Top 10 Death Conspiracy Theories On Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler did not die in his underground Berlin bunker. Many sources claim that Hitler didn’t die on 30th April 1945 adding to a long list of death conspiracy theories. There are several top conspiracy theories on Adolf Hitler death. Adolf Hitler was surrounded by many secrets and conspiracy theories during his period of dictatorship and now it continues even after his death. FBI claims that Hitler didn’t commit suicide and DNA tests conducted on the skull of Hitler provides evidence that the skull was not of Hitler’s but a woman in her 40s. Another source claims that Hitler escaped to Argentina with his wife Eva Braun.

There are many crazy conspiracy theories behind his suicide as well. Some of them include Hitler took cyanide to kill himself; Hitler shot himself from his mouth and so on. Though, we know that Hitler was one of the cruelest dictator histories has ever seen and officially his death was cruel as well. Officially, Hitler died on 30 April 1945 in his Berlin underground Führer bunker by committing suicide.

Today, we are going to see the top 10 conspiracy theories regarding the death of Adolf Hitler and some of the deadly conspiracy secrets here.

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10. Hitler Escaped and Died in Spain

Hilter Escaped to Spain

There are already many claims that Hitler escaped to Spain in a plane. Hitler escaped with General Franco, who took him in. According to Senor Stefan Aceituna (General Franco’s driver), he was sent to meet a plane arriving in Madrid airport on the night of April 30, 1945. A different angle of the story is a man living in Venezuela claim that Hitler is buried in Spain. The man who claims that Hitler is buried in Spain is a Spanish sculptor, composer, writer, and historian. According to the man Hitler never committed suicide but died and buried in a cemetery in Galicia, northwest Spain.

9. Hitler Escaped to an Arctic or Antarctica base?

Hitler Escaped to an Arctic or Antarctica base

There are reports that Antarctica was a Nazi base before World War II, but the South Pole also has locations that are known to be secret bases of the Nazis. But, while tales of a secret Nazi base in Antarctica may appear plausible to some, the idea that a warm water location at the South Pole has remained undiscovered and no one has escaped or deserted the place in more than 50 years stretched belief to the breaking point in years past. But with the new revelations of 60-70 degree temperature water, magnetic anomalies suggesting the possibility of a hidden city or base and the obvious back out taking place concerning current events at the pole, the idea of a secret base is no longer so far-fetched.

There are also reports that Nazis had a secret base in the North Pole or the Arctic region. Nazis used this secret base to test their flying saucers. During the 1940s, the Nazi government were successful enough to create three flying saucer prototype models, namely Feuerball (“Fireball”), Feuerflaggen (“Fire Flag”), and Feuerfazzen (“Fire Go”).

These pieces of evidence support the point that Hitler might have escaped to an Arctic or Antarctica base.

8. Hitler died of Parkinson’s Disease

Hitler died of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is the main reason behind the downfall of Hitler claims few reports. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include trembling of arms and legs, stiffness in muscles and slowness of movement. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system. It affects the patient slowly and can ultimately lead to death due to secondary complications from the disease. Hitler is known to have suffered the disease for 10 years. Dr. Tom Hutton, a neurologist said Hitler was suffering physical and mental symptoms of the disease, but his aides kept it secret. The declining health of the dictator might have led to his downfall and also his death. This is again one of the conspiracy theory that is still unproven.

7. Hitler had Secretly Escaped to Moon

Hitler's Moon Base

The theme of the Nazis escaping into the outer space was even evident in the book Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein. The book was published two years after World War II, which says that the Nazis colonized the moon. Nazi had a secret moon base and Hitler was sent to the moon using rocket technologies. According to a few conspiracy theories from the book, after World War II, Hitler not only escaped his country but escaped from the planet and lived in an underground lunar base.

6. Hitler Escaped to Outer-space with Aliens

Hilter Escaped with Aliens

An Iranian news agency claims that the aliens helped Hitler and the Nazis. The news agency Fars News Agency alleges that The Nazis were controlled by Aliens before and now they are controlling the U.S Government with the alien base in Nevada. Even before World War II, Edgar Rice Burroughs satirized the Nazis by placing a fascist political faction called “Zanis” on the planet Venus in Carson of Venus, published in serialized form in 1938.

5. Hitler Buried in Kashmir

Hitler Meets Subhas Chandra Bose - Hitler Buried in Kashmir

This is something recent and this conspiracy theory came in 2015 from Kashmir’s noted writer, historian and former bureaucrat, Farooq Renzu Shah. The writer believes that Hitler was introduced to then Maharaja of Kashmir by freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose’s Azad Hind Fauj. The writer believes that Hitler breathed his last in Kashmir and is buried in an unknown grave in Rozabal. According to Shah, the grave is titled as Yasuh (Jesus) in Rozabal and rumors are that the grave is of Jesus to keep it as a highly guarded secret. Shah also added that the latest revelation from the British Author Gerrard Williams about the escape of Hitler adds more authenticity to the fact.

4. Fake Hitler Dies in Berlin

Fake Hitler Dies in Berlin (Most Famous Conspiracy Theory On Adolf Hitler)

On the 70th death anniversary of Hitler on April 30, 2015, again the conspiracy theories on his death were questioned. According to the New York Times dated 26th April 1945, entitled ‘Hitler Imitator Reported Ready to Die in His Place‘, which speaks of a former grocer, August Wilhelm Bartholdi, who was a double for Hitler and who was thought to be preparing to die on the Fuhrer’s behalf, allowing Hitler’s end to be faked for posterity. As per a few pieces of evidence and reports that Hitler faked his death and fled to Argentina with Braun and died of old age in Argentina. There are proofs from Nazi experts that Hitler lived till the 1960s. This is one of the most famous conspiracy theories on the death of Adolf Hitler.

3. Alleged escape to Argentina

Hitler Escaped to Argentina

A book called as Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by two British authors Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams proposes that Hitler and his wife Braun escaped from Berlin to Argentina and they didn’t commit suicide. According to the book, Hitler crossed Andes Mountain before arriving in Argentina. Until the early 1960s, Hitler was in hiding at Hacienda San Ramón. But according to historians, this theory is just considered as another conspiracy theory of Adolf Hitler’s death and has no place in historical research. The couple then died of old age in Argentina. Since many Nazis escaped to South American nations, which tends to support the fact that Hitler did the same. Adolf Hitler’s secret hideouts have been found in South America. Many Nazi coins have been found in Adolf Hitler’s secret hideouts in South America.

2. Hitler Escaped Berlin Bunker and Died in South America at the Age of 95

Hitler Died in South America at the Age of 95

A new book claims with pictures that Hitler escaped his underground Berlin bunker and died in South America in 1984 at the age of 95. Hitler is believed to have escaped Germany and lived in a small town near Brazil and border of Bolivia with his girlfriend Cutinga. Cutinga was a black woman with whom Hitler is believed to have had a relationship. The author also believes that Hitler went to Brazil in search of hidden treasures. The book, titled as ‘Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death‘ challenges the views that Hitler shot himself in the Berlin bunker after Germany lost World War II. The book is authored by Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias.

1 Hitler Commits Suicide by Hitting Rounds of Bullets in his Berlin Bunker

Hitler Commit Suicide in Berlin Bunker

This is the actual story of Hitler’s death. On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler reportedly committed suicide by hitting rounds of bullets in his underground bunker. Hitler killed himself along with his wife Eva who took cyanide to die. The couple lived around 40 hours together in the bunker before taking their lives. As per prior instructions from Hitler, the bodies of Hitler and his wife were set alight with petrol outside the bunker in Reich Chancellery garden. The burnt remains are archived in the Soviet archives until 1970 after which the ashes were scattered, exhumed and cremated multiple times.

A study conducted in 2009 by American researchers has revealed that the 4-inch bullet-punctured skull is not of Hitler’s but a woman’s skull in her 40s. There are also many different variations of Hitler’s death, such as death by taking cyanide, by taking poison and so on. There is no proper full-proof evidence that Hitler was burned outside the Reich Chancellery garden.


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