25 Stunningly Beautiful Libraries Around the World

The combination of books and architectural designs could take a library to the next level. Reading books is a great habit for all age groups. Reading books at a great library is something worth giving a try. Libraries have been a place of worship, as this is the place where God resides in the form of knowledge. Architects, ranging from the 9th century until the 21st century has been trying various architectures for library interiors. There are some great libraries with fantastic and fabulous interiors which can take your breath away.

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If you are a bookworm or if you like to read some great books in a cool, awesome, breath-taking, majestic and exotic interiors, then you should definitely check some of the following libraries.

25. El Ateneo, Argentina

El Ateneo Beautiful Library Interior

This library from Argentina has been voted the second most beautiful bookshop in the world several times. This is the best-known bookshops in Argentina. The bookshop is known for its beautiful and breath-taking interiors and beautiful architecture.

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24. National Library of Chile, Santiago, Chile

National Library Of Chile Beautiful Library Interior

National Library of Chile is the oldest library in Chile from the 9th century with rich and calm interiors. The peaceful library has extensive collections of manuscripts and books.

23. Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria

Austrian National Library Austria Beautiful Library Interior

Austrian National Library is the largest library in Vienna with a collection of about 7 million items. The library poses with great interiors and designs with an awesome exterior view and architecture. This library was established in the 17th century in Vienna.

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22. State Library of New South Wales, Australia

State Library of New South Wales-Australia-Beautiful-Library-Interior

State Library of New South Wales is the oldest library in Australia established in 1826, with fantastic interiors. This library boasts about its 5 million items and a great reading hall.

21. British Library, London, UK


British Library located in London is one of the majestic looking libraries in the world with great architectural design and interiors. The library houses more than 170 million items and has historical manuscripts dating back to more than 2000 BC.

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20. New York Public Library, USA

New York Public Library Beautiful Interior

New York public library is the second largest library in the USA with over 53 million items. This library was established in the year 1895. The interior of the library was recently renovated and made much more elegant and beautiful.

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19. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart City Library Germany Beautiful Library Interior

Stuttgart city library is one of the most modern libraries with modern design and architecture. This library was opened in 2011.

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18. Metten Abbey, Germany

Metten Abbey-Library-Germany-Beautiful-Library-Interior

Situated between the fringes of the Bavarian Forest and the valley of the Danube, in Bavaria in Germany is known for its fantastic interior designs.

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17. Handelingenkamer, Hague, Netherlands


Located in Hague, Netherlands is an Operation Room in the Lower House, which serves as a library. The interior architecture is inspired by China. The walls of the library contain many dragon heads and claws on the handles.

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