Top 10 Programming Languages for Job Security

In 2015, Android and iOS application programming languages are on the boom . Every year thousands of new programming languages are released. Not all the new programming languages sustain the hash objectives of the software industry. Few have become obsolete and dead, whereas few have emerged as a leading programming language continuously for over many years. Such programming languages are versatile and well adapted into the software development industry. Also these languages have been much sought after by the developers.

In the world of dynamic software industry, your job is at stake. Everybody needs job security! How can you secure your job? Which are the most prominent and powerful programming languages that can get you a job easily or provide you job security? Here is a list of top 10 programming languages to safeguard your job today and for the future.

10. Python

Python Programming Language for Job

Python is a famous and still popular cross-platform high level programming language. The syntax of Python is similar to that of Java and C++. The famous creations with the help of Python includes the original version of crawler program of Google, RedHat installer named “anaconda” and automation tools used in graphic animations from Lucasfilm and other companies. Still Python is popular because of its rich history and many automation tools are still using the language. If you already know the language then you should secure your job now and in the near future easily.

9. Perl

Perl Programming Language for Job Opportunity

Perl is more than 25 years old implemented using C language is still used and popular among the software experts. So why is it still used and popular? The reasons are because of the security it offers, its use in legacy web systems, usages in data mining, network prototyping and also used in UNIX system administrations. Not to forget that Perl is object-oriented. As many applications still run on UNIX platforms, Perl is early a job seeker for you today.

8. C++

C Plus Plus Programming Language

C++ adopted its syntax from C, whereas languages like Java and C# adopted its syntax from C++. Though the language is more than 35 years old but is still a popular language for system level programming in spite of competitions from Java and C#. The important reason for its existence is the speed with which it runs. The best part is the language is still growing steadily and C++ programmers are still on high demand. The job still pays pretty well for the developers.

7. C#

C Sharp Programming Language for Job Security

C# pronounced as “see sharp” is an imperative programming language from Microsoft within the .Net framework. C# has syntax similar to Java. This object-oriented programming language is common in huge business applications and enterprise web applications. C# has been considered as the best language for mobile development and Windows mobile applications. This language has powerful features and runtime environment making it the one of the best language to learn and secure your job. Until and unless Microsoft is on demand, C# is on demand.


HTML5 for job Security

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the easiest language to learn from this list. If you already are a JavaScript or PHP programmer, then you would easily familiarize with HTML. HTML is a common web mark-up language to create web pages for a website or a web application. Without a good User Interface or User Experience, a website or web application is just useless or hard to use. HTML along with CSS can do wonders by changing the way website layout and styling should please its users. HTML programmers are on high demand as they serve the basics to any dynamic web pages. And today we have new things on HTML such as HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web designing. Go for this if you are learning now, you are safe.

5. C

C Programming Language

Though C is an old programming language, it is still popular to get you a job and can definitely secures your job. UNIX, Windows and MSDOS were written using C. Now, all the windows drivers, windows games, Windows software, UNIX drivers, network programs and applications are written using C. It is one of the difficult programming languages to master as it is complex and vast. Do not worry if you are a C programmer, your job is safe for now.

4. SQL

SQL MySQL Programming Langauge

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a big job getter in the IT and software industry because without data and database no software is going to run and no other industry dependent on IT is going to work. Everything from a simple web application to a high-end business solution needs a database or a data warehouse to store, fetch and interact for it to function efficiently. All such operations are done using SQL. There are many versions and variations of this language. The basics for these flavours or variations are the same. E.g.: MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL etc. are few of the variations of SQL.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript has just grown more from just a scripting language into object orientation, frameworks to library. Any front-end developer needs to be an expert on JavaScript, especially object-oriented JavaScript. Now popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks are jQuery, bootstrap, angularJS, extJS, and backbone.js. JavaScript programmers are on high-demand for the ever-growing Internet world. If you are good at JavaScript, feel yourself lucky to keep your job safe.

2. PHP

PHP Programming Language

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is definitely a great language to learn if you want to secure your job, because PHP is everywhere, used by big companies, and easy to learn and implement. PHP has adopted its syntax from C, Java and Perl. PHP also has its own unique syntax as well. Why PHP? Because it an embedded scripting language on HTML pages to generate dynamic contents and Internet is a big place for PHP.

1. Java

Java Programming Language

Java is a great programming language to learn, because of its portability, object orientation, security, speed, and the large amount of APIs available. Syntax of Java is easy to understand and write. The language is “code only once and run anywhere”. Java has a high demand in the IT industry because it is an old and stable language, gets going with other languages, Java can run on any platform(platform independence) and many software are already written using them.


Vinod Suthersan is an young tech enthusiast, Blogger addict, Internet craze and thriving to learn new things on the world of Internet.