Top 10 Most Expensive And Elegant Watches In The World

The most precious part of our life is, time and everyone in this world are moving according to it. Majority of us come to an assumption that investing millions of dollar on a watch would be an utter waste, but they are great assets. The expensiveness of a watch has the same synonym as the most astonishing watches in the world. It is a pride for an individual owning a prestigious 7-Figure tag. Here is our list of top 10 most expensive and elegant watches in the world featured with antique and innovative designs.

10. Patak Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph Watch ($3.6 million)

Patak Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph Watch

Patak Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph Watch consists of 18 Carat gold manufactured by Patak Philippe. It has 23 beautiful jewels, in-built dials for date and month, gold dauphine hands, a silver matte dial.

9. Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon ($3.85 million)

Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon

Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon is a Swiss origin unique wristwatch manufactured by Blancpain. It is featured with a real engineering feat in order to reduce the adverse effects and gravity has no movements. It is composed of 379 parts with a 44.60mm diameter case.

8. Patak Philippe Platinum World Time ($4.03 million)

Patak Philippe Platinum World Time

Patak Philippe Platinum World Time is a brilliant, stylish watch manufactured in 1939, having 24 time zones and designed completely with platinum. One can find the time at any place in the world from this grand watch. Patak Philippe Platinum World Time happens to be the only watch which has the tendency to wind itself in order to produce 24 time zones.

7. Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch ($4.6 million)

Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch

Louis Moinet Meteoris is a unique wristwatch manufactured by Louis Moinet. This watch is manufactured with materials of Mercury, Mars, Moon, and Asteroids making it distinct from other watches. It also grabs the top slot of rarest watches in the world.

6. Breguet & Fills, Paris, No. 2667 Precision ($4.7 million)

Breguet amp Fills Paris No 2667 Precision

Breguet & Fills No. 2667 Precision is a pocket watch manufactured by Breguet. The manufacturer is one of the oldest surviving watch-making establishments. It is featured with two movements having 18k gold precision.

5. Hublot Diamond Watch ($5 million)

Hublot Diamond Watch

Hublot Diamond Watch is a Swiss origin luxury watch manufactured by Hublot. It is made of 1200 diamonds and contains 18-carat white gold dial of 4.4mm. Hublot took fourteen months to manufacture this glittery watch assigning seventeen employees of its workforce.

4. Patak Philippe Ref. 1527 ($5.6 million)

Patak Philippe Ref 1527

Patak Philippe Ref. 1527 is yet another masterpiece classical wristwatch manufactured by Patak Philippe. This was manufactured during the period of world war and was sold at Christie’s auction in 2000 in Geneva. It is made up of 18 Carat gold featured with gold Arabic numerical, bi-metallic compensation balance, date indicator, perpetual calendar, moon phase display and chronograph.

3. Patak Philippe Caliber 89 Pocket Watch ($6 million)

Patak Philippe Caliber 89 Pocket Watch

Patak Philippe Caliber 89 is a top-class pocket watch manufactured by Patak Philippe. It weighs over 2 pounds which are featured with all sorts of functions including temperature display. Patak Philippe researches took four years to manufacture this watch.

2. Patak Philippe Super Complication ($11 million)

Patak Philippe Super Complication

Patak Philippe Super Complication is a pocket watch made up of 18-carat gold and happens to be the most complicated watch in the world, manufactured by Swiss origin Patak Philippe. Though the watch looks pretty simple, its hardware is heavily complicated that led to a parallel increase in the cost of the watch.

1. Chopard 210 Carat ($25 million)

Chopard 210 Carat

Chopard 210 Carat is an adorable Swiss watch with a 210 Carats colored diamonds worth $25 million manufactured by Chopard. The beauty of this watch is personified with three mind-blowing heart-shaped diamonds, a white diamond of 11 carats, a blue diamond of 12 carats and the pink diamond of 15 carats. Finally, it resembles a timepiece surrounded by flowers that makes one keep admiring it.