14 Bestselling Bar Chocolates you should Never Miss

Chocolates are one of most favorite and preferred food items for many people around the world. Especially, the younger ones enjoy chocolates the most. There can be only few people on earth who do not love chocolates. The historical evidence of chocolates dates back to about 1900 BC. There have been many variations of chocolate forms, tastes and colors in the history of mankind. The main ingredients of chocolate are milk and cocoa. The chocolate industry grows at a very fast rate of around $50 billion a year. At this pace, there is a strong competition among chocolate brands. We have found some of the bestselling bar chocolates in the world, which you should definitely give a try at least once in your life time. There are many brands in the world, which make chocolates and some of them being Cadbury and Mars. Here is the list to give you the taste of some of the best chocolate bars.

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14. Bounty


Bounty is a different bar chocolate with chocolate topping with coconut fillings. Bounty is also known for its dark chocolate cover with a mix of chocolate.

13. Milky Bar


Milky Bar is a pure white milk chocolate bar produced by Nestle. This is the first and best-selling pure white milk chocolate. In certain countries, this chocolate is marketed as “Milky Bar does not contain cocoa butter, and is not labelled as chocolate“.

12. Galaxy bar


Galaxy bar is the second bestselling chocolate bar in the United Kingdom and is manufactured and marketed by Mars. Galaxy bar consists of caramel, smooth milk solids and cocoa fillings.

11. Bournville


Bournville chocolate is a dark chocolate from the chocolate company “Cadbury“. Bournville is known for its smooth, intense milk and dark chocolate. It is also termed to be a healthy chocolate as it contains dark chocolate.

10. Milky Way Bar


Milky Way bar is similar to 3 musketeers with caramel and nougat topping. Milky Way bar has a fresh milk solid composition.

9. Baby Ruth


Baby Ruth is uniquely identifiable with their peanuts, caramel and chocolate-flavored nougat covered as a compound chocolate. This chocolate bar is again the creation of Nestle. The caramel and peanuts with chocolate makes this bar similar to Snickers.

8. Kit Kat


Kit Kat is a famous wafer covered chocolate bar produced by Nestle. The chocolate is identifiable by the unique 3 long sectioned divisions which are easily breakable. They have a crunchy and crispy taste with chocolate melting in your mouth.

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