36 Celebrities Who Never Seem to Age

8. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Never Aging

Julia Roberts is currently 47 years and has a flawless skin and a stunning look. The only thing changed from the past 10 years in this image is her hair color, from black to red. We appreciate her consistent looks even after having three children.

7. Jennifer Connelly

 Jennifer Connelly Never Aging

Jennifer Connelly is over 40 years now and still she hasn’t shown the sings of aging. Her secrets to anti-aging are to stay away from the sun, to follow a feminine updo, has thick eye brows and she is a clever chooser of her make-up.

6. Jessica Alba

 Jessica Alba Never Aging

Jessica Alba is getting beautiful year after year. She has the looks from her 20s still. She looks beautiful even without makeup. We love Jessica Alba from the movie “Fantastic Four”, where her bikini body is revealed to us. Jessica is already a mommy with two daughters. As you can see from the image above, she still looks like she was in 2004.

5. Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley Never Aging

Christie Brinkley is one of our favorite in this list. Christie Brinkley is an ex-swimsuit model who famed in the 1970s for three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers. We were shocked to know that, Christie Brinkley is over 60 years. Christie still maintains her stunning looks and body. As you can see, the age difference the above pics is 30 years and she hasn’t aged. She must be having a miracle gene in her body that’s keeping her still young. She is a fitness freak and maintains a strict and healthy diet

4. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Never Aging

Do you believe this beauty is over 50 years old now? Sandra seems to be getting beautiful year after year. As you can see in the pic above, where one was taken in 2005 and the other recently, she looks much gorgeous in the latest pic. She still looks 25 now. Like Kate, Sandra Bullock also practices Pilates. Apart from Pilates, she also practices kick-boxing and weight training to look young.

3. Will Smith

Will Smith Never Aging

Currently, Will Smith is over 45 years old, and you can see that he still looks young and energetic in the above recent pic. Will Smith is currently one of the biggest and greatest starts of Hollywood with lots of amazing movies from him. As you can see even after 10 years, he looks the same young Will Smith 10 years back.

2. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson-Never-Aging

Kate Hudson is already a mom for two kids, and still she has maintained her body and looks. Kate, in Nov 2014 revealed secrets about her good looks. She has been practicing Pilates for nearly 15 years now to look slim, fit and curvaceous. She also admitted that she works hard at the gym to maintain her physique.

1. Halle Berry


Do you believe that Halle Berry is a type 2 diabetic patient? Rather than saying her as a patient, she is an inspiration for all those who are constantly trying to get in shape or those who tried and failed. She has never seemed to age even after 10 years. The left picture was taken in 2005 and the one recently, she doesn’t look even a bit older now. Halle Berry is known for her character in the movie Catwomen in 2004. She has kept her body toned ever since then and before.

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