Top 10 Most Haunted Highways in the World

Haunted highways may refer to roads, highways and roads which are subject to urban folklore, legends, rumors and reports of paranormal sightings. Legends and folklore are common in every country. Many spooky tales about places, homes and roads are spread to scare people. There are many roads and highways in the world that are alleged to be haunted. According to many sources, Clinton Road in New Jersey, United States is the spookiest highway in the world. Many paranormal things are reported throughout the world by many people on highways. So, which are the top ten most haunted highways in the world? New Jersey should be the most haunted place in the world? This list contains many roads from New Jersey.

Here goes the list of ten ghostly highways in the world to creep you out (haunted highways around the world):

10. A3 Motorway, Croatia

A3 Motorway Croatia

A3 Motorway is major motorway in Croatia spanning 306.5 kilometres. A section of A3 motorway between Staro Petrovo Selo and Nova Gradiška is believed to be haunted due to high number of accidents and paranormal encounters. It is also evident that singer Toše Proeski and actress Dolores Lambaša lost their lives on this road.

9. Annie’s Road, United States

Annie's Road New Jersey

Annie’s Road, New Jersey is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed on the road many years ago. The road is in Totowa on the first half of Riverview Drive.

8. N9 Road, South Africa

N9 Road South Africa

N9 road is a major road that connects George with the N1 at Colesberg in South Africa. Marie Charlotte Roux was killed in an auto accident not far from Uniondale on Easter Sunday of 1968. An urban legend of “vanishing hitchhiker” arose after the death of Marie Charlotte. Many drivers driving along this road claim the urban tale of “vanishing girl”, who disappear after being picked-up.

7. E8 Expressway, Malaysia

E8 Expressway Malaysia

The E8 Expressway, also known as the Kuala Lumpur – Karak Expressway, is reportedly “one of the most haunted highways in Malaysia”. There are many claims that people driving late at night see strange creatures and Pontianak on this road. Though, there is no direct evidence of any such things or paranormal happenings on this road.

6. Boy Scout Lane, United States

Boy Scout Lane United States

Boy Scout Lane is a dead-end road with no outlet in Wisconsin, United States. A number of ghost stories and urban legends associate with this road, including the fictional deaths of a troop of Boy Scouts. The road has been subject to numerous paranormal investigations to experience and has been a ‘haunt’ for youths hoping to experience a paranormal event. According to a local urban legend, the road is named for a troop of Boy Scouts who were killed while on a camping trip in the 1950s or 60s. Many other variations of the story exist. As per historical facts and records, the road was named Boy Scout Lane because the land that it is located on was once owned by the Boy Scouts of America.

5. Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

Belchen Tunnel Switzerland

Belchen tunnel is a motorway tunnel in Switzerland. Sightings of an old woman dressed all in white who supposedly haunts the Belchen tunnel. In January 1981 a modern myth circulated, dealing with a “white woman”. The Bölchengespenst, or “Bölchen ghost”, became a popular subject for 1981’s Shrove Tuesday carnival. Once upon a time in 1980s, two female jurists picked up an inconspicuously dressed, clumsy, pale, middle-aged woman in Eptingen. When they later asked her if she was feeling better, she answered: “No, unfortunately not. I am not well at all. Something really awful is going to happen, something very dreadful!” When they looked at the back seat, the woman had disappeared. Many such reports of “white woman” are evident along the road.

4. A38 road, England

A38 Road England

A38 road is an A-class trunk road in Somerset, England that runs between Wellington and Taunton. Many reports of phantom hitchhiker are common since 1950s. One tale holds that in 1958 a lorry driver named “Harry (or “Harold” in some telling) Unsworth” saw a hitchhiker he’d given a ride to earlier re-appear miles down the road from where he’d dropped him off.

3. Shades of Death Road, United States

Shades of Death Road USA

Name of this road itself is scary. Shades of Death Road is sometimes referred locally as “shades”, is a two-lane rural road in Warren County, New Jersey, USA. The road is the subject of folklore and numerous local legends. The unusual road name draws more visitors to the area.  The road is a subject of many robberies, crimes, and bandits. According to Weird New Jersey, ghosts or other supernatural phenomena are often reported. The popular points of paranormal activities are Ghost Lake, The Fairy Hole, and Lenape Lane. There are also reports of finding hundreds of weird Polaroid photographs, some of them showing the blurred image of a woman, possibly in distress, scattered in woods just off the road during the 1990s. Many such reports claim paranormal activity along this scary road.

2. A75 road, Scotland

A75 Road Scotland

Highway A75 is a Primary Trunk Road in Scotland. The road connects Annan and Gretna Green. Some authors believe that this major road is Scotland’s “most haunted road”. A fifteen-mile lonely stretch of the A75, between Annan and Dumfries, is often reported to be haunted. In 1962, Derek and Norman Ferguson were driving along the A75 near Kinmount, around midnight, when a large hen flew towards their window screen, but vanished on the point of impact. After the hen, an old lady appeared who ran towards the car waving her outstretched arms. Then another screaming man appeared who also disappeared mysteriously. Many other things followed which all disappeared. Another story from 1957 states that a truck driver swerved to avoid a couple walking on the road but when he stopped to investigate the pair had “vanished”.

1. Clinton Road, United States

Clinton Road United States

Clinton Road is a highway in New Jersey. The road has become popular due to many legends of paranormal occurrences such as sightings of ghosts, strange creatures and gatherings of witches, Satanists and the Ku Klux Klan. The most popular urban legend on the highway is about “the ghost boy at the bridge”, the boy who had drowned once while swimming below or had fallen in while sitting on the edge of the bridge. The publication Weird NJ devoted many articles on this subject. The road is also notorious for having the country’s longest traffic light wait. The thick forest, lonely during nights and the urban legend contribute to the “scare” factor.


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