8 Extinct Animals Which Might Possibly Be Still Living

Earth is an amazing place for its fantastic varieties of flora and fauna. Thousands of years ago, even when mankind was still developing, the flora and fauna were undisturbed to a great extent. But, the modern man has churned everything on earth and has led to the extinctions of many beautiful species by causing pollution, population outbursts, poaching and deforestation for money and greed. Slowly, the list of extinct animals and plants are increasing day by day. Most probably, our next generations might not see tigers and rhinos. Here is a good new! There are few officially extinct animals, which might not be actually extinct and are still living somewhere on Earth. Here are the list of 8 extinct animals that might be still living.

1. Tasmanian Tiger


Tasmanian tiger is also known as Tasmanian wolf, which is believed to have become extinct in the 20th century. They are a native of Tasmania, Australia and New Guinea. Officially Tasmanian Tigers are extinct, but there are reports of their sightings in the region without much proof.

2. Baiji


Baiji was a freshwater river dolphins found in China’s Yangtze River. Baiji was also commonly known as Chinese river dolphins or Yangtze dolphin. By 2006, Baijis were not found and most probably extinct, due to extensive fishing and hydroelectricity. But in 2007, a Chinese man reportedly videotaped a large animal swimming in the Yangtze River. There is still possibility of its existence.

3. Javan Tiger

Javan Tiger 3

Javan Tigers were inhabitants of Java Island in Indonesia, until the mid-1970s. They have been reportedly seen in parts of Java Island by the villagers in 2009 and 2010. Extensive land acquisitions by the inhabitants used to cultivate rice on this island, has led to the slow extinction of these tigers.

4. Japanese River Otter

Japanese River Otter-4

Japanese river otters are an extinct species once found in Japan. This animal has been tagged as critically endangered and was officially declared as extinct on August 28, 2012. But there are many reports of their sightings in 2013, which leaves us in confusion of their current extinction status.

5. Mexican Grizzly Bear

Mexican Grizzly Bear 5

Mexican Grizzly Bear is subspecies of brown bear which are official considered to be extinct. They were the largest and heaviest animal in Mexico. In 1964, they were officially declared as extinct. But in 1979, a study showed their possible existence. There are rumors about their sightings in Mexican Grizzly range.

6. Honshu wolf


Honshu Wolf, also known as Japanese Wolf is one of the two extinct wolves species from the islands of Japan. They were officially considered as extinct since 1905. But, there are reports of sightings ever since they became extinct.

7. Cuban Solenodon


photo by Dr. Jorge Brocca

Cuban solenodon is a poisonous mammal and a burrower from Cuba. They are unusual as their saliva is poisonous. They are very much similar to Hispaniolan solenodon. They were considered to be extinct by 1970. But later in 1974 and 1975, they were rediscovered. Subsequently, they were found again in 1993.

8. Eastern Cougar


Eastern Cougar are a subspecies of North American Cougar. They were declared extinct in 2011 by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. There have been many sightings in the eastern North American regions by the residents. There are still no proofs of their existence, but many people in the region still see these animals.


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