15 Weird Facts about North Korea which are Interesting

North Korea is a country with a long history, many kingdoms, Japanese invasions, military rules, division of the Korea, the Korean war and communism. North Korea is a country isolated from the world for many reasons and they do not like world attentions. But, in the recent times, North Korea is known to have created lot of controversies like the Nuclear Weapon testing, and threatening the U.S by striking nuclear weapons. North Korea is a country in East Asia and in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula ruled by the Kim Family. North Korea shares its border with China and South Korea. The world’s most militarized border is shared between North Korea and South Korea. There are many weird facts and bizarre things in North Korea which are not known to many of us. This post shows us some of the weirdest facts about North Korea which are interesting to know.

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15. Choco Pies are banned in North Korea

Choco Pie Are Banned in North Korea

Chocolate Pies is a famous snack back in South Korea, which is banned in North Korea by Kim’s Government. Choco pies, which are produced in South Korea, are wildly popular in the North Korea, which were fearfully banned by Kim’s government. On July 20th 2014, South Korea sent 10,000 Choco pies over to North Korea in balloons. This was an act of rebellion against the ban of Choco pies in the North.

14. No Business for Coca-Cola in North Korea

No Business for Coca-Cola in North Korea

Coca-Cola business is banned in North Korea. There are only two countries in the world, where Coca-Cola is not sold; they are North Korea and Cuba. Though, there are incidents where Coca-Cola is seen in the stores in North Korea, these are either sold in the black market or smuggled, says Coca-Cola.

13. North Koreans Have their Own Version of Godzilla

Pulgasari North Korean Godzilla

Pulgasari is the North Korean version of Godzilla which is not known to many. Pulgasari is a movie from North Korea based on Kaiju (meaning strange creatures in Japanese), directed by Shin Sang-ok. The supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il was an admirer of the director and Kaiju movies.

12. North Korea Has its Own Internet

Kwangmyong North Koreas Only Internet

In North Korea, government officials and government-authorized persons are allowed to use global internet. Rest of the countrymen are allowed to use the domestic internet service called Kwangmyong. This is a national intranet and the international or foreign contents surfacing this network are very unlikely due to the government’s censorship.

11. 20+ Invasion Tunnels to South Korea?

20 plus Tunnels of Aggression in North Korea

So far, four incursion tunnels have been discovered by South Korea. South Korea predicts that there could be around 20 secret infiltration tunnels from North Korea. Initially, North Korea denied that these were built by them and later officially declared that these were part of coal mines. South Korean and U.S military regularly drill these zones in search of tunnels.

10. Only Military & Government Officials are allowed to Own Cars

Government and Military Officials Have Cars in North Korea

The weird laws in North Korea don’t stop. In North Korea, only military and government officials are allowed to own cars. If you have had a chance to visit North Korea, it is apparent that traffic jams are very uncommon due to this very reason.

9. North Korea Uses a Fax Machine to Threaten the South

North Korea Uses Fax Machine to Threaten South

In this modern world of communication technologies, North Korea still uses a simple fax machine to threaten the South Koreans. Less modern methods of communication has been used by the North Koreans to send threats to the south. They have even used leaflets flown over the border by helium-filled balloons.

8. Possessing Bibles, Watching South Korean Movies may be punished to Death

Death Penalty in North Korea

This is something brutal. North Korean’s neither are allowed to own, use or possess Bibles nor are they allowed watching South Korean movies & disturbing videos. If they are caught doing any of these, they have to face capital punishment. Using prostitutes are also illegal in North Korea.

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