10 Greatest Silent Films Ever

Can we even think of a movie completely silent from the start till the end? Genuinely, we will feel it to be very weird today, if entire film stands to be silent. Very surprisingly, for the first forty years from the birth of film industry, there had not been any movie with audio or dialogues. Fusing the dialogues was one of the most challenging concept in film technology. However, we have come up with the 10 greatest silent films ever to get the exact legacy of first forty years of film makings.

10. Nosferatu, 1922


Nosferatu is a German Silent-Era film considered as the most influential masterpiece in film industry. Basically a horror film, which is said to have been created unauthorized from the critics of Dracula. Further, the film was banned and the most portions of the shots were destroyed. However, some materials of the film were still left behind, which helped to recreated in 1929, seven years after the original premiere in Germany. The film was ranked twenty-first in “The 100 Best Film of World Cinema”.

9. The Gold Rush, 1925

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush, even today stands to be the most memorable film directed by Chaplin in 1925. It received Best Sound recording and Best Music when the film was re-released in 1942. Being considered as the most renowned silent film by Chaplin, the story-line follows as a solitary prospector ventures into Alaska in search for gold. By getting involved in some blizzard characters, he then tries to win the heart of beautiful Georgia. Following through the scenario, Chaplin tries to win her heart and charm.

8. Earth, 1930

EARTH Silentfilm

Directed by Alexander Dovzhenko from Ukraine, in 1930, is featured with a Soviet-Era focusing the hostility of Kulak landowners. Mainly featured with the communal farming as a joint enterprise in the film, the Earth stands to be one of the best silent films introduced during the 20th century. The screenplay is well planned wherein the story starts from the final moments of grandfather fighting for collectivization. But, the communists in the village stand against from the process of collectivization. Further, his grandson buys a tractor in support of his grandfather to plow the land to facilitate the cultivation. On a successful production from the land cultivation, the grandson gets killed by an unknown figure. Following the best story-line, the Earth stands to be one of the greatest ever silent films made.

7. The Lodger, 1927

The Lodger

Released in 1927, a fantastic silent film is personified in the form of a serial killer targeting young blonde woman. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the story starts with a serial killer in London name “The Avenger” targeting the fair and young blonde woman on every Tuesday evenings. Heroine stands to be the seventh victim to the serial killer, which horrifies her on the day of a fashion show event. Further, a handsome young man arrives at her home for lodging services and story follows pretty fantastic. The film stands to be the most successful by Alfred Hitchcock in his film direction history.

6. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, 1927

 Sunrise A Song of Two Humans

Directed by a German director F. W Murnau, the movie is considered the best silent romantic film ever. Fantastic love story, where the husband chases his wife against a broken marriage due to internal matters of his farm plot not being doing much better. The beautiful young lady tells the husband to sell the farm, rather he tries to drown the woman. Further, he fails to do so due to his passionate love towards the young tramp. Mind-blowing story follows through the sequence, which should be watched if you are a silent film fan.

5. City Lights, 1931

City Lights

Directed and starred by Charlie Chaplin, the City Lights film was his last film released in 1931. Majority films starred and directed by Chaplin have been a silent film, but this stands to be the best ever from his side. A lot of positive critics and reviews were gathered after the release with box office booming with $5 million. Story is all about Chaplin falling in love with a blind flower girl and the friendship with an alcoholic millionaire.

4. The Artist, 2011

The Artist

The Artist was the first French film to win the Best picture and silent film ever made. Released in 2011, the filming is completely in black-and-white, which received amazing critic review and best for its original screenplay. Basically a romantic comedy film, which manly focuses the capitalism of a young raising film star against the older silent film start relationship in Hollywood between 1927 and 1932. The actor and actress’s relationship is built against the talkies. Directed by Michel Hazanavicius, there have been a lot of award winnings and nominations on the movie.

3. Metropolis, 1927


Metropolis is a science-fiction movie and the greatest contributors for silent films ever. The idea behind the movie was to visualize the futuristic urban with many Sky scrapper in the initial views. Made by a German director Fritz Lang, the story is all about social crisis between owners and workers. A lot of sensors and cuts had to be made to the film before the final release in 1927. Damaged portion of the film print was discovered from a museum in Argentina.

2.  Passion of Joan of Arc Carl Dreyer, 1928

Passion of Joan of Arc Carl Dreyer

The film is comprehensively based on a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrain phase, which is considered a terribly silent movies ever made. It is a French silent film and mainly put forward the efforts of Saint Joan of Arc depicting her train and captive of England. Initially, offered to direct by Danish film director Dreyer, who had researched on this film for over a year before initiating his first shot for the film. Further, when sensor board was involved, a lot of cuts had to be made, which lost huge critics of the film. However, irrespective of cuts, the final film distributed was a massive success and even today the movie is considered the best ever films made since 1928.

1. The General, 1926

The General

The General is considered to be the most silent movie filmed ever with almost no noise right from the beginning. The movie is a whole inspiration of occurring from the American Civil War. Though, the movie is considered too silent, it stands to be the greatest American films ever made. Since it was a film dramatized for the silent era, a significant loss in Box office verse the budget caused the Director, Keaton to pay off his independence as a filmmaker. The film mainly focuses on action, adventure and comedy, and a newer version was created by Raymond Rohauer in 1953.

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