10 Strangest Medical Conditions You Have Probably Never Heard Of

As each year resides, there is a drastic improvements in medicine. Doctors publish exceptional reports of their patient’s case with conditions that are rare and interesting. These conditions are ambiguous and incredibly weird since no solutions exist to cure the ailment. You may end up speechless by scrutinizing our list of 10 strangest medical conditions.

10. Fish Odor Syndrome

Fish Odor Syndrome

Fish Odor Syndrome is an odd condition where a person suffering is lead out with a heavy stench always. This is caused due to improper breakdown of certain organic compounds in the body. Unfortunately these compounds are present in many food items that make it hard for a person’s metabolism to digest.

9. Spatial Orientation Phenomenon

Spartial Orientation Phenomenon

So far there is been only one case of Spatial Orientation Phenomenon across the globe. Bojana Danilovic, 28 year-old Serbian employee, the woman who sees the world upside down. She is suffering from a strange neurological condition which makes her see the world upside down. Technically speaking, she sees the world as it is but, her brain flips it while interpreting the information. No one could determine exactly on how this affects an individual. However, Danilovic manages to lead a normal life.

8. Pain Insensitivity (Congenital Insensitivity)

Pain Insensitivity

Pain Insensitivity is very devastating since the individual has no feeling of pain although it sounds the feeling. The pain sensitivity keeps one from being alert and aware of any malfunctions in the body. A person suffering from this disorder is unaware of any damage caused to his or her internal organs. People can walk around even with broken bones or lethal injuries without being aware of the pain.

7. Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien-Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that causes hand movement without person being aware of the actions made. It is affected due to brain hemorrhage or brain surgery. Till date there is no cure for this disorder, although it could be controlled by keeping hand engaged in some activity.

6. Stone Man Syndrome (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive)

Stone Man Syndrome

Stone Man Syndrome turns an individual’s soft tissue into bone over time. The progressive genetic disorder causes the muscles to turn into bone which causes joints to fuse together making them impossible to move around. There have been approximately 700 confirmed cases till date across the world.

5. Progeria


Progeria is an unfortunate disease which is manifested as second year of life where the new born child resembles the characteristics of an elderly person. Characteristics may include increase in blood pressure, wrinkled skin, heart disease, stroke and many more. These scenarios may eventually cause life by the time they are teenagers.

4. Tree Man Syndrome (Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis)

Tree Man Syndrome

Tree Man Syndrome is a skin disorder associated with high risk of carcinoma in the skin. Uncontrolled Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection results in excess growth of scaly maples on hands and feet. Although treatments are available for this disorder, there is no cure.

3. Human Werewolf Syndrome (Hypertrichosis)

Human Warewolf Syndrome

Human Werewolf Syndrome causes an abnormal hair growth all over the body. The syndrome basically targets the face in particular. Further, the syndrome is nicknamed as “Werewolf Syndrome” due to growth of extreme long hair on the body. It is caused due to several genetic mutations and side effects of anti-balding treatments.

2. Pupula Duplex

Pupula Duplex

Pupula Duplex is an extremely rare and strange condition which is manifested as an abnormality of the eye balls. People who suffer from this condition have two irises and two pupils in the same eye. Basically it looks like they have two eyes in an eye ball. Since there is no conclusive medical history about this disease, there is no clue on how it affects the individual.

1. Walking Corpse Syndrome (Cotard Delusion)

walking corpse syndrome

Walking Corpse Syndrome is a very rare mental illness in which the affected person feels the delusion that he or she is dead. It is affected due to dysfunction in areas of brain, consequently which leads to emotional detachment. Additionally, it removes the sense of physical identity that gives an illusion that their parts like brain and other functions are not present. Many of them have committed suicide due to starvation as their state of mind seems dead.