Top 10 Most Dangerous Islands Around The World

Most islands are meant to be a place to enjoy summer vacations and for a holiday wanderlust. But there are few islands, which are extremely unpredictable in terms of threats, and once trapped at these islands would certainly be impossible to escape. The islands may seem pretty good, but exploration is definitely a bad idea. Some of the life-threatening activities involving in these dangerous islands include a hefty amount of creepy stuff such as venomous snakes, natural disasters like a volcanic eruption, and habitat eradicated zone.

Here, we have listed the ten most dangerous islands around the world, which may create bizarre thoughts in your mind:

10. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Northern Pacific)

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the most concentrated areas of plastic junks piled all around the island. This island is one of the greatest destroyers of sea animal. There is a high concentration of debris accumulation due to toxic substances surrounded by this area.

9. Gruinard Island (Scotland)

Gruinard Island

Gruinard Island is a tiny oval-shaped island, anticipated as one of the most dangerous islands in the world.  This island was under the top secret of British due to their biological warfare experiments. The scientists have performed experiments on Anthrax and due to the release of some spores, entire local sheep were killed. It is alleged that the soil still contains traces of Anthrax.

8. Reunion Island (Indian Ocean)

Reunion Island

Reunion Island is located at one of the hazardous place, about 150 kilometers southwest of Mauritius. While the island itself is at a deadly location, the water surrounded is even more deadly. There is an abnormally high concentration of Sharks around the island, creating irks amongst the inhabitants. Surfing and swimming have been outlawed since 2013, due to deadly shark attacks.

7. Saba Island (Netherlands)

Saba Island

Saba Island is an unfortunate island located very near to the epicenter of hurricanes. The island has been hit by more hurricanes than any other island in over 100 years. Due to these natural calamities, it became a prime location for a private sanctuary of smugglers and pirates. The island is recorded with maximum uproot of trees due to the hurricane.

6. Izu Islands (Japan)

Izu Islands

Izu Islands is a Volcanic Island, comprises of two towns and six villages. The island is filled with deadly levels of sulfur in the air, making all residents to mandatorily wear masks. Though there is a huge amount of dangerous Sulphur in the air, people still live here. There is a dedicated siren alarm to alert the inhabitants whenever the Sulphur reaches the Toxin level.

5. Ramree Island (Burma)

Ramree Island

Ramree Island is a large island off the coast of Rakhine State, which is about 1,350 Square kilometers. It is mainly known for the War between British and Japanese forces during World War 2. The Japanese forces tried to retreat against the prevailing force of British, where the saltwater crocodiles took over the marshals and killed over 400 soldiers. This event manifested the greatest disaster ever by animals to humans.

4. North Sentinel Island (India)

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is situated in about 20 miles west of Smith Island, in the Bay of Bengal. The island contains the last and final Stone Age tribe that is yet to contact the outside world. The tribes are so lethal in opposing any ships or helicopter hovering around the island. They frequently throw firing arrows on boats and ships, eventually making them sink or kill. None of them could successfully land on this island.

3. Enewetak Atoll (Marshall Island)

Enewetak Atoll

Enewetak Atoll is a large coral island with the land area of 5.85 Square kilometers. In order to conduct 43 nuclear active tests, US government constructed a huge dome structure to contain the radioactive materials. Due to this destructive radiation, the US government had to evacuate over 800 people from Enewetak. It is also predicted that for another 10 years habitat would be impossible in this island.

2. Poveglia Island (Italy)

Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island is one among the creepiest places on earth, which is told to have many paranormal activities. It is a tiny island located between Lido and Venice of Northern Italy. The island contains many plague pits, referred to as mass graves in which victims of the Black Death were buried. Over 100,000 people have been killed in this island over centuries.

1. Ilha de Queimada Grande (Brazil)

Snake Island

Ilha de Queimada Grande also referred to as Snake Island, is a tiny island of 43 hectares, off the shore of Sao Paulo that is overrun with deadly snakes. The island is densely packed with 4000 highly venomous snakes. There is no perfect antidote for those victims who get infected by these venomous snakes. The snakes are latched up throughout the island, making it impossible for humans to get in. There are about five highly venomous Golden Lancehead Viper snakes on ever square feet.

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