Top 10 Countries with the Highest Crime Rates in the World

Crime rates in the world have increased tremendously over the past two decades. As the human being is becoming advanced the crime rate is increasing at the same time at the same rate. Countries are becoming more and more unsafe to live. There are a list of many countries with high crimes rates in the world. The crimes include murders, physical assaults, terrorism, robbery, street violence, shootouts, smuggling, human trafficking, violent protests and other heinous acts of violence. But, which among such countries have the highest crime rates in the world? Today, we have got them listed here:

10. USA

USA Crime Rate

USA is a superpower in terms of its wealth, economy, education system, defense capabilities and GDP. But, this country is also one of the most unsafe countries in the world with increasing crime rates. A source indicates that more than 6 million violent victimization and close to 18 million property victimizations took place in the United States. Even after being an advanced economy in the world, USA amounts to high incidents of crimes such as murders and smuggling.

9. Russia

Crime rate in Russia

Russian investigators stand near the covered body of Boris Nemtsov, with St. Basil’s Cathedral seen in the background, in central Moscow, Russia, 28 February 2015. Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot dead from a passing car on the Bolshoy Kammeny bridge in central Moscow late in the evening of 27 February 2015. EPA/PAVEL BEDNYAKOV

Russia has a very high amount of crime dynamics in history. Way back in 1997, Russia had more than 8000 criminal formations and in 2000 the country had 50% of its Economy linked with organized crimes. According to a source from 2009 Russia had more than 15,000 cases of homicides. The major crimes in Russia include drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, poaching, corruption and homicides.

8. United Kingdom

UK Crime Rate

Britain’s crime history tells us that violent crime records are worse than in even USA and South Africa. United Kingdom has the second highest crime rates in the entire European Union. Violent crimes in Britain have soared to the worst from 2005. UK figures now make it one of the dangerous countries to live. UK has high incidents of violent crimes like homicides, physical assaults and other heinous crimes. UK also accounts to many cases of robbery, hit and run, burglary, and other violent attacks.

7. Canada

Cananda Crime Rate

In 2006, Canada reported its crime numbers to be 2,452,787. Though, Canada is considered as a friendly nation and a peaceful country to live, is actually a dangerous country in terms of the high numbers of violent crimes. Unfortunately, the country has high numbers crimes such as sexual assaults, violent attacks, robberies and homicides.

6. Germany

Germany Crime Rate

We all know that Germany has a violent history in the past. Hitler is a good example of mass violence and murders. Even after many years after his dismiss, Germany is still considered to be a violent nation to live. Germany has many cities which are highly unsafe to live. Statistics shows that Germany has shown sharp rise in burglary and physical assaults of children. Albanian mafia families are one of the main culprits to crimes in Germany. Close to 6 million crimes were registered in 2010.

5. Afghanistan

Afghanistan Crime Rate

Afghanistan is a terror-stricken country which is constantly hit by terrorist organisations in various different forms like bomb blasts, suicide attacks and mass killings. After the fall of Taliban the country has seen very high crime rates. Crimes such as contract killings, smuggling, drug trafficking, corruption, kidnapping, assassinations, and other common crimes are highly prevalent in the nation. Sources indicate that 87% of the illicit opium is from Afghanistan. More than 70 people are killed out of every 100,000 people, making the country rank high in crime rates.

4. South Africa

 South Africa Crime Rate

South African Police push back protesters rallying against President Barack Obama’s visit to South Africa, in Soweto on June 29, 2013. At least three bangs were heard as police tried to move the demonstrators away from a university campus where Obama is expected to hold a town hall event later in the day. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

South Africa has a historic evidence of crimes against the blacks. Even today, crime rates in South Africa are very high. Crimes such as murders, rapes, assaults and other gruesome crimes are committed in the country. Approximately 50 people are murdered every day in South Africa making the country one of the most unsafe to live. Many people migrate out of South Africa after falling prey to violent crimes. The causes of such violent crimes are because of corruption, inefficient criminal justice system, inequality and poverty.

3. Guatemala

Guatemala Crime Rate

Guatemalan society is backed by 30 years of history in civil wars that makes the society highly violent. Guatemala has one the highest violent crime rates in the world. In 2009, more than 100 people were killed every week. Guatemala is the one of most violent nations in Central America because of endemic poverty, weak judicial system, and easy access to weapons. Many people are stabbed, shot, beaten and burnt to death in the country. 97% of homicide cases are still unsolved in the country. Currently, Guatemala is one of most dangerous places on earth.

2. North Korea

North Korea Crime Rate

North Korea is one of the bizarre and dangerous place to live for its three generation punishment. The country is constantly hit with famine making its people to commit extreme crimes such as killing people for money and food and cannibalism is also common in certain places. Child marriages, prostitution, corruption, and murders are raising uncontrollable in the country.

1. Honduras

Honduras Crime Rate

The first 10 days of 2015 saw 100 murders in Honduras. Honduras has a very high crime rate. The country experiences a murder rate of 90.2 per 100,000 populations. The causes of high crime rates and violence in Honduras are complex. One of the important reasons for crimes in the country is due to high amounts of corruptions. The country sees huge violence, murders of Maria Jose and Sofia Alvarado, mafia and gang wars, and other violent crimes.


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