Top 10 Mysterious Things Science Can’t Explain

There are things in this world for which an explanation is rather confusing. But certain things do not have any explanation even with the scientists. Years of research takes place but no individual gets that perfect explanation for the world. That is, there is no answer and we just got to wait for the mystery to disclose itself. Here are similar 10 things which are mysterious and even scientists are not able to explain the phenomenon.

10. Mars

Streaks on Mars

Elon musk is planning to send people from Earth to Mars and is planning to set up a colony there. There were traces of human life on Mars when NASA saw various footprints on the surface of Mars. Now the question remains as to from where these footprints came from and which creature footprint could it be. Scientists are capturing dark and extensive streaks near the surface of the planet that only show up during warm season of the planet. Mars really holds some dark secrets about life, given it is derived from earth. These mysterious things are expected to be solved soon as we wait.

9. The Mummies

Egyptian mummies are the famous ones in the world. But, they carry loads of mysteries too with them. When German scientists experimented on mummies, they found an unusual drug which took the floor away from their bottoms. The chemical reaction tested positive for a drug which was way impossible to be found in the age of Pharaohs and mummies. Inside the skin, bones and hair were embedded the traces of a drug as evidenced by the German scientists. One might wonder if these mummies were addicts too.

8. Mystery of Physical Structures

Famous Ajanta caves of India remains to be the mysterious physical structure of India. No one really knows who the architect was and how a person can do such fine artistry on stones. The mystery of building pyramids at ancient sites all over earth for a period of time and then suddenly abandoning them for no reasons. Mystery of who created beautiful artwork on Mars, why earth’s surface is marked with gigantic lines and figures. What was the mode of knowledge through which people understood architecture and engineering in such advanced manner? These are some tough questions to be answered.

7. Existence of Aliens

Do we have neighbors? A very tricky question indeed! Scientists are working hard to find this answer. But none can tell for surely of their existence. Several evidences have been found, but no one really knows whether they were from aliens. Various space crafts have landed on our planet, but none can answer on where it came from. This is quite an interesting topic to debate on whether we have friends or enemies as our neighbors. NASA is believed to have been experimenting, but no official revelation has been done by them.

6. Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers of Nostradamus

There are many such instances where certain people have predicted of the future and things have literally taken place in one or the other form and science could not explain how these people were right. One such person with psychic power was Nostradamus. Despite living a short span of age, he has left his prophecies behind. The prediction of assassination of John F Kennedy, rise and fall of the great Adolf Hitler, World trade center collapsing into pieces of the famous 9/11. Now his predictions are coming true of India becoming a super power under the leadership of a great man who will change the face of this beautiful country.

5. Cows Always Graze Facing North or South

Cows Graze In The North and South Direction

Recently, researchers discovered that cows align their bodies either north or south while grazing or resting. But the question remains as why they do so and if they do so, how does an animal get an internal in-built compass inside their bodies. Scientists theorize it as simply left over trait from ancient ancestors that had to wander for food and water. Magnetic field is also common between cattle and deer when a research was conducted. Another fact to prove that animals are smarter than human beings and we think we are smarter.

4. Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience

Doctors of a university in England spent four years examining people who suffered from cardiac arrest from various hospitals all across the world. Nearly 40 percent people who survived felt some kind of awareness during the time when they were declared dead before doctors brought them back to life. One person recalled leaving his body completely and watching from a corner of a room. He thoroughly explained the actions of the nursing staff in detail. Some even recalled that they had experienced a flash of light and sun beam hitting their eyes.

3. Bigfoot


Big foot is an ape like creature which is said to inhibit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. It is usually described as a large hairy, bipedal humanoid. Most reports about the big foot are attributed to being various animals like black bears. The evidence that exists supporting the existence of big foot has been attributed to as either a delusion or a hoax. Researchers have spent part of their careers researching about big foot and later gave up on the idea and with no definite conclusions. This is one interesting thing which science could not explain.

2. UFO’s (Unidentified flying objects)


An unidentified flying object is an anomaly in the sky which a human eye sees but is not identifiable on what the object is, when airplanes are easily identified by a human eye. UFO’s have received little support from science when a scientific review was conducted by a top American Institute justified that at least 30 percent of cases remained unexplained on why the objects were termed as anecdotal. No official government investigation has been conducted explaining why these objects appear in physical nature or as any extra-terrestrial body.

1. Origin of Universe

Origin of Universe

Well no one really knows how our universe with so many galaxies was formed. The most famous theory about formation of the galaxy is the Big Bang theory. Scientists believe there was a big explosion in the universe which formed number of galaxies in which Milky Way is of the kind. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking made the world familiar with Big Bang and black hole concepts. But how was the big bang caused is the question which has to be really answered and I hope it gets answered in this era.