100 Amazing Facts Around The World

25. Don Ritchie saved over 500 people from suicide by compassionately offering people on the ledge a cup of tea and a chat.

Don Ritchie Saved Over 500 People From Suicide

24. There are stones in Romania called Trovants that grow and multiply after heavy rain.

The Romanian Trovants stones Can Grow

23. The Baobab Tree can store up to 32,000 gallons of water in its trunk.

Baobab Tree Can Store 32000 Gallons of Water

22. This hotel in Canada actually changes color with seasons! This famous landmark of Canada is known as the Sylvia Hotel.

Sylvia Hotel in Canada Changes Color with Season

21. An Indian man traveled from India to Sweden on a bicycle to meet his Swedish wife in 1978. The journey took him 4 months crossing through 8 countries. We present you Mr. P K Mahanandia.

Indian man traveled from India to Sweden on a bicycle

20. Human babies are 75% water at birth, a slightly higher water content than bananas and slightly less than fresh potatoes.

Human Babies are 75% water At Birth

19. There are more trees in North America than there were 100 years ago.

There are More Trees in North America Than 100 Years Ago

18. A man named Walter Summerford was struck by lightning 3 times in his life. After his death, his gravestone was also struck.

Walter Summerford's Grave Struck By Lightning

17. In 2010, a 3-year old boy playing with his father’s metal detector discovered a 16th-century gold pendant, estimated to be worth $4 million.

16th Century Gold Pendant Found By a 3-yr Old Boy

16. The creator of Johnny Bravo, the creator of Powerpuff Girls, and the creator of Dexter’s Laboratory were all roommates in college.

Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory Creators

15. Vegetables that are grown in Alaska become gigantic because they receive up to 20 hours of sunlight every day.

Gigantic Vegetables of Alaska

14. A hacker was able to recreate a fingerprint of the German Defense Minister from a photograph. This is the same hacker who defeated Apple’s thumbprint verification within 24 hours of the release of the iPhone 5S. This is Mr. Jan Krissler.

German Hacker Can Recreate German's Minister's Fingerprint

13. In Aug 2010, a 13-year-old British teenager was struck by lightning at 13:13 on Friday 13. He was among 150,000 people attending an airshow.

13 Year Old Boy Struck By Lightning on 13th Friday

12. 78% of Steve Jobs’ wealth came from Disney, not Apple.

Steve Jobs Wealth Came From Disney

11. South Koreans are required by law to use Internet Explorer for online shopping and banking.

South Koreans Are Required to Use Only IE for Banking

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