’ll destroy everything if you let them.”

2. Justin Bieber’s Capuchin Monkey

Justin Bieber's Capuchin Monkey

It is true that Justin Bieber earned his riches when he was very young. The young star who got famous with his music video “baby”, got in trouble a lot of time due to his naïve and childish behavior. But there are some mistakes made by Justin that even the biggest beliebers couldn’t let go of. On his birthday, Justin received a Capuchin monkey which is considered as an exotic animal. During his visit to Germany visit, due to the laws, the monkey got seized. But Justin never came up with the paperwork and left the monkey there. Due to this, he had to face backlash from a lot of fans, but it was all in the past as he says he is a changed man now.

1. Mike Tyson’s Bengal Tigers

Mike Tyson's Bengal Tigers

It won’t be surprising if boxing legend Mike Tyson would spend his fortune towards extravagance which people like me and you can only dream of. There was a time when Mike Tyson bought three Bengal tigers. The fact that the Bengal tiger comes under endangered species, makes his purchase a little unsettling. Even though, the thought of petting tigers looks exciting and gives you a sense of power, but the cost of feeding them every day is just too much to pay. Eventually, after a year, he sold all three of his tigers to a tattoo artist.

For people like us, just a view of dog shaking hand with owner is enough to melt our hearts but certainly there are people with lifestyle and riches that demand a pet that stands out from regular pets. There are some who form a connection with their pets and make them their family and there are some who just want to show off their money by spending on extravagance. Petting endangered or exotic species might look cool on social media and bring you those followers, but if you own them, then they become a responsibility more than a commodity.

Willie Mays

Willi Mays is a housewife as well as a great pet lover. She always wants to share her experiences about pets with others and that’s why she wrote about deer head chihuahua in her blog.