16 Best Road Trips In The World You Should Definitely Experience

The mankind has become so advanced in terms of technology and culture that everything is made possible for a comfortable living. Mankind has created metal roads, cars and bikes as a technological advancement and proof that travel is possible easily and quickly. When technology and the natural beauty of a place meets, that is when you are going to feel fabulous and great.

Road journeys have been an enjoyable experience for many centuries. People love to travel through scenic plateaus, serene glaciers and a wide range of flora and fauna with their loved ones. Earth is a beautiful example wherein you can find some of the most mysterious places, scenic locations and great nature. The roads you are going to take today will lead to such wonderful locations on this planet. Not only the routes in this list are beautiful, some of them are highly dangerous as well. Check out some of the best road trips to experience once in your life time. Here goes the list of 16 best road trips in the world you should definitely experience.

16. Hana Highway, Hawaii, USA (103.6 km)

Hawaii State Hwy 378 USA

Hana Highway or the Road to Hana is one of the world’s best drives you can ever imagine of. Hawaii is one of the most scenic place on earth and Road to Hana is definitely worthy of its praise. You will never regret driving on this highway as it passes through mind-blowing greenery, waterfalls, beaches and cliffs. This is one of the world’s most refreshing journeys one can have and by the end of the trip, you can rest and rejoice at Hana.

15. Antrim Coast Road, North-Ireland (40 km)

 Antrim Coast Road North-Ireland

This road is also known by the stylish name A2 road, which is a scenic drive in the coastline of Antrim County in North Ireland. If you are part of this trip, then you are driving through one of the world’s famous road trips, as it passes through picturesque villages and unimaginable scenic locations. This is a must to take trip in the world at least once in your lifetime.

14. Columbia River Gorge, USA (130 km)

 Columbia River Highway USA

Columbia River Gorge is a canyon of the Columbia River in the United States which stretches for nearly 130 km. This route is described as a National Scenic Area and the drive is just wonderful as it passes through Cascade Mountain Range between the Deschutes River and the Sandy River. This trail is not a difficult route to drive and is just a beauty to be part of.

13. Cabot Trail, Canada (298 km)

Cabot Trail Canada

Cabot Trail is part of Canada’s second smallest province called Nova Scotia and is a scenic highway drive in Canada. Cabot Trail is from one of the world’s beautiful and scenic regions. You can enjoy this magnificent drive with your loved ones as it passes through lush green forests, valleys, mountains and near the deep blue ocean.

12. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan/China (1300 km)

Karakoram Pakistan

Karakoram Highway is the world’s paved international highway, which connects Tibet and Pakistan. Karakoram Highway is a popular tourist attraction, for its scenic mountain passes seen while driving. This part of the world is one of the most dangerous to drive. You can enjoy the world’s largest glaciers, mountains, 50,000 odd rock arts and petroglyphs while traveling through this road.

11. Amalfi Drive, Italy (80 km)

Amalfi Coast Italy

Amalfi Drive formerly known as SS 163 that runs along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Build by the Romans, Amalfi Drive is one of the most scenic and best drives in the world. Amalfi Coast is one of the world’s popular tourist destinations with warm summers and mild winters, and the Amalfi Drive is an added feature attraction to Amalfi Coast. As it runs through the coasts of Amalfi, you get some spectacular views down to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

10. Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West, USA (200 km)

Overseas Highway USA

The Florida Keys are made up of hundreds of  tiny islands, which are connected using this highway. This highway is sometimes called “the Highway that Goes to Sea”, as it cuts through the ocean. This trail is America’s most beautiful and scenic drives. You are going to enjoy the ride over the sea on this highway.

9. Stelvio Pass, Italy (75 km)

 Stelvio Pass Italy

Stelvio Pass is Italy’s most beautiful road drives, set at an altitude of more than 9,000 ft. Top Gear mentioned Stelvio Pass as Europe’s best driving roads, with mind-blowing panorama and beauty. Stelvio Pass is also one of the world’s dangerous roads to drive, because of the 48 hairpin curves it has. You are definitely going to enjoy the ride in this part of the world with your bike or car.

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