Top 10 Weirdest Dog Breeds in the World

Everybody loves dogs for being cute, friendly and protective. There is a long list of dog breeds in the world. Not all dogs are similar in appearance. The height of dogs can range from 7 inches to 30 inches. The Russian Toy is a small dog breed that grows up to a height of 11 inches. The Russian Toy is a rare breed, little known outside Russia. If you are looking for dog breeds that are weird and not just rare, this list is for you. Apart from their physical structure, few dog breeds are strange-looking. Which are the top ten weirdest dog breeds in the world?

Russian Borzoi, Pumi and Puli are the world’s weirdest dog breeds for having weird structure, coat and facial appearance. Few of the weirdest dog breeds have been identified to be rare and expensive as well. Tibetan Mastiff is one of the highly expensive dogs in the world.

Check out the list of top 10 weirdest dog breeds in the world:

10. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

The Red Tibetan Mastiff is known to be the world’s most expensive dog breed. The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog breed originating from the nomadic cultures of China, India, Mongolia, Nepal and Tibet. This weird-looking dog breed was used to protect sheep from other big animals like bears, lions, tigers, leopards and wolves. This dog breed is considered as an ancient dog breed that can grow up to a height of 33” and may weigh between 45 to 75 kg. They look like a lion and have wrinkles all over their face. These dogs are so powerful to even kill a lion or tiger.

9. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon, also known as Griffon Bruxellois is a toy dog from the city of Brussels, Belgium. There are three variations of the dog breed which only differ by their coat color. These odd-looking dog breeds had a disastrous time during the World War I and World War II. Brussels Griffon are commonly used in popular culture and are considered generally as a uncommon dog breed. They love to snuggle and have a huge heart for love and affection. They tend to bond with human beings nicely and are considered a fit for socializing with the human population well.

8. Neopolitian Mastiff

Neopolitian Mastiff

Neopolitian Mastiff is a fierce-looking ancient dog breed from Italy. The large, strong and weird-looking dog breed can weigh up to 70 kg. The Neopolitian Mastiffs are highly protective and fearless in nature. They are considered as a natural guard dogs. If well-trained they can easily chase away bulls, bears and jaguars. They show extreme burst of power and fearlessness. They look strange due to their loose skin that hangs, especially on their face. Their coat colors can either be black, blue, mahogany or tawny.

7. Lowchen

Lowchen is a small dog breed from medieval France and Germany that are also known as Little Lion Dog. Some consider the dog breed as a toy breed and American Kennel Club considers the dog breed as a non-sporting dog. These dog breeds are very few in numbers. Only a few hundred registrations were seen each year worldwide. The origin of these happy, health and friendly dog dates back to 1442. They are found in old literature, paintings, drawing and engravings. In the 16th century, many artistic works represent Lowchen. The long and wavy coat is presented in a lion cut, making them appear like a small lion. These dog breeds have a life-span of 12-14 years.

6. Chinese Crested

A variety of the Chinese Crested Dog breed has no fur on their body except their fore-head, ears and tail. There are two varieties of the of the dog breed, with and without the fur. They are a small hairless dog breed that has its origin from China, Great Britain and Mexico. The dog breed is believed to have originated in Africa and was called as the African Hairless Terrier in several 19th Century texts. The dog breed is family friendly, not aggressive towards animals or children. They have been frequently described as having “a supermodel look, with a saint personality.”

5. Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)


Simply known as Xolo, Xoloitzcuintli or the Mexican Hairless Dog is a peculiar and strange-looking hairless dog breed. The meaning of Xoloitzcuintli is “dog in Nahuatl” according to the language of Nahuatl. The history of these weirdest dog breeds date back to tombs of the Colima, Mayan, Toltec, Zapotec, and Aztec Indians dating the breed to over 3500 years ago. Xolo is the symbol of Club Tijuana, a Mexican professional football club. In the ancient times, Xolos were often sacrificed and then buried with their owners to act as guide to the soul on its journey to the underworld. Xolos were believed as a protector of the homes against the evil and the intruders. These dog breeds are highly intelligent, responsive, energetic, and possess strong hunting skills. According to sources, the Aztec used the dog for their meat in certain ceremonies.

4. Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Belington Terrier is a dog breed from a mining town of Bedlington in England. Originally, these dogs were known as the Rothbury or Rodbury Terrier. The dog breed has similarity to a lamb. Originally, this dog breed was used to hunt vermin in mines. Today, they are used in dog sports, dog racing, in conformation shows and as a companion dog. The dog breed is compared to a miniature version of Scottish Deerhound. This dog breed is also nicknamed as the “linty-haired terrier” as they are described as linty in texture. Their bark is comparable to a firing machine gun with sharp hound like noise. This strange-looking dog breed is as quick in water as they are on land.

3. Puli

Puli - Weirdest Dog Breeds

The Puli is a Hungarian dog breed used for herding and livestock guarding. Puli is known for its long and corded coat. The corded coat all over its body makes the dog strange-looking. The tight curls are similar to dreadlocks and are virtually waterproof. Puli is an ancient dog breed that existed more than 6000 years back. Puli is a natural shepherd, fast, energetic and agile in nature. Many famous people like American novelist T.C. Boyle, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and writer Harlan Ellison own or owned the Puli.

2. Pumi


Hungarian herding terrier is the other name of the dog breed Pumi. Pumi is a medium-small sheep dog from Hungary. Pumi is sometimes referred to as the “Hungarian herding terrier”, there is no terrier blood in the breed. It only looks like and have attributes of a terrier dog breed. Pumi are quick, alert and quadratic. According to Meir Ben-Dror the ancestral dog breed is believed to have migrated with the Magyars and their livestock from the Ural-Altay region, between China and the Caspian Sea around 800 AD. The Pumi is relatively unknown outside Hungary, except Sweden and Finland.

1. Russian Borzoi

The Russian Borzoi is simply known as the Borzoi or Russian wolfhound. The Borzoi dog breed is the world’s weirdest dog breed because to its elongated face, tall structure and furry coat. The ancient dog breeds of Borzoi were migrated from central Asian countries to Russia. The term “Borzoi” in Russian mean “fast”. The Borzoi is quiet in nature which is attributed to be very agile and fast. They are athletic in nature and are an independent dog. The dog breed comes in virtually any color combination one can imagine.


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