10 Innovative Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

The modern technology has provided us with control over almost everything on this planet. The products that are developed today have to be innovative to hit the market. Some of the common advancement in technology that we have seen in our day-to-day life are, fireless cooking, wireless charging and many more. Some of the most innovative gadgets are listed below which will comprehensively help you in your everyday life.

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10. Panono Camera Ball

Panono Camera Ball

Panono Camera Ball is the coolest gadget to provide you with a panoramic selfie of 360-degree view. The Panono Camera Ball is integrated with a total of 36 cameras of 100-megapixel, which is capable of taking shots at any angle. This looks pretty awesome in terms of design and durability. It consists of an inbuilt shock resistant mechanism to prevent from internal damage. Check out how far you can throw this gadget to take the best shots around the world.

9. Rechargeable USB Battery

Rechargeable USB Battery

Rechargeable USB Battery is a small portable battery, which can be plugged in any computer or laptop USB port to recharge the battery. It is featured with an opening on top of the battery that is provided with an USB pin and a provision to close the opening to use as a normal battery. This new invention can be one of the best around the world to save your money and time.

8. Compartment Frying Pan

Compartment Frying Pan

A compartment-less frying pan is always more comfortable to cook, but takes time in order to prepare variety of items. In order to overcome these difficulties, Compartment Frying Pan helps in preparing 2-3 varieties of dishes simultaneously. It also helps in better fuel efficiency. The compartments in the frying pan in made in such a way that, the dishes doesn’t get mixed with one another.

7. Scribble Pen

Scribble Pen

Scribble Pen is the one and only coloring device in the world, to take the input as color from an external entity and implement them on paper. It is equipped with 16-bit RGB color sensor at the back of the pen to take the input of any item and 1GB internal memory to store the colors for future purpose. It is capable of producing 16 million vibrant colors, which proves to be future coloring pen.

6. Ping-Pong Door

Ping-Pong Door

Usually apartments have very less space to provide the tenants with extracurricular activities. The Ping-Pong Door is an innovative way of transforming a normal size door into a small sized table tennis. It was created by a famous designer Tobias Franzel. It is a flip-flop door which can be used as a door as well as a table tennis court.

5. Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock

Few of them have trouble waking early in the morning and often press snooze button for few minutes of extra sleep. Flying Alarm Clock is one such gadget, which will not let you press snooze button immediately after the alarm starts. As the name says, it keeps floating in the air with frightening alarm, until someone interprets. The alarm sound could be possibly very loud and can alert nearby flat members as well.

4. Wax-Recycling Candle Stick

Wax Recycling Candle Stick

Using ordinary candle stick has become very common these days, which cannot be recycled, since it drips while it burns. The dripped liquid goes useless and eventually has to be disposed. Wax-Recycling Candle Stick is one of the best inventions ever, which consist of a hollow well to catch hold of the dripped wax. By the time the candle melts completely, a new candle is formed at the centre of the Wax-Recycling Candle Stick. The content formed at the hollow well is comparatively less in quality compared to the original burning candle, since burning evaporates certain amount of wax. However, a new candle could be formed by burning several candles.

3. Drip Catching Mug

Drip Catching Mug

Are you worried of your cup making stains every time you sip coffee or tea? The Drip Catching Mug is designed innovatively to catch hefty amount of drip of coffee or tea. It is designed cleverly in such a way that, it will catch hold of the dripped liquid even when the cup is tilted horizontally. The cup consists of a small groove called “Drop Rest Cup” that abstain the liquid from dripping.

2. Solar Window Charger

Solar Window Charger

Solar Window Charger is one of the best inventions in the gadget world. As we all know, solar energy is the main source for almost anything on earth. The Solar Window Charger is a portable window device, which consists of the exterior plate consisting of electronic equipment to convert solar energy to electrical energy. It takes up to 13 hours of charging duration and can produce an output of 1400mAh power.

1. LifeStraw


LifeStraw is by far one of the most useful devices on earth. LifeStraw is a water filter used by a single person, which is capable of filtering about 1000 litres of its life time. It resembles a syringe with one inlet and one outlet from water is sucked by the individual. It is featured with mechanisms to kill about 99% of bacteria and parasites. Though this device produces genuine success rate, however, it seems pretty costly to when it comes to the market. LifeStraw was awarded as the “Best Invention of 2005” by Time Magazine.

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