36 Celebrities Who Never Seem to Age

Being a beautiful celebrity is more important than being just a celebrity in this world of fast changing fashion and trends. New faces appear day after day in Televisions, movies, music world and in the fashion world. It is difficult and hard to keep up with the pace the fashion world moves. Many celebrities age and show signs of aging even before the limelight is curtained for them. There are few celebrities, who do not age and few others who age gracefully. There is a constant hard work behind every celebrity to control their age factors before it is known. The hard work could be in the form of their healthy diet, workouts, makeups, clothing, plastic surgeries, and much more. This list has both the set of celebrities who are not aging due to their natural genes and those who have done their homework really well.

36. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone Never Aging

Alicia Silverstone is a mystery to us. She looks gorgeous, beautiful and glorious even at the age of 37. Her secret to look young is to follow a pure vegan diet, juicing, nourishing her skin as and when required, and go for all natural products. She is the most mysterious beauty in this list. We do not know why we have mentioned her mysterious. Possibly, because of her mysterious eyes in the above image.

35. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson Never Aging

Owen Wilson is naturally not aging today. The only thing changed in the above image is his hairstyle, which are nearly 25 years apart. He still looks handsome and cool.

34. Lucy Liu

 Lucy Liu Never Aging

Lucy Liu is a Chinese descent, who was born in America. She stopped aging years ago, and is still has the same beauty she had 15 years back. The above image is the proof of this.

33. Liv Tyler

 Liv Tyler is Never Aging

Liv Tyler has refused to age since 2004. She looks half her age even today. She even looked in great shape during her pregnancy. She naturally has the gift to be slim and fit. Thanks to the beauty gene.

32. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone Never Aging

Sharon Stone is over 55, and looks half her age. She still looks stunning in her tight fittings. She has shown very little changes in her beauty since 1999. She is aging gracefully.

31. Jennifer Aniston

 Jennifer Aniston Never Aging

Jennifer Aniston has a great sense of fashion, be it her hair-style or her clothing. She is very selective in her fashion. She simply knows the best set of clothes to look great. As you can see from the image above, she hasn’t aged since 2000, i.e., nearly 25 years. She has those magical genes as many others in this list.

30. Heidi Klum

 Heidi Klum Never Aging

Heidi Klum is a German model who is now 41 and looks mesmerising even at this age. She is still considered for photo-shoots and covers of magazines. As you check out from the images above, one was taken in 2000 and the other one recently, there is very little changes in her beauty except those slightly noticeable wrinkles.

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