Top 10 Bizarre Restaurants Around The World

Restaurants are generally meant to fill desired and pleasant dining experience. This is one such place where varieties of people are met. There are few unorthodox and bizarre restaurants, which are meant for those who really in need to experience them. Here, we have listed the top 10 bizarre restaurants around the world to make sure that you step into any of these restaurants in upcoming days, if not visited by you before.

10. Disaster Café (Spain)

Disaster Café

Disaster Café, located in Lloret de Mar, where customers are subjected to earthquake while having their food. Though the exterior of the restaurant looks pretty simple, the interior is dangerous enough to create fear in customers. The customers are made to experience simulated quake of 7.8-magnitude. Some of them visit this restaurant intentionally to experience the internal quake activities. When jolt goes up, the lights are interrupted and extreme screams all over the restaurant are experienced, which entirely resembles a genuine earthquake.

9. Snow Village Ice Bar (Finland)

Snow Village Ice Bar

Snow Village Ice Bar is the largest snow restaurant in the world. The restaurant uses 1000 truckloads of snow to create the winter wonderland. Every item in the restaurant is made of snow and ice. The trays that are used to serve the dishes as well are made of ice sculpted bowls and glasses. An extreme winter condition is maintained inside the restaurant throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between -2 to -4. The customers are required to be mandatorily in winter attire.

8. Twin Star Diner (Russia)

Twin Star Diner

Twin Star Diner located in Moscow only hires identical twins to serve its customers. The twins also dress up identically while serving their customers. This concept was implemented by the owner as an aspiration from the childhood movie “Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”, which justified a young female looks herself into an alternate universe and sees her twin. Every employee at the diner shares their space with their identical twin at unique position in the restaurant.

7. Safe House (US)

Safe House

Safe House is a spy-themed restaurant that generates a password for its customers to enter into it. The restaurant has no description to its exterior and rectifying it is highly challenging, yet run successfully. It has many inlets and exits that can at times resemble a puzzle or maze. So what if there is no password with you!! There is an alternate way featured by them, which includes a series of questions ranging anywhere from wadding like a penguin, to hula dancing. Once the fun inside the restaurant is done, the creepiest part is on how to exit the restaurant. Moving forward towards exit would probably lead to some unknown passage from where you will have to call to the restaurant representative to get instructed.

6. New Lucky (India)

New Lucky

New Lucky restaurant is a bizarre restaurant located in Ahmadabad, which server food beside the coffins. It resembles a fused version of restaurant with graves where the customers are made to sit next to the coffins. The owner of the restaurant, Krishan Kutti Nair, chose not to disturb the graves of Muslim cemetery, instead to build a restaurant with tables near the graves. The coffins are painted green and they are decorated with special flowers. Owner’s intuition behind this restaurant is the belief of good luck in business.

5. Opaque (US)

Opaque Restaurant

Opaque has several locations around the U.S and is now spread across the globe.  It is commonly referred as “Dark Restaurant”, serves the food in pitch black darkness. The orderings of food items are to be made before being seated, since the customers are led to the table by holding their hands. The genuine motto behind this feature is to black-out the vision and enhance other senses. There is also an additional feature in the restaurant served as “Surprise Me Menu”, which is meant to figure out the meal served to the customers under pitch dark condition.

4. Ninja New York (US)

Ninja New York

Ninja New York restaurant interior resembles an 18th century Japanese Steakhouse, which sends ninjas out to serve the guests. The Ninjas come out with complete dark attire with masked face to serve the meal. There are two different passages to get into the restaurant that are assisted by two ninjas, one accompanies for an easy passage and the other for a tough one. The ninjas are highly qualified in performing stunts and magic to entertain the guest throughout night.

3. The Fortezza Medicea (Italy)

The Fortezza Medicea

The Fortezza Medicea is one of the creepiest restaurants in the world. It features a prison-themed restaurant where customers are dined inside a maximum security prison. The customers are locked inside a cell by the inmates and are handcuffed for dinner. The servers come up in nurse outfits to attend the customers. The food and drinks are served in syringes and test tubes, being one of the weirdest activities in this restaurant. In spite of these hassle arrangements, the restaurant is capable of running it successfully.

2. Heart Attack Grill (US)

Heart Attack Grill Nevada USA


Heart Attack Grill in Nevada, USA is a hospital themed weird restaurant. The American hamburger restaurant controversially serves high calorie menus. The waitresses are dressed like nurses in the hospital who take orders like prescriptions in a piece of paper from the customers (“patients”). The Double Bypass Burger is the most famous high-calorie burger at this restaurant. Many controversies and deaths have been reported in and around the restaurant leading to its closures multiple times.

1. Modern Toilet (Taiwan)

Modern Toilet

You would probably be thinking how a restaurant, named as Modern Toilet. Modern toilet is a bathroom-themed restaurant with several branches across Asia. All of the food items are served in a toilet themed style and the walls of the restaurant are also in the form of toilet tiles. The decoration feature also includes shower heads on the walls making it a perfect bathroom environment. The diners also sit on a non-working toilet and the dishes being served are on toilet bowls. The drinks are served in miniature urinals that provide an option to take away from restaurant, being one of the most disturbing activities.

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