Top 10 Most Haunted Objects in the World

People have always been attracted to the weird and the mysterious things in the world. Not all horror stories are based on fiction, and some of the objects that make those stories extremely scary actually exist in our world today. The documented circumstances surrounding these objects are way too compelling to be ignored. Many cursed objects in this world are not actually fictions. The documentation surrounding these objects are highly scary and may churn your stomach a bit. Some of these objects have been surrounded by mysterious deaths and paranormal instances. Annabelle, the possessed doll is the world’s most haunted object that has inspired the production of two horror moviesThe Conjuring and Annabelle.

Check out the list of top 10 most haunted objects in the world:

10. “The Anguished Man” Painting

The Anguished Man Haunted Painting

Sean Robinson’s grandmother kept this painting her attic for nearly 25-years before he inherited the painting from her. His grandmother told him always about the painting that it was cursed and evil, explaining that the painting was painted using blood and paint mixed together and its creator killed himself right after completing the painting. She claimed to have heard strange and mysterious voices and crying and also reported to have seen a shadowy figure of a man in her house. These events frightened her to keep the painting in her attic for 25-years. After Robinson took over the painting to his house, the family started experiencing similar phenomenon as described by his grandmother. His son fell down from the stairs and then his wife felt something stroking her hair, and they saw the shadowy man and heard crying. Robinson created a YouTube video to capture the events occurring at his home by placing camera all over his house. The video shows banging doors, painting falling down and smoke. Now, “The Anguished Man” painting lies in Robinson’s basement.

9. Haunted Wedding Dress

Anna Baker Haunted Wedding Dress

The haunted wedding dress is kept in a room in Baker Mansion. The haunted dress is haunted by the daughter of the man who owned the Baker Mansion. Elias Baker built the Baker Mansion in 1849. His daughter Anna loved a local steelworker, who was forbidden from marrying his daughter because he was a lower class. Since, Anna was never allowed to marry the man she died as an old maid in 1914. When the mansion was converted into a museum, a wedding dress was kept that gained much popularity for being haunted. Many visitors visiting the museum have claimed to have seen the dress move or dance within the glass case.  It is believed that the ghost of Anna is haunting the wedding dress. The ghosts of both Elias Baker and Anna have been spotted in the mansion by the frightened staff and visitors.

8 . The Cursed Painting of The Crying Boy

The Cursed Painting of a Crying Boy

The Crying Boy is a painting by Italian painter Bruno Amadio that was mass-produced. The painting is known have been widely distributed from the 1950s. There are many versions of the painting, all of which portrays a crying boy or a girl. A certain urban legend attributes a “curse” to the painting.

On September 4, 1985, the British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported that a firefighter was claiming that many undamaged copies of the painting were frequently found amidst the ruins of burned houses. Over the next few months, The Sun and other tabloids ran several articles on house fires suffered by people who had owned the painting. Steve Punt, a British writer and comedian investigated the curse of the crying boy in a BBC radio called Punt PI. Steve Punt researched the painting and its history deeply. He came to a conclusion in the programme, following testing at the Building Research Establishment, that the prints were treated with some varnish containing fire repellent, and that the string holding the painting to the wall would be the first to perish, resulting in the painting landing face down on the floor and thus being protected. No explanation was given as to why no other paintings were turning up unscathed. The curse of the crying boy was mentioned in the TV series Weird or What? in a 2012 episode.

7. The “eBay Haunted Painting”

The Hands Resist Him - The eBay Haunted Painting

The Hands Resist Him is famously known as the “eBay Haunted Painting”. The painting created by artist Bill Stoneham in 1972 which depicts a young boy and female doll standing in front of a glass paneled door against which many hands are pressed. The painting became famous due to the viral memes that circulated on the internet in February 2000 when it was posted for sale on eBay along with an elaborate back-story implying that it was haunted. According to the seller, the painting carried some form of curse and is haunted. The seller also claimed that the characters in the painting moved during the night, and that they would sometimes leave the painting and enter the room in which it was being displayed. The listing also included a series of photographs that were said to be evidence of an incident in which the female doll character threatened the male character with a gun that she was holding, causing him to attempt to leave the painting. A disclaimer was included with the listing absolving the seller from all liability if the painting was purchased.

6. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

The Myrtles Plantation is a historic home in Louisiana, United States built-in 1796 by General David Bradford. The house is considered as “one of America’s most haunted homes.” The plantation house is rumored to be on top of an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground. The house is supposedly haunted by at least 12 ghosts. It is often reported that 10 murders have taken place in the house. A mirror located in the house is known to hold the spirits of Sara Woodruff and two of her children. Sara Woodruff was the wife of Clarke Woodruff who managed the house after the death of General David Bradford in 1808. According to customs, mirrors are covered after a death but the Myrtles Plantation mirror was left uncovered that trapped the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her two children. People have reported occasionally to have seen hand-prints on the mirror.

5. The Conjure Chest

The Conjure Chest - Haunted Furniture

More than 150 years ago, Jacob Cooley ordered his African-American slave Hosea to build a chest for his child. Hosea set to work in the process of building the chest. Due to some unknown reasons, Jacob Cooley didn’t like the chest made by his slave. Cooley beat his slave to death. Hosea’s fellow slaves wanted to take revenge against their master. They asked a conjurer to curse the chest – leading to the death of 17 people close to Cooley, including his first-born son. Later, the curse was lifted by a ‘conjure woman’. The chest now lies in the Kentucky History Museum.

4. The Dibbuk Box

The Dibbuk Box

The dibbuk box or dybbuk box is a wine box set created and used by Kevin Mannis. Mannis is a writer and a creative trader by profession, who owned antique furnitures. This box was auctioned on eBay. The box is believed to be hunted by a dybbuk. The box became popular right after it was placed on eBay auction with a short horror story describing the box, written by Kevin Mannis. The movie The Possession (2012) was inspired from this very haunted box.

According to the story by Kevin Mannis, the box belonged to a survivor of the Holocaust in German-occupied Poland named Havela. Havela had escaped to Spain right after purchasing it there before her immigration to the United States. Havela’s granddaughter told Mannis that the box had been bought in Spain after the Holocaust. Mannis wanted to give back the original family who owned the box from Havela’s family. Havela’s granddaughter insisted that he take the box. She told that the box was kept in her grandmother’s sewing room and was never opened because a dybbuk was said to live in the box. Mannis opened the box and found two 1920s pennies, a lock of blonde hair bound with cord, a lock of black/brown hair bound with cord, a small statue engraved with the Hebrew word “Shalom”, a small golden wine goblet, one dried rose bud, and a single candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs. Mannis mentioned in his horror story that many of its previous owners have experienced paranormal activities. He continued to write that even he experienced horrific nightmares when he owned the box. His mother suffered from a stroke on the day he gave her the box as a birthday present. Every owner of the dibbuk box reported that smells of cat urine or jasmine flowers followed by horrific nightmares involving an old hag accompany the box. Iosif Neitzke, a student from Missouri was the last to auction the box on eBay. Neitzke claimed that the box caused lights to burn and his hair to fall out. Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, who had been actively following Neitzke’s blog claimed that he fell ill and developed strange health issues including hives, coughing up blood, and “head-to-toe welts. Haxton claimed the box, resealed the box and has secretly hid the box in an unknown place. He doesn’t want to reveal the secret place.

3. Valentino’s Cursed Ring

Valentino’s Haunted Ring

Rudolph Valentino was a famous Italian-born American actor, who acted in seven silent films during his career. Before the release of his last two movies, he came across a silver ring decorated with a semi-precious stone in a jewelry store in San Fransisco. Valentino was very much anxious to buy the ring. The jeweler claimed that the ring was cursed. This made Valentino more interested into buying the ring. He bought the ring immediately. Valentino wore the ring during the filming of the movie “The Young Rajah”, that was a failure. He wore it in his last movie “The Son of the Sheik”, soon after which he died of an acute peritonitis while still wearing the ring. The ring was passed on to actress Pola Negri, who was a close friend of Valentino. She fell ill shortly afterwards, but recovered. She didn’t recover in her career. The ring was passed on to young singer Russ Colombo, who died in a shooting accident. Colombo’s friend Joe Casino was the next owner of the ring who placed the ring in a glass case. Joe Casino was highly tempted to wearing the ring, who died in a traffic accident immediately. Casino’s brother Del was the next owner, who put it in a safe after wearing it proudly for some time. James Willis robbed the ring from the safe who was shot dead by a policeman while still the ring was in the robber’s pocket. The ring was placed back in Casino’s safe. A small-time director Edward Small borrowed the ring who had planned to use it in a movie on Valentio’s life. An unknown man in the set Jack Dunn wore it during the test who died shortly of a rare blood disease. Now, the ring is in a safe deposit box in a Los Angeles bank.

2.  Sit Back and Relax – The Chair of Death

Sit Back and Relax - Dead Man's Chair

This chair above was the favorite chair of Thomas Busby who worked in a local pub. Busby was convicted in 1702 for the murder of his father-in-law, Daniel Auty, whom he supposedly strangled for sitting in his favorite chair after an argument about Thomas’ wife – Elizabeth (Daughter of Daniel Auty). Before leaving for the gallows, he stopped by the pub where he worked and put a curse on the chair. He claimed that anyone who would sit on his chair would be haunted and eventually die slowly. For many centuries, the chair remained in the pub. Many people dared to sit on the chair before going to the war (World War II). In 1967, two Royal air force pilots sat in it, and while driving back, they crashed into a tree and died. A few years later, two brick layers decided to sit in it, and that afternoon, the one who sat in it fell to his death. All those who sat on the chair have died, giving the name “Chair of Death”. Now the chair lies in the local museum in Thirsk, England. The museum has made nearly impossible for anyone to sit on it, ending the further “killings”.

1. Annabelle – The Possessed Doll

Annabelle - The Possessed Doll

Annabelle is an allegedly haunted rag doll is the world’s most haunted object, residing in The Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. The haunted doll has inspired movies like The Conjuring and Annabelle. According to the claims by Ed and Lorraine Warren, a student nurse was given the ragged Ann doll in 1970 that behaved strangely. A psychic medium told the student the doll was inhabited by the spirit of a dead girl named “Annabelle Higgins”. The nurse and her roommate first nurtured and accepted the doll, but were frightened by its malicious behavior later. They contacted the Warrens, who took the doll to their museum calling it as “demonically possessed”. Warrens had built a special glass case for the doll where it resides. A motorcyclist who visited the museum along with his girlfriend taunted and teased the doll even after being warned by Ed. On their way back home, the motorcyclist control of his bike and crashed right on to a tree that killed him. The Warrens have claimed that the doll was responsible for the death of the motorcyclist.


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