Top 10 Simple Tips To Manage Work Pressure

Stress is highly complex to understand and estimate. Stress can be sometimes very difficult to handle and relieve. Handling stress needs a good and positive mental setup. Stress can originate for many reasons at work. What are the simple ways to handle work pressure? Few simple tips about handling work related pressure could come handy at times. Here goes the list of top 10 simple tips to handle work pressure.

10. Whatever Be It, Take Breaks At Work

This is an important point which acts as a precautionary measure against getting your blood pressure high. It has been scientifically proven that taking breaks at regular intervals not only relieves the body from the accumulated stress hormones but also improves productivity. It is important to make it as a habit to take breaks during your busy work hours. If you are an IT engineer spending most of the times with a computer then the breaks will help your visual health. You can actually take help of the other tips in this post while you are at your break. Please do not spend your breaks to smoke or drink. Use some latest apps on desktop or mobile to remind you. Take breaks, improve your health and fight stress elegantly.

9. Perform Mediation For 5 min At Work

Mediate During Work

Meditation has lots of mental and physical health benefits. Meditation is an ancient relaxation method to promote overall mind-body well-being. It brings calmness and peacefulness to your mind. The relaxation hormones are naturally released when you mediate. During your busy day, sit upright, take deep breaths and mediate for just five minutes to fight stress. Meditation has been proven to help in gaining concentration and relieving mental agony. It helps in connecting with your soul. Scientific studies show that meditation helps not only in relieving stress but also helps in reducing anxiety, depression, blood pressure and insomnia.

8. Find the Source of Stress and Work Towards Eliminating It

Find the Root Cause

This can be tricky. If you feel that there is something bothering you in your job then find what exactly is bothering you. Once you find it then work towards finding a solution to eliminate it. There are occasions where a project or team members or even the boss might give you super stress. In such cases, you should not stick with them. If the project is hectic, request for a change, if the team is hostile, either talk to your manager or request for a new project, and if manager itself is giving you lots of trouble then change the manager.

All people are not of the same mentality; hence whether to live with such a job is worth or not has to be quickly decided. Just move on! If none of these are not giving you stress but there’s something else then talk to your boss and client to sort it out. Basically, you should be able to find the root cause of anything that gives stress and find an alternative solution to fight it out.

7. Appraise, Appreciate and Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

When you do your job, the company pays you salary as compensation. When you excel in your work, you receive awards and appreciation. Appreciation, awards and money are confidence boosters. There is value for everything. When you do something today, then go to the nearest coffee shop and get yourself a strong coffee.

You should value, appraise and treat yourself for the job you do. Self-appreciation is an important part to relieve stress. Say yourself all of these “You are the best!”, “Yes, I can do it!”, “Nothing in this world is impossible!” and “Am amazing!” Just try them out and you will feel the difference. Sometimes get yourself the best dress, favorite food or a great travel experience. There are different ways you could treat yourself. We leave this part to you to choose. You know better than us on which is good and enjoyable for you. Think out of your work during weekends and holidays to replenish yourself.

6. Take a Head Massage

Head Massage Relieves Stress at Work

Head and body massages are other effective relaxation techniques to relieve stress. Once in a week take a head massage. You can either do the massage yourself or from someone else. An expert beauty salon massage will help in curing stress. The scalp massage increases blood circulation on the scalp, relaxes the mind and renews energy levels. Other benefits of massage include detoxing the body, improving nervous system functions, relieving neck and body pain, and reduce insomnia. It can efficiently fight depression and anxiety. Allocate some time for a quick head massage of 20 min. You can also go for a full body massage for extra benefits.

5. Talk to Someone You Love About Your Work Pressure

Talking to Someone You Love to Bust Stress

It is very important that you share your work related pain with someone you love. It can be your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, friend, mom, dad, brother, sister or anyone close to you. Take some time out of your busy life and spend it with the person you enjoy being with. The work pressure eases when you share the problems with someone. Emotional support for people in stress is very important. If you are continuously stressed from work, then support from family gives confidence and strength to face problems. Keeping things to yourself can stress you out more. Discuss what is causing you trouble and the person who loves you truly will definitely understand and console you. Family time is very important to be successful in life.

4. Stop Worrying About Being Stressed

Stop Worrying About Being Stressed

Stop worrying about the fact that you are feeling stressed because that will give you more agony. Instead of concentrating on the stress factor, concentrate on improving your mental health by listening to music, find a distraction, fall in love, go out for hiking, enjoy a long ride and concentrate on your favorite hobby. There must be a serious distraction in your life away from work to be stress-free. Repeated thought about the cause of stress will slowly degrade your confidence levels and has a severe negative impact on your personality. Inculcate positive attitude towards your life and work. If you seriously think that the cause of stress is silly at any point of time then there’s no meaning of thinking about it even for a second. Stay focused on what you enjoy instead of cribbing on what you don’t enjoy doing and the reason for your stress.

3. Work on Your Priorities

Work On Priorities

Keep a tiny handbook with the list of priorities for the day to be more productive in work and denying stress from life. If your manager gives you lots of work back to back then decide what priority number one is. You can either be decisive or discuss with your manager to get your priorities. When such a habit is practiced, you are less stressed and more organized. At any point in time you know your priorities and you can drive yourself smoothly towards those targets and achieve success. You can also use sticky notes to set priorities for the day, week and month. Set short priorities for every day to conquer your stress like a king.

2. Sleep, Eat and Yoga

Eat Sleep and Yoga For Stress-Free Life

Eat healthy, sleep on time and yoga daily to increase positive energy in the body. Fruits, green leaves, vegetables and water are important for a healthy living. Following a regular sleep pattern leads to a healthy mind. Yoga, exercise, gym, aerobics, dancing, swimming or walking is some of the important parts of physical fitness. Physical fitness is directly proportional to mental fitness. Sweat out daily for half an hour to stress out toxic elements from your body. Yoga has been scientifically proven as a stress buster as it’s related to body and mind. An average human being needs 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sound sleep for better concentration at work. Sleep early and get up early is the mantra towards constructive brain development and mind. Sleep deprivation has been a problem in the corporate world due to erratic lifestyle. A complete sound healthy lifestyle has to be followed by everyone to tackle stress at work place.

1. Do What You Enjoy

Do What You Enjoy

Finally, never do what you do not enjoy doing. Follow your passion and gut feelings. If you do not like what you are doing, there is no point in doing it for another year or more. You are ultimately not going to enjoy and might lead to stress. If you are given a work which is against your passion then it’s time to quit and find your passion elsewhere. Never fall for money against your passion.

If you enjoy programming C but you are given a database cleanup task, there is no way you should be at that place. It’s not your area of interest. There are cases where you might get stressed in your favorite job. In such cases, you should make up your mind that this is your favorite work and follow all the above tips to remove stress from your life. Enjoy what you do when it’s your favorite job. Apart from work, you should also not let go off of your favorite pass time and family. Spend quality time with your family and friends before the stress finds you.


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