Top 10 Sniper Rifles That Can Pierce Anything

A typical sniper rifle is a lethal weapon commonly used in long range assassination. It is used for optimal levels of accuracy to hit the target at any range. The legacy technology provided a common foundation to come up with about 99% accuracy for the sniper rifles. The modern sniper technology has shown a revolutionary change over the accuracy for sniper rifles which can hit the target 1.5 miles away. Generally a sniper rifle comes with a telescopic sight fitted on top and a built in feature to adjust the levels of accuracy. Let’s have a look at the world’s most powerful sniper rifles that can pierce anything on its way.

10. SR25 (American)


SR25 is a semi-automatic, rotating bolt, special application sniper rifle manufactured by Knight’s Armament Company. 60% of its parts are replaceable with relative models making it more reliable and consistent. It was mainly used during 2006 East Timorese Crisis and Afghanistan War.

9. L42 Enfield (British)

L42 Enfield

L42 Enfield is a bolt-action, magazine-fed, amazing sniper rifle developed for British military forces to assist during World War I, World War II and Irish War of independence. It came into existence in 1895, and still alive due to its accuracy. It can engage a target over 1,800 meters away.

8. M21 (American)


M21 is an American origin semi-automatic sniper rifle manufactured by Springfield Armory and Rock Island Arsenal. It was developed for US army to assist them with better accuracy to engage their enemies during the Vietnam War. An improved version with a fibreglass stock and an adjustable ranging telescope provided better reliability to engage on targets perfectly.

7. PSG1 (German)


PSG1 is a semi-automatic German sniper rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It was developed for German police units, to engage on terrorists with high accuracy. H&K developed this sniper rifle in response to the Munich massacre during 1972. It is featured with improved cartridge and magazine capacity.

6. Dragunov SVD (Soviet Union)

Dragunov SVD

Dragunov SVD is one of the most awarded sniper rifle for its model and design concerns. It was designed as a squad support weapon for Soviet troops, to engage enemies at long range. It is featured with semi-automatic, 10-round detachable box provided with a short-stroke gas-piston system.

5. Mosin-Nagant (Russian)

Mosin Nagant

Mosin-Nagant is one of the most accurate, 5 shot bolt-action, military rifle developed by Imperial Russian Army. This sniper rifle is most commonly used in battlefield, which records a production level of over 37 million units since its inception in 1891. It is capable of engaging targets that are at very long range.

4. AS50 (British)


AS50 is an anti-materiel rifle which uses explosive ammunition to engage targets at very long range. It is manufactured by Accuracy International, which is featured with an integral rail for mounting optical sights. The weight of this rifle is unimaginably low, that helps in easy transferable from place to place. It can accurately hit the targets at a range of 1,500 meters.

3. L115A3 AWM (British)

L115A3 AWM

L115A3 AWM is a bolt-action British sniper rifle featured with single-stack removable box magazine of 5-rounds holding, manufactured by Accuracy International. It provides an added feature of clear vision even during night. It was primarily used during wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.

2. Barrett .50 Cal (American)

Barrett 50 Cal

Barrett .50 Cal is considered as “one shot, one kill” sniper rifle manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. It outperforms other sniper rifles in terms of range, which is estimated to hit the target, 2,600 meters away. The sniper rifle is so powerful that, it can pierce even through the wall and hit the target accurately. It is featured with rotating bolt, automatic-recoil, 10-round detachable box magazine, adjustable rare sight.

1. CheyTac Intervention (American)

CheyTac Intervention

CheyTac Intervention is a deadly, American 7-round, detachable single-stack bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by CheyTac LLC. It produces highest accuracy even during night, which is capable of hitting a target over 2,300 meters. The features are highly unimaginable, that includes .408 CheyTac cartridge, KESTREL 4000 metrological sensor package, and night vision optics.