20 Best Addictive Free Online Gaming Websites

All age groups love to play games and some of us even get addicted to gaming. Games are a great time-pass, recreational and entertainment activity for many of us. Studies suggest that playing games can relieve stress and relax the mind. The gaming industry has become advanced, so are the Internet connectivity and online gaming. There are many online gaming portals popping up daily and many established websites entertaining us. Online gaming websites help the needy gamers by allowing them to play their favorite games without having to install any third-party applications on their laptop or PC. All they need is laptop and Internet connectivity.

Previously, the online gaming was ruled by the big players like Yahoo, MSN and AOL. But, now there is a tough competition for these companies. There are many new online gaming websites, which are performing strong and better than the established ones. It has become difficult for the online gamers to find and choose their favorite portals from a long list of websites. We have created a list of best free online gaming websites at one place for easy reference. Make use of them and have ultimate fun.

20. Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games

At Big Fish Games, fun online games are updated daily to entertain millions of people around the world. They claim to be the world’s largest producer and distributor of casual games. The website has games for PC, Online, Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad. Big Fish Casino by Big Fish is the world’s #1 mobile social casino game. Other popular online games on Big Fish are Fitz!, Bush Whacker 2 and Bubblez!

19. BGames

BGames Online Gaming Website

BGames offers a high quality handpicked games for its gamers. The site offers thousands of downloadable games, mmorpg games, and online games. This free online gaming website has adapted their contents solely for the enjoyment of its users. The handpicked games for the website are updated every day. Check out their huge category of games on their website to get some real fun and enjoyment.

18. Gamehouse

gamehouse Online Gaming Website

Gamehouse is a one-stop shop for their growing list of downloadable games. They have online games, PC games, and mobile games. They have some of the most demanding games on Internet such as Bejeweled 3, Zuma, Mahjong and dozens more. They also have many series of games running, which are updated with new levels constantly. All the downloadable games are 100% safe, and free from viruses.

17. Gamesgames.com

Gamesgames Online Gaming Website

Gamesgames.com is a wonderful place to play some great games for the whole family. The games are designed for all age groups on this website as anybody would enjoy playing the games on their website. They have games like puzzle, bubble shooters, and multi-player tussle games.

16. Candystand

 Candystand Online Gaming Website

Candystand is filled with Arcade games, Sports games, Puzzle games, Card games, and Racing games. They update their website frequently with addictive games. The biggest advantage of playing online games at Candystand is you have the chances of winning exciting prizes and cash cards.

15. PopCap

PopCap Online Gaming Website

PopCap has introduced some of the award-winning games like Bejeweled®, Zuma®, Peggle® and Plants vs. Zombies™. They are the leading creators of intuitive, easy to learn and easy to play games. They have a huge list of irresistible games on their gaming portal.

14. Newgrounds

Newsgrounds Online Gaming Website

Newgrounds is an American social media and entertainment company, which aims at creating a community for gamers, artist, channel seekers, and much more. Apart from being an innovative place for in-house games, they have the habit of rewarding the game up-loaders with cash prices for good ratings. This website leaves you addicted to the games listed there.

13. Free Online Games (FOG)

FOG Online Gaming Website

Free Online Games, shortly FOG has a massive list of free games included on their website. High quality games are consistently updated here. They have all the most played and popular game genres on their site. The most popular free gaming category here includes Racing games, MMO games, Puzzle games and Action games. They have organized their website in a neat fashion.

12. Games.com

Games.com Online Gaming Website

Manged by Aol, they are one of the Internet’s largest online gaming directory. They have many free online games, which are addictive and fun in nature. Games.com is also one of the world’s best in class distribution and monetization platform for game developers, publishers and advertisers. Games.com helps millions of users to discover, play and share games across the globe. They have a huge list of gaming categories and intuitive games on their website.

11. Shockwave

Shockwave Online Gaming Website

Shockwave.com is a great destination for flash games. They are the proud owners of thousands of online games, making the list endless. The huge category of games on their website are Action Games, Adventure Games, Card & Board Games, Jigsaws Games, Kids & Family Games, Music & Photos Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Shooter Games, Sports Games and much more. There are free downloads, free trail downloads and paid downloads to choose from.

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