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Tiwanaku Civilization Mysteriously Lost 0

Top 10 Mysterious Lost Ancient Civilizations

The world history has seen several civilizations with variety of skills, time zones and variations. These human civilizations had their own cultures, rituals and mysterious ceremonies. There were periods in the timeline of human...

Sequined Spider 0

10 Most Beautiful Spiders In The World

Have you killed tiny spiders at home? Yes, would be the answer from majority. However, with the prettiest looks of spiders listed below, there are no chances that your answer will be a “Yes”....

Talking to Someone You Love to Bust Stress 0

Top 10 Simple Tips To Manage Work Pressure

Stress is highly complex to understand and estimate. Stress can be sometimes very difficult to handle and relieve. Handling stress needs a good and positive mental setup. Stress can originate for many reasons at...

Lake Kivu 0

10 Most Dangerous Lakes In The World

Lakes are one of the best places around the world to have fun with friends and family. But it can be a killer if something like molten lava or radioactive materials are impounded. The...

M240 Machine Gun 0

10 Most Dangerous Machine Guns In The World

The machine gun technology has become highly superior and is in the verge of becoming extremely powerful and destructive. Human being is constantly developing new technologies to created dangerous and scary weapons to scare...

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