10 Most Powerful Military Forces in the World

The strength of a country’s military forces is measured by many factors like manpower, annual defense budget, and number of tanks, missiles, aircraft, naval forces and economic power of the country. Global Firepower has constantly worked on providing a rank to the countries with the strongest military. We have adapted to this list and also worked on other factors to determine the real strong military powers in the world. United States Armed Forces and Russian Armed Forces have always been on top to be the most powerful armed forces in the world. In the near future, China is expecting to be the number one in terms of becoming the most powerful military force in the world. The armed forces comprises of the army, navy, air force, marine and the coast guards.

Here is the list of 10 most powerful militaries in the world:

10. Italy

Italian Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0.34 Million active personnel
Total tanks586
Total Aircraft785
Total Naval Force143
Annual Defense Budget$40 Billion

Italian Armed Forces: The above statistics definitely gives a thrust to the Italian Armed Forces in the list of top 10 most powerful militaries. The Italian forces have close to 0.4 million active man-forces in their armed forces, along with 100s of tanks, fighter planes, naval ships with an annual budget of $40 billion.

9. Japan

Japanese Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0.24 Million active personnel
Total tanks678
Total Aircraft1590
Total Naval Force131
Annual Defense Budget$41 Billion

Japan Self-Defense Forces: The force established in the year 1954 has 0.24 million active personnel that has involved in several international peacekeeping. Apart from their active personnel, the country also has around 50,000 reserve forces. The strong force is equipped with 100s of machinery such as tanks, aircrafts, ships and missiles.

8. Turkey

Turkish Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0.63 Million active personnel
Total tanks3778
Total Aircraft1007
Total Naval Force194
Annual Defense Budget$18.2 Billion

Turkish Armed Forces: Turkish Armed Forces are officially claimed to be founded in 209 BC. Today, the armed forces is strong with 0.6 million active front-line personnel, more than 3 thousand tanks, around thousand aircrafts and a naval strength of close to 200. Turkey spends $18 billion annually for its defense forces.

7. Germany

German Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0.17 Million active personnel
Total tanks408
Total Aircraft676
Total Naval Force81
Annual Defense Budget$40 Billion

Bundeswehr: Bundeswehr is the unified armed forces of Germany with a military strength of 0.17 million active personnel. The armed force has 408 tanks, 676 aircrafts, and a naval strength of 81. The powerful Germany puts forward an annual budget of $40 billion for its military expenditures.

6. France

French Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0.36 Million active personnel
Total Tanks423
Total Aircrafts1282
Total Naval Force118
Annual Defense Budget$51 Billion

French Armed Forces: The nuclear capable French Armed Forces has a military strength of 0.36 million active officers with 423 tanks, 1282 aircrafts, and a total naval strength of 118. France spends $51 billion every year to satisfy its defense needs in manufacturing sophisticated weapons, arms and fighter planes for its armed forces.

5. United Kingdom

British Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0.15 Million active personnel
Total Tanks407
Total Aircraft879
Total Naval Force76
Annual Defense Budget$65 billion

British Armed Forces: The British Armed Forces is one of the powerful armed forces in the world with annual defense budget of $65 billion. Military strength of 0.15 million is equipped with powerful tanks, fighter jets, nuclear missiles and destroyers.

4. India

Indian Armed Forces

Total Military Strength1.3 Million active personnel
Total Tanks6464
Total Aircraft2086
Total Naval Force295
Annual Defense Budget$51.3 Billion

Indian Armed Forces: The 1.3 million active personnel is one of the largest in the world. The Indian Armed Forces consists of army, navy, air force, and paramilitary forces. India spends $51 billion every year for its defense to be in race with China and Pakistan. The country has large amounts of tanks, fighter jets, navy ships, submarines and missiles in its weapon inventory.

3. China

Chinese Armed Forces

Total Military Strength2.3 Million active personnel
Total Tanks9150
Total Aircraft2942
Total Naval Force714
Annual Defense Budget$147 Billion

Chinese People’s Liberation Army: The Chinese military is one of the emerging powers in the world in terms of weapon systems, man-power, defense spending and hi-tech machinery. The county is equipped with large numbers of tanks, submarines, aircrafts, ships and missiles.

2. Russia

Russian Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0.7 Million active personnel
Total tanks15398
Total Aircraft3547
Total Naval Force352
Annual Defense Budget$84.5 Billion

Russian Armed Forces: Russia is a powerful country in terms of military strength and striking capabilities. The powerful nation’s armed forces is equipped with one of the world’s most powerful weapons, tanks, missiles, fighter planes and marine equipment. Russia spends $84.5 billion every year for its defense needs.

1. USA

US Armed Forces

Total Military Strength0 Million active personnel
Total tanks8848
Total Aircraft13444
Total Naval Force515
Annual Defense Budget$580.3 Billion

United States Armed Forces: US Armed Forces are the world’s most powerful military forces with a whopping $580.3 billion as its defense budget. US Marine forces are one of the world’s best. US commandos are the world’s superior. USA has the world’s best weapon systems, technology, fighter aircrafts, destroyers, submarines and ships.


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