Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World

According to various analysis and reports from websites like Yahoo! Finance and CompareCamp, a London luxury villa (17 Upper Phillimore Gardens) is the most expensive home in the world with an estimated worth of $1.58 billion. The luxury villa is followed by the Buckingham Palace and Antilia, all of which are barring the 1 billion mark. Kensignton Palace Gardens from West London is the most expensive street from around the world. A $60 million home refurbishing of 15 and 15b Kensington Palace Gardens by Lenoard Blavatnik is said to have broken records set by Laxmi Mittal and Roman Abramovich on this list.

Here is the list of ten most expensive houses in the world (England tops the list):

10. 16 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, United Kingdom – $140 million


The street, Kensington Palace Gardens from London is there on this list again and again. 16 Kensington Palace Gardens is owned by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, owner of the private investment firm, Millhouse LLC, and the owner of Chelsea Football Club. The property of Roman Abramovich is worth over $140 million. 16 Kensington Palace Gardens is one of the most expensive houses in the world.

9. Seven the Pinnacle, Montana, United States – $155 million

Seven The Pinnacle

Seven the Pinnacle is the largest property at Yellowstone Club. Yellowstone Club is a billionaires-only private ski and golf community. The property of Seven the Pinnacle is worth $155 million or even more. The expensive property’s owners are Edra and Time Blixseth. Time Blixseth is an American real estate developer, record producer, songwriter, and timber baron.

8. Hearst Castle, California, United States – $191 million

Hearst Castle

Source: Wiki

Hearst Castle was built for the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst between 1919 and 1947. Hearst Castle is a National Historic Landmark and California Historical Landmark mansion located on the Central Coast of California. Hearst Castle is designed by the American architect Julia Morgan. The Italian style villa was once featured in the movie, The Godfather. The previous guests of this 27-bedroom home are John and Jackie F. Kennedy, Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill.

7. Ellison Estate, Malibu, CA, United States – $200 million

Ellison Lake Tahoe Estate

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison owns this 23-acre compound in Malibu. The Ellison Estate is on the busy Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu which is inspired by Japanese design. The compound consists of ten buildings, a man-made lake, koi pond, tea house, and a bath house. It took 9 years to build this amazing estate. Ellison has spent an estimated $200 million to $250 million through at least nine purchases. This estate is one of the most amazing estates in the world in terms of luxury and location.

6. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens (Laxmi Mittal House), London, United Kingdom – $222 million

18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace Gardens is a street in West-Central London which is home to some of the most expensive properties in the world. The “most exclusive address” in London is home to many millionaires and billionaires from around the world. It is no doubt that 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens or the Laxmi Mittal House is present here owned by the billionaire steel giant Lakshmi Mittal. In 2004, the house was bought by the Indian steel tycoon.

5. Four Fairfield Pond, Sagaponack, New York, United States – $248.5 million

Four Fairfield Pond

Ira Rennert, an American investor and businessman who is the proud owner of Four Fairfield Pond. The extensively large beach front home in Sagaponack, New York facing the Atlantic Ocean is built on grounds measuring 63 acres. The building, which totals over 110,000 square feet has 29 rooms, 39 bathrooms, dozen chimneys, a Mediterranean-style tile roof, 91-foot (28 m) long formal dining room, a basketball court, a bowling alley, two tennis courts, two squash courts, and a $150,000 hot tub. The estate also has its own power plant. In 1999, the house having Italianate facade was valued at $198 million. Now, the value of the house is over $248.5 million.

4. Villa Leopolda, French Riviera, France – $750 million

Villa Leopolda in France

Villa Leopolda is a large villa which had many notable owners like Gianni and Marella Agnelli, Izaak and Dorothy J. Killam, and since 1987 by Edmond Safra (1932–1999) and Lily Safra, who inherited the villa after her husband’s death. Villa Leopolda is on an 18-acre land on the French Riviera overseeing the Monacan coastline. Alfred Hitchcock’s movie To Catch a Thief features the villa.

3. Antilia, Mumbai, India – $1 billion

Antilia India

Antilia is the only other home to cross the billion mark after Buckingham Palace and 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens. Antilia is a unique building owned by the business giant, billionaire Mukesh Ambani. The 27-storey, 400,000-sq. ft. building is the first “home” to cross the $1 billion value in the world. Antilia features six underground parking levels, three helicopter pads and requires 600 staffs to run it. The protruding floors are a uniquely identifiable attraction of this building.

2. Buckingham Palace, London, England – $1.55 billion

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace once built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. King George III bought the “large townhouse” after 58 years. Now, the British monarch owns the luxury palace which features 775 rooms, including 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff rooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms.

1.  17 Upper Phillimore Gardens, London, England – $1.58 million

17 Upper Phillimore Gardens

17 Upper Phillimore Gardens in London’s millionaire town Kensington is the world’s most expensive home. According to Yahoo! Finance, the house is worth $1.58 billion. The extravagant interiors of this five-story Victorian villa are going to blow your mind. AIDS philanthropist and daughter of a former Ukrainian president (as well as close friend to Elton John) Olena Pinchuk bought the property in 2008. She paid a mere $127 million at that time. From outside, the house may not look something great but the interiors are mind-blowing and rich.


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