10 Most Venomous Spiders Around The World

There are about 46,000 spider species around the world, out of which we have listed the 10 most venomous spiders that can freak an individual with a single bite. Majority of us see spiders in our day-to-day life, but none of us know that we eat about 8 spiders in a year when we are asleep. Here are the consequences where the spiders’ shows up their potential against humans with their two terrifying fangs loaded with the world’s deadliest venom.

10. Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow Sac Spider is considered as one of the most dangerous spiders in the world, which is known to cause permanent tissue damage on humans. The Yellow Sac Spiders are primarily found in many parts of Europe and Asia. A single bite can cause humans to get infected by a deadly disease called MSRA, which can cause toiling period for the victim to overcome the difficulties. The severity of the venom is still under dispute and the potent is yet to be clarified by scientific research. However, the Yellow Sac Spiders rarely bite humans; it is highly recommended to seek for medication if infected by them.

9. Fringed Ornamental Tarantula

Fringed Ornamental Tarantula

Fringed Ornamental Tarantula spiders are primarily found in Sri Lanka and are probably the largest of genus. The venom in them is no greater than a bee sting, which is known to cause to a maximum of a muscle cramp. The legspan could reach up to 10 inches in females and the coloration resembles a tiger that consists of white stripes on the body. They are quite aggressive in nature and tend to attack if cornered. Though Tarantula spiders are harmless, the pain caused due to their bite could be insane and can also cause extreme muscle cramps.

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8. Chinese Bird Spider

Chinese Bird Spider

Chinese Bird Spider is primarily found in China and live in burrows. The venom in them is capable enough to block the neurotransmitters in the blood due to the presence of neurotoxin-hainantoxin. The body is about 60mm long and the front leg measures the longest with 67mm. Chinese bird Spiders tend to attack the individual only if provoked by them and if once infected can cause effects like nausea, swelling, and pain at local site. Extreme cases can lead to breathing problems and high fever, which can even result in fatalities if ill-treated. They tend to shelter in burrows during day and hunt for meal at night.

7. Brown and Chilean Recluse Spider

Brown and Chilean Recluse Spider

Brown and Chilean Recluse Spider, also recognized as “Corner Spider” in Spanish, is reported to cause severe systematic reactions, including death if an individual is bitten by them. It is by far the most dangerous spiders when recluse spiders are into consideration. Venom in them are very lethal, where a single bite does not show up any reactions immediately. However, as the time passes, the venom damages the inner layer of the skin, which is recognized as a result of skin discoloration. The pain caused due to skin damage is bizarre and at extreme cases could lead to permanent scar on the body.

6. Red-Headed Mouse Spider

Red-Headed Mouse Spider

Red-Headed Mouse Spider is a lethal spider found primarily in South Australia that are recognized to cause significant medical consequences to humans. The spider’s head is red in color and the abdomen resembles that of a mouse, hence the name- Red-Headed Mouse Spider. They are very toxic; however there are no histories of fatalities against humans. The fangs are very strong and stiff, which is capable of causing sturdy bruises on the infected area. Capable of digging a burrow up to 50 cm deep and are proved to be non-aggressive in nature.

5. Six-Eyed Sand Spider

Six Eyed Sand Spider

Though, the Six-Eyed Sand Spiders have never interacted much with humans, they are considered to be very dangerous due to lethal venom in them. The sand spiders are very poisonous and can cause internal damage to blood vessels if bitten by them. As the name says, they are generally found in sandy areas and deserts, and primarily found in South America. The venom in them can kill a rabbit within 5-10 hours of bite. Due to low sense of direction, they bury inside sand to protect themselves from prey and are capable of surviving without meal for even a year.

4. Redback Spider

Redback Spider

Redback Spider, as the name says, is featured with a red colored stripe on a completely black surface of the body. Redback spiders are primarily found in Australia and some part of New Zealand. They are capable of entangling large animals like lizard, chameleon, and other spiders, due to strong web cultivation by them. The venom present in Redback spiders are very complex and can cause adverse effects on humans. Common symptoms include swelling, burning, vomiting, nausea and chest pain. A single bite can cause infants to die immediately, however there have been many scenarios where adults have escaped the bite by taking appropriate precautions.

3. Australian Funnel-Web Spider

Australian Funnel Web Spider

Australian Funnel-Web Spiders are native to Australia and are generally not aggressive in nature. The venom in them can cause massive damage to human tissue and the common symptoms are recognized such as vomiting, watery eye, elevated heart-rate, increased blood pressure and unconsciousness. The venom consists of deadly neurotoxins that are capable of causing a victim to death if not treated in time. The symptoms are seen in the individual within few minutes of bite and the local area of bite by the spider can cause sting marks and bleeding. The length of the body can range between 1cm and 5cm, and probably black in color. The fangs are so powerful that they could even cut through the shoes to bite the individual. Australian Funnel-Web spider is capable of withstanding venom even if they are injected in large amount, since they have a mechanism to clog the venom components in the blood.

2. Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow is a lethal spider known to cause a condition called “Latrodectism”, which causes symptoms like muscular pain, vomiting, and swelling. Female spiders tends to eat the male spiders post mating, hence the name – “Widow Spiders”. Female black widow spiders are very poisonous due to large venom glands and are very harmful to humans when compared to male black widow spiders. A typical female black widow spiders are black in color with red spot rarely found on their body. Majority bites encountered till date by black widows are defensive bites either due to pinching or squeezing them.
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1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider is the world’s most venomous spider, which is recognized in Guinness World Records for potential and adverse effects on humans. Wandering Spider’s leg span could be estimated up to 15 cm and the body ranging between 17 to 48 mm respectively. A single bite can cause the victim to halt due to extreme neurotoxins in them. The symptoms generally include muscular pain, inflammation, breathing problems and eventually can lead to paralysis. Though, antidote is available for the fatal bite by the spider, many of the victims still lose their lives.

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