10 Highest Waterfalls In The World

The waterfall is always fascinating for all the age groups. Most of us have plans for now and then, and waterfalls stand to be one among the vacation day outs. Additionally, the list was not made based on the beauty or popularity but was solely on the heights. However, being said that the waterfalls are based on heights, the ones listed here are mesmerizing enough to plan for vacations. We have gathered the 10 highest waterfalls in the world that seem to pierce from the skies.

10. Browne Falls

Browne Falls

As you can notice that the waterfall comes through from nowhere in the middle of a temperate rain forest down to the flord near Hall Arm. You cannot just imagine a better waterfall to experience than the Browne Falls. The view is catchy enough to grab the attention of tourists as it cascades from the hilltop to the catch basin at a length of 836 meters. Located in Flordland National Park, New Zealand, the waterfall was discovered after a renowned photographer Victor Carlyle Browne. He was responsible for flying across the Lake Browne and plugged the waterfall discovery in the 1940s.

9. James Bruce Falls

James Bruce Falls

The James Bruce Falls is the tallest of all waterfalls in Canada, but in the world, grabs the ninth spot. The waterfall is at a height of 840 meters, located in Princess Louisa Marina Provincial Park in British Columbia. If you are at this location figuring out the waterfall, you may easily get deviated from viewing to another waterfall nearby. Further, the visions are not particularly impressive if visited by boats. The sceneries can be accomplished by choosing the trek through terrains.

8. Pu’uka’oku Falls

Pu’uka’oku Falls

Pu’uka’oku Falls is a magnificent waterfall located off the coasts of the Hawaiian Islands. In terms of height, the waterfall measured at 840 meters. If you ever wish to visit the waterfall, then never miss bizarre wind that hazels around the waterfall. The buzzing sound of the waterfall all along the stripe produces a scary feel. Additionally, unlike other waterfalls to cascade, the Pu’uka’oku Falls pierces through the mountain rocks completely down the cliff. If you have plans of visiting this location, then you may need to take up a helicopter service to view the exact spot for the waterfall.

7. Balaifossen


Balaifossen is a wonderful waterfall located in Norway, which is about six kilometers south of Osa. As you wonder from what height the water is pouring, standing right in front of the waterfall! The waterfall pierces through the rocks and rains from a height of 850 meters. The catch basin where the waterfall is the river Balai. The scenic at this location can be incredible if taken snaps from even miles away. A single scaling stretch of the waterfall can be clearly seen with naked eyes through the entire village of Ulvik.

6. Vinnufossen


Vinnufoseen is Europe’s most renowned waterfall, located in the village of Sunndalsora in Norway. Though, the reviews from different resources suggest that the waterfall is not impressive enough for tourists. But was worth enough to take up pics standing next to the waterfall. Further, the total height of the waterfall is estimated to be at 860 meters and flows from the Vinnufjellet mountain.

5. Yumbilla Falls

Yumbilla Falls

Yumbilla Falls is a fantastic waterfall located in the northern Peruvian region of Amazonas. At a height of 895.5 meters in height, the waterfall stands at the fifth spot. While it is always surprising from where the water emerges from the grooves, and for this one, it emerges from a cave named “Caverna San Francisco”. Additionally, the waterfall came to light internationally after the geographical survey conducted by the National Geographical Institute of Peru (IGN). The survey took place in 2007 and was measured using a laser instrument. If you are planning for an outing there near the Yumbilla Falls, then the best option would be to take hire a local guide.

4. Olo’upena Falls

Oloupena Falls

Olo’upena Falls is the highest waterfall in the United States, located in the north-eastern part of Hawaiian Island of Molokai. The waterfall is about 900 meters in height and can produce a spectacular view from the helicopter. Additionally, the views from the lower part of the fall can produce simply mesmerizing scenes. Further, the waterfall is considered as one of the tallest sea-side cliffs in the world. The exit of the grooves can only be viewed from the helicopter.

3. Tres Hermanas Falls

Tres Hermanas Falls

Also recognized as “Three Sisters Falls”, the Tres Hermanas Falls is in the remote part of Peru. As the name says, the waterfall pebbles and flows through the three unique tiers and forms a three-tier deviation. At a height of 914 meters, the waterfall grabs the third spot. The road leading to the falls is quite rugged along the montane forest. Additionally, out of the three tiers, the top two are the ones falling directly in the catching basin. While, the third one seems not visible for the viewers, which falls into the Cutivireni River.

2. Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls is an amazing waterfall located in the Dragon Mountains of Drakensberg, South Africa. While there are many controversies happening about the Tugela Falls over the topmost Angel Falls. A Czech scientific expedition had once measured and proved that the height of the waterfall is at 983 meters. However, the official height of the waterfall is considered at 948 meters dropping one spot from the Angel Falls. This amazing piece of beauty at first glance can just mesmerize you by just hoping that the waters are being scrapped from an anonymous cloud and mountain merger. If you would notice the waterfall in detail, the wonder is that the waterfall gives a single stretch of uninterrupted flow at 411 meters. And this uninterrupted stretch of the waterfall is considered the tallest in the world.

1. Angel Falls

Angel Falls

If you want to experience a waterfall that shreds from clouds at an incredible distance of 979 meters, then there you with Angel Falls. Located in Venezuela, the falls is considered as by far the highest waterfall in the world. From a quite a distance, the Angel Falls is going to be a perfect heavenly scene. Additionally, the falls is also accounted for in the UNESCO World Heritage site. The name Angel comes after a US aviator flown past over the waterfall for the first time in 20th century. Jimmie Angel, who was the first to explore the falls was blended with his ashes on 2 July 1960. Being so gifted by nature, this wonderful piece has brought in the attention of Disney films to make over at this spot. Some of the films that feature the Angel Falls is the Arachnophobia, Dinosaur, Up and Point Break.