Top 10 Safest Airlines in the World

A flight journey is a wonderful experience for everybody, be it the younger ones or the older ones. People love to fly high above the clouds. The flight journey becomes a memory to remember when the safety of the airways is at the best and as per the best standards. Passenger safety is the most important for any airlines.

There have been lots of security incidents, safety threats, hijacks and crashes of passenger planes in the history. Such incidents take place in-spite of the safety measures instilled by the airlines. There are few airlines which follow the best safety standards to reduce any incidents and accidents of the planes. These airlines use the best technology for their engines, best safety procedures followed strictly, and they have the best pilots. So, which are these airlines? Thus, the best airlines for their safety are listed here, where you can travel without worrying about your safety.

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10. Etihad Airways (UAE)

Etihad Airways UAE

Etihad Airways is a pretty new airline in this list as it started its operations only in 2003 and it is too early to judge this airlines safety systems and operations. There have been no fatalities, accidents or incidents for this airline. Etihad airways are known for its excellent services, comforts and safety measures in place.

9. Lufthansa (Germany)

Lufthansa Germany

Lufthansa is the largest airlines in the Europe. It connects to most part of the world. The fleet of Lufthansa consists of more than 600 flights and aircraft. With such a huge volume and flights, the fatality rates of this airline are low. Though, this airline was founded in the year 1953, the flight operations began in the year 1955. The last accident for this airlines happened in 1993 killing at least 2.

8. Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific is a flag carrier from Hong Kong founded in the year 1946. It covers destinations to more than 42 countries and 160 destinations. The last fatality for this airlines happened in the year 1972 after which there has not been a single crash for nearly 40 years.

7. Air Canada (Canada)

Air Canada

Air Canada is the 9th largest airlines in the world with a fleet size of more than 380. The airline was found in the year 1936. Air Canada has acquired their largest rivals Canadian Airlines. Air Canada has been rated as 4-star airlines in 2013.The last known fatality occurred for this reputed airlines in the 1983. Air Canada is known for its excellent services to its passenger’s safety and comfort.

6. Emirates (UAE)

Emirates UAE

Emirates Airlines was founded in the year 1985 by the Emirates group based in Dubai, UAE. Emirates Airlines is known for its safety and operational excellence. This airline has won numerous awards and is rated a four-star airlines many times. With a fleet size of more than 200 aircraft, Emirates connects to most part of the world. There has not been a single crash reported for this airline due to its excellent commitment towards safety, comfort and luxury.

5. EVA Air (Taiwan)

EVA Air Taiwan

EVA Air from Taiwan is considered to be the 5th safest airlines in the world according to JACDEC ranking. This airline was founded 26 years ago and is headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. From a list of 800 airlines this airlines tops for its safety protocols followed. There has never been a fatality in its 26 year old history.

4. British Airways (United Kingdom)

British Airways UK

British airways started in 1974 had an immediate fatality to bear within 2 years of its operations in 1976. After which this airlines has considerable improved in inculcating safety measures to its airplanes. There have been no accidents after 1976. British Airways is considered to be one of the safest airlines in the world.

3. Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand was founded in the year 1940 which is known for its safety of the passengers. The last known accident for Air New Zealand occurred in the year 1979. The last crash for this airline took place nearly 3 decades ago. This airline is considered to be reputed and known for its safety.

2. Finnair – Finland

Finnair Finland

Finnair founded in the year 1923 is the 5th oldest airlines in the world and considered one of the safest airlines to travel. The last known fatality for this airlines dates back to 1963, nearly 50 years ago. This airline has recorded only two accidents one in 1961 and 1963.

1. Qantas Airways Limited (Australia)

Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airways Limited is the most renowned airlines from Australia, which was founded in the year 1920. It is also the second oldest airlines. Qantas airlines have topped the list of safest airlines for its remarkable safety procedures. The airline’s last accident which claimed life was in 1951, nearly half a century ago. The crashes occurred before 1950s were due to World War II. Otherwise, this airline is known for its safety, reputation and comfort.


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