10 Popular Celebrities Allegedly Killed By Illuminati

The Illuminati refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society, which is the name given to several groups that are considered to conspire manipulation and control world affairs through various means. They are known to insert people in government agencies and corporations to gain political power and influence which would eventually enable them to establish a new world order. The group is believed to consist of influential politicians and intellectuals. It is considered one of the most widely known conspiracy theories in the world. Illuminati sacrifices are the most common among the Illuminati theories that have surfaced over the past few decades. Several important people around the world have been killed by Illuminati but some were celebrities and world-famous.

Here is the list of 10 celebrities who are alleged to have been killed by Illuminati:

10. Marilyn Monroe, American Actress

Marilyn Monroe

Monroe was an acclaimed American Model, Singer, and Actress. She was a victim of drug usage and alcohol and is believed to have died because of Barbiturate overdosing. Even though her death was labeled as a suicide, some conspiracy theorists believe that she was poisoned by members of the Illuminati. Marilyn has been alleged to have had secret relationships with powerful men; who could have been part of the Illuminati. The fear of Monroe having access to any information that would have been revealed by members during a compromising situation must have given the higher echelons of the Illuminati the chills, and that could have possibly been the reason why was framed by the secret community.

9. Jimi Hendrix, American Guitarist

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix, considered to be one of the most legendary guitarists of all time passed away on September 18, 1970, at the age of 27. With this, he joined the club of musicians who left the world at the exact age of 27, and in which the Illuminati had a role. Apparently, according to allegations and rumors, Hendrix’s manager (Mike Jeffrey) had orchestrated his early demise. According to James Wright (who worked for Hendrix’s manager), Jeffrey once confessed to him about taking Hendrix down in a plane crash for receiving insurance coverage. According to medical reports, Jimi Hendrix succumbed due to the presence of strong painkillers and an indomitable amount of red wine in his body. The doctor who tried to revive Jimi said that the legendary guitarist’s death is “plausible”.

8. John F Kennedy, President of USA

John F Kennedy

JFK was the youngest to become the president at the age of 43. He led America through the difficult cold war and spent most of his presidency in building relations with the Soviet Union. There are allegations that Kennedy was working for the Illuminati and when he started resisting the group, a plot to assassinate him was immediately put in place and was flawlessly executed. Another possible reason for his assassination could be his decision to end the Vietnam War which could significantly affect the Illuminati financiers from the arms background. There are a couple of videos that are available online were JFK is exposing the Illuminati.

7. Amy Winehouse, Singer-Songwriter

Amy Winehouse

Members of the Illuminati sacrifice people to pay homage to the good king and Saturn. Amy Winehouse is believed to have been sacrificed by the Illuminati. In an interview, she mentioned that “an individual was trying to make her into the shape of a triangle” as a response to the question of if somebody was trying to mold her in a particular way. Interestingly, the pyramid is a well-known Illuminati symbol. Amy died at the tender age of 28, and the reason for her death was cited as drug and alcohol overdose. Amy feared to die at a very young age and is believed to have spoken about it close to 3 years prior to her passing away. People close to her complained about her being under some sort of mind control occasionally.

6. Elvis Presley, Singer

Elvis Presley's Wallaby

Presley, commonly known as the King of Rock and Roll passed away on August 16, 1977. He had millions of fans and obviously, the level of influence bothered the members of the Illuminati. He was against power and frequently made it a point to mention it in his songs and speak about it publicly. The path Illuminati chose for taking Presley down was consistent and progressive drug dosing. Tony Brown, who played piano for Presley observed that Presley’s health was deteriorating during the last two years’ of his life. There have also been allegations that his entourage (Memphis mafia) had a role in the ingestion of the drugs that eventually led to myocardial infarction and his eventual passing away.

5. Kurt Cobain, Singer-Songwriter

Kurt Cobain

Kurt was the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Nirvana. Cobain belongs to the league of people who have managed to influence the world at levels that is even difficult to gauge. He has always managed to scintillate his audience with his music and stellar performances. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati wanted to control Kurt which would eventually influence millions of people indirectly. Kurt was vehement about not participating in fame and is believed to have rejected the Illuminati’s offer. Illuminati have always been a group that feared people with influence and fame. Kurt’s death was labeled as a suicide, and there weren’t any investigations. Kurt’s final words in his suicide note are “I don’t have the passion anymore, and so remember, it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” Till date, some people still want to debate the circumstances under which Kurt died.

4. John Lennon, Singer-Songwriter

John Lennon

The lead singer of the Beatles does not need any special introduction. This rebellious singer and peace activist started the Beatles band along with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Stuart Sutcliffe. There is a bizarre theory that the Beatles band was created by the Illuminati to control the youth of that generation by leading them in the direction of drugs and spreading a negative attitude about the institution of family and formal education. John Lennon is believed to have been assassinated by Mark David Chapman. He was apparently under Illuminati mind control. Lennon was someone who was extremely vocal about the threats of power and the people who exercised it. He was constantly under the surveillance of the FBI and the INS.

3. Bruce Lee, Actor

Bruce Lee

Lee wasn’t just a martial artist turned actor, but a true philosopher at heart. Bruce Lee had exceptional talent and superhuman abilities which were unbelievable and shocking. Prior to passing away due to mysterious circumstances, he frequently spoke about being surveyed by demons. Lee was extremely influential and was considered a threat to the Illuminati. Apparently, according to rumors, he was drugged by a woman (working for the Illuminati) with a strong drug that caused him to lose power and eventually pass away. This is questionable considering Lee’s prowess over his mind and body. Official reports have mentioned Bruce’s passing away as an accident, but the circumstances remain extremely blurry. Lee’s official autopsy report states the cause as “death by misadventure”. He passed away at a very young age of 32.

2. Michael Jackson, Singer-Dancer

Michael Jackson

Dubbed the king of Pop music, Michael Jackson, is thought to have been assassinated by the members of the Illuminati just a few days before his return to concerts. Michael was apparently part of the Illuminati, and things went haywire between him and the group when he started speaking against them after realizing the power the group would be able to garner by trying to control everything in the music industry. Multiple times, Michael has claimed that the group has tried to defame him by spreading rumors about him being a freak of a kind and child abuser. Even his daughter claimed that Illuminati was behind her father’s death. His sister and brother have spoken in the past about the conspiracy. Michael’s death reason was cited as Cardiac arrest/ Homicide in the final reports.

1. Martin Luther King Jr, American Activist & Minister

Martin Luther King Jr

In the history of mankind, King is considered as someone who managed to influence millions of people with his gripping speeches and philosophies about leading a life of purpose. He is also considered the most notable spokesperson and leader from the civil rights movement until his death. King was rich in power but never thought of it as a tool that can be used for manipulating people. He always looked at power/position as a pathway to reach out to a maximum number of people and communicate whatever he has learned from his life so that people would be able to live a better life. He was a strong advocate of spreading positivism and equality.

Some of the financial suppliers of the Illuminati were people from the arms background and they were very much in support of the Vietnam War. The arms industry was becoming fatter with the Vietnam War prolonging and King started speaking against the War. This could have possibly ticked off the Illuminati echelon to orchestrate his assassination. There are several conspiracy theories still surrounding the death of King and remains a mystery.