Top 10 Third-Person Shooter Games For PC

There is always a special preferences among gamers to choose third-person rather than first person shooter. Specially, when it comes to shooter in PC games, a lot more detailed actions and adventures are involved due to character featured and assigned in the gameplay. Advantages of choosing third-person over first person could be visual actions and viewing range for the player. Here, we have listed the 10 most loved third-person shooting games for PC, which is specially recommended for game freaks.

10. Gears of Wars

Gears of Wars was the fastest selling copies in 2006. Within first week of release, about three million copies were sold. Developed by Epic Games, the hero is reinstated in military after being put for four long years in the prison. Mind boggling gaming experience featured with many awards for most loved game in 2006.

Gears of Wars

Developer(s) : Epic Games
Publisher (s) : Microsoft Game Studios
Release date : November 7,2006
Mode(s) : Single-player, multiplayer

9. GTA V


An open-world game fused with third-person shooter is featured in GTA V. Developed by Rockstar Games, the game is an action-adventure, holding the fifth of the sequel of GTA. Gamers love to play GTA since it provides freedom to anything in the city of San Andreas and fictional city of Los Santos. Crazy feel due to restriction-less third person roaming across the map.


Developer(s) : Rockstar North
Publisher (s) : Rockstar Games
Release date : April 14, 2015
Mode(s) : Single-player, multiplayer

8. James Bond 007: Blood Stone


To be very honest, playing James Bond 007: Blood Stone feels better than watching a James Bond movie. The thrill fused in the game is simply unimaginable with almost all the possible actions and adventure scenarios involved. Bond’s primary goal in any movie is to prevent any crimes or terror attacks. The same have been imposed on the game with hands-on experience for the games. If you are a gamer then James Bond is something not to be missed.

James Bond 007 Blood Stone

Developer(s) : Bizarre Creations
Publisher (s) : Activision
Release date : November 2, 2010
Mode(s) : Single-player, multiplayer

7. Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite, as the name says, majorly involves the use of sniper in the entire game. It emphasizes the detailed sniper shots of opponents where the agent is trapped in the city of Berlin. Whole game is carried out during the final days of World War II. German agent stuck in the city of Berlin tries to invade the city by stealth mode of assassination and piercing with sniper to death.

sniper elite 3

Developer(s) : Rebellion Developments
Publisher (s): 505 Games, Rebellion Developments
Release date : June 27, 2014
Platforms(s) : Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox one

6. Hitman Absolution

Hitman is a series in gaming industry developed by IO Interactive, which contributes both as a third-person as well as stealth killer. The game is primarily involved in silent assassination of specific individual. Assassinations are carried out against criminals and big shots. The gameplay experience will be a bigtime thriller for stealth fans.

Hitman Absolution

Developer(s) : IO Interactive
Publisher (s) : Square Enix
Release date : November 20, 2012
Mode(s) : Single-player

5. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldiers

Fantastic gameplay experience with both first person as well as third person interchanging mode in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldiers. So called the “Tactical Shooter”, entirely takes place in one of the largest cities, Mexico. A war between U.S troops against the terrorist to combat smuggling of drugs. Mind boggling game one should experience.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Future Soldiers

Developer(s) : Ubisoft Paris
Publisher (s) : Ubisoft
Release date : June 26, 2012
Mode(s) : Single-player, multiplayer

4. Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter is one of the epic third-person shooter ever played by me. With real-time experience, it is capable of taking the gamer to whole new level. Though the game was in the initial stage of gaming world, EA had an amazing thought process in terms of storyline. Developed by IO Interactive, the story is all about Soviet Union invading New York City. Gameplay is massive enough even today for game lovers.

Freedom Fighter

Developer(s) : IO Interactive
Publisher (s) : Electronic Arts
Release date : September 26, 2003
Mode(s) : Single-player, multiplayer

3. Mass Effect 2

Whole new concept for third person shooter world by BioWare. The whole game is carried out within the Milky Way Galaxy during the 22nd century. Mass Effect series prioritize the future of third person gaming experience. In terms of horror into consideration, Mass Effect series provides collateral effects as that of Dead Space series.

Mass Effect 2

Developer(s) : BioWare
Publisher (s) : Electronic Arts
Release date : January 26, 2010
Mode(s) : Single-player

2. Max Payne 3

Developed by Rockstar Studios, the Max Payne series still puts forward as the most favorite gameplay experinence and as well with the story line. Gamers have come with highly positive reviews on critics and graphic details. Has achieved the highest sales with almost 3 million copies in first week of release.

Max Payne 3

Developer(s) : Rockstar Studios
Publisher (s) : Rockstar Games
Release date : May 29, 2012
Mode(s) : Single-player, multiplayer

1. Dead Space 3

Developed by Visceral Games and with my personal experience, the Dead Space 3 is considered to be the most special in terms of third person shooter is into consideration. The game is well developed to provide spooky horror for the gamer. Awesome to play the game in dim lighting condition at calm place, which can probably take you to the zone of horror.

Dead Space 3

Developer(s) : Visceral Games
Publisher (s) : Electronic Arts
Release date : February 5, 2013
Mode(s) : Single-player, multiplayer

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