Top 10 Popular Things To Sell Online

Are you planning to sell something online to earn money? Many small and young entrepreneurs are constantly searching a platform to sell their products online. It becomes difficult to choose the right category of products to become successful. There are millions of products and the idea of a unique product is not difficult but needs a good amount of research. You can use the big-leaders in the e-Commerce industry like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay and so on to find the bestselling categories and those specific items like fancy bracelet watches or fancy pillow covers which might be trending today.

To get profit by selling online, one has to be unique or be a leader in selling large quantities of products from the below categories. To conquer the online sales sector, you will have to choose the right category that has been evergreen for many decades now. Which are the top ten best online selling categories by profit-margin?

Here is a list of top ten popular categories of items to sell online:

10. Toys


Toys are the most popular selling items online. With the ever-growing population on Earth, there is always a need for new toys starting from babies, kids and even for adults. According to a report from 2015, eBay sold seven Frozen toys every second  This is incredible! With the ever-increasing releases and introductions of new Marvel and Disney movies and heroes, the toys sales have always been on high. People have made huge businesses online with the sales of toys. The demand of new and innovative toys has never come down. Certain toys like Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Avengers, Pokémon and Harry Potter are some of the most sold toys online.

9. Office Supplies & Stationary

Office Supplies & Stationary

Office supplies represent over 200 billion dollar industry with online market share of 30% and 10% of superstore market. The high-capacity market is an evergreen category to sell online as more and more home offices are being established. Office supplies can be anything from a small paper clip to a fax or copier machine. Along with office supplies, stationery is another category that remains consistent offline as well as online with year on year growth. Stationary items include and not limited to pen, pencil, glue, erasers, scrap books, etc. Apart from offices, colleges, schools and homes need stationaries.

8. Appliances & Tools

Appliances & Tools

Appliances and tools is another high-sales category. They can be anything ranging from kitchen appliances to personal appliances for day-to-day life. Similarly, tools sell heavily on online portals. As appliances are needed to help ease things, tools are needed to fix things in the industry as well as houses. The sales of kitchen and industrial appliances alone saw a growth of over 7% in 2016. Tool sets for repairing cars, engines and other heavy machinery are some of the most popular items in this niche.

7. Jewelry


Women like this category more than men. The target group for fashion jewellery for a seller has to be women. This category can be tricky to newbies, as there is no proper connection between retailers and manufacturers, cataloging can be painful, customisation and personalization is a problem. But, once you understand the market needs, customer needs, and the platform then you are going to rock this field with flying colors. Various famous items in this section are gold jewelry, diamond jewels, platinum jewels, silver jewels, fancy jewellery, black metals, and combination of multiple materials.

6. Personal Hygiene Products/Health & Beauty

Personal hygiene products along with health and beauty products have been rocking the consumer sectors for nearly a decade now. Not just women are looking for beauty products but men are also in the race. Due to globalization and increasing standard of living, people are moving towards health consciousness. Health supplements for muscle-building, energy and even hair supplements are on the raise online. Today, anything from shampoos to tablets is available online. Personal care items sometimes require privacy while purchasing. Even this is taken care online by the retailers and sellers. Hence, more and more people are opting to buy their personal hygiene products online.

5. Home Decor & Furnishing

Home Decor & Furnishing

If not home decor but furnishing is a must to most of the normal homes around the globe. Home decorative items are an interesting category to choose from. There are an endless list of products in this category which can be made into a mix of innovative creations. To be successful in this niche, you need to be innovative and understand your customer needs. The trends in this category is fast evolving and changing with new products coming up almost daily. The seller has to be proactive to keep themselves updated with the latest in the niche.

4. Auto Parts and Accessories

Auto Parts and Accessories

Automobile industry is an ever-growing sector that has grown steadily throughout the decades after the invention of two and four-wheelers. The lighter parts are generally ordered online by customers. Radiator is the most famous product which is purchased often online. Other automobile parts such as tyres, brake discs, fuel pumps and air filters are also famous among customers. Replacement parts for the vehicles are also one of the highly bought products online. Accessories such as air purifiers, music systems, sensors, and other electronic items are bought from online automobile portals.

3. Software Products

The software industry has become an evergreen industry as not only the laptops, mobiles and desktops need software but even your vacuum cleaners, washing machines and automobile needs software. Windows OS are some of the most popular software which is sold online. People now buy softwares to do their day-to-day tasks such as accounting, exercise routines, video editing, and music composing and so on. There are apps, tools and softwares to do virtually anything. Another important online software product is anti-virus. The softwares are generally purchased from individual corporate websites or third-party websites that sell software.

2. Clothing/Apparel

Clothing and Apparel

Clothing and apparel are the second most popular category of items that can be sold online for tremendous profits. Go for women apparel and clothing to earn even more. The fashion world has not only become popular and trending but various interesting innovations have taken place. This category includes items for women, kids and men. According to a report in 2016, clothing and accessories were the top-selling category online in the U.S. Women and girls love to shop online using computers, tablets or mobiles as the options are huge online. The trend shows that few people shop clothing out of boredom, urge and personal desires.

1. Electronic Items/Computer Hardware Products

Electronic Items

Electronic and hardware items are on the number one spot for the highest sales online throughout the world. It also tops among many major online e-commerce websites such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Walmart. Computer hardware and consumer electronics tops the list because of their ever-growing demand. Everything in the world today is moving towards automation and to digitize things electronic items are necessary. Smartphones and tablets are important items in this category which are individually topping the list of best items to sell online. The list of items in this category keep evolving and innovating daily.

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