10 Weird Insects You Didn’t Know Actually Exist

Not all animals by nature are meant to be pretty, but yeah, we bring here with some insects from around the world that are actually weird and bizarre. Some of them can truly resemble that they belong to the alien world, and some could even be pretty among the weirdest. Majority of us obviously get scared of unusual insects, imagining these insects around you would creep you out for sure. Although new discoveries of insects and animals happening on daily basis, here we have listed the 10 weird insects you didn’t know actually exist.

10. Giant Isopod

Giant Isopod

Giant isopod is a sea insect, which looks incredibly scary. The isopod feeds on dead corpse, and is considered harmless for other sea animals. It generally resides on the seafloor deep into the oceans where there is complete darkness. Isopod is abundantly found in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean. The bottom portion and the component eyes of Isopod can give goosebumps, since they resemble alien and fiction structures.

9. Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird moth, similar to Hummingbird, flap its wings at really high speed, which is commonly found in Spain, France, and China. From quite far, the moth looks exactly like a hummingbird with exact same size and structure, one point to be considered very bizarre. These moths are generally active on both day as well as night, and tend to migrate either to Algeria, India or other South East Asian countries during winter. Very often the Hummingbird moths are mistaken as Hummingbird by naturalists and localities.

8. Flower Mantis

Flower Mantis

Flower Mantis, as the name says, mimics flowers, and is capable of camouflaging to trap the preys. The camouflaging technique also helps the mantis to escape from other dangerous insects. It is very intelligent, wherein it climbs the stem until it reaches the flower area and resides until other insects are to their range. Generally pink or white in color, the mantis sways after settling on the flower to attract the flies to sit on their tiny black spots of their abdomen to catch hold of them.

7. The Titan Beetle

titan beetle

The Titan beetle is one of the largest beetles around the world with the maximum size measured approximately being 17 cm in length. There are no beetles in Amazon rainforest itself to beat the size of Titan beetle. It is capable of cutting apart a pencil in a matter of seconds, and also pierce into human skin. Titan beetles reside under dead woods for several years before they reach the maturity, and are majorly found in the rainforests of Venezuela, Peru and other parts of north-central Brazil.

6. Water bug

Water bug

Water bug, also recognized as “Indian toe-biters” or “alligator flees”, is abundantly found in North America, South America, and East Asia. It is very aggressive in nature and known to catch many aquatic creatures like fish, frogs, and snakes. However, when it comes to their appearances, the water bugs are disgusting wherein the eggs hatch on the back of their body consisting of numerous shells. Water bugs under water acts although they are dead until the prey is near enough to catch hold of them. And also known to cause heavy pain to humans if bitten by them since they inject dangerous digestive saliva.

5. Giraffe Weevil

Giraffe Weevil

Giraffe Weevil have a prominent and exceptional long neck that features exactly similar to a Giraffe. Male Giraffe Weevil have longer neck when compared to the female ones. Madagascar is the prime area for new insect discoveries by naturalists and the Weevils are found only in the Islands of Madagascar. Extended neck facilitates the Weevils for building nest and fight the preys.

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4. Honeypot Ant

Honeypot Ant

Honeypot Ant is very scary at first looks, since their abdomen is enormously swollen. As the name says, the Honeypot Ant stores honey in their abdomen for future use. And many have even proved that the honey stored in abdomen were pretty sweet, though weird to taste. Unlike other insects such as honeybees or wasps, the pot ants store on themselves to survive in near future. Pot ants reside specifically in southern parts of United States.

3. Assassin Bug

Assassin bug

Assassin bug is one of the most unusual insects in the world, since it carries the dead body of other insects for their livelihood. It is capable of injecting dangerous saliva in multiple insects like ants and cockroaches, further acts as a savage by carrying them all over. Tiny hair on their body helps in holding many insects while in battle with other insects. The enzymes present in their mouth is capable of digesting the tissues, which conversely helps in killing the prey.

2. Spiny Katydid

spiny katydid

Terrible by looks, the Spiny Katydid, found in the rainforest of eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales. As the name says, the body of Spiny Katydid resembles thrones, which facilitates it to camouflage with greenery rugged surface. There are 6400 species of Katydid, out of which Spiny Katydid is considered to be weirdest due to its spiny appearance. Many a times, Spiny Katydid halt on leaves or green surfaces to camouflage in order to trap other insects.

1. Brazilian Treehopper

Brazilian Treehopper

We all have come across grasshoppers, but a Brazillian treehopper cannot be personified more weirder than any other insects in the world. The Brazillian treehopper is found in almost all the continents except Antarctica. Due to its weird appearances, naturalists showed great interests in examining further. Scary tree like structure on top of Brazilian treehopper’s head, assists in offending other insects while endangered. The head portion of treehopper varies with variance in species and almost all the shapes are bizarre and scary. It resides on leaves and stems, and primarily depend on sap by piercing the surface of the stem.

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