Top 10 Reasons Why Bangalore Is Great And Amazing

Bangalore is now Bengaluru but is still “Bangalore” for the gen X. Bangalore is one the best cities in India to live because of its weather, greenery, multi-cultural people and of course IT capabilities. The city has the highest concentration of IT organizations in India. The city has all the major IT companies from around the world you can think of. Bangalore is considered as the Silicon Valley of India. The city is not only called the Silicon Valley, but it is also the Garden City of India. Due to the increasing population and pollution, the Garden City is, fortunately, losing the famous name slowly. Still, the city has huge greenery powerhouse such as Lal Bagh botanical garden, Cubbon Park and Bannerghatta National Park. Other than the awesome weather, Bangalore is greatest for many other things you may or may not know. If you are visiting India’s Silicon Valley then these are the list of things you should know that will make you feel proud of. Here is a list of the pride of all the Bangaloreans and Indians. Apart from the weather, many other things make Bangalore special.

Let’s check out the list of ten reasons why Bangalore is the best in India:

10. Live Concerts, Music Events, and Live Music at Restaurants

Live Concerts in Bangalore

When it comes to music, Bangalore is the place. Most of the bands coming to India would definitely hit Bangalore at least once for a live musical show. Bangalore city is rich with its own musical heritage, culture, and importance. But, there has been a tremendous influence on western music in the city. You find many live music events happening throughout the year. Many Indian and international bands prefer to be in Bangalore for their shows. The crowd in Bangalore is just amazing. Apart from music concerts, you also find some very good restaurants and pubs with live music. Bangalore is the place to rock and enjoy music. Bangalore is just romantic!

9. Koramangala – Startup Hub, Huge Lists of Pubs and Restaurants

Forum Mall in Koramangala Bangalore

Koramangala is one of the most happening places in Bangalore. The place is full of pubs, startups, and restaurants. The commercial hub is one the highly sought after residential locality in Bangalore. It is strategically located between Electronic City and Majestic. The locality saw tremendous development during the 1990s Information Technology boom. You get to see posh bungalows, luxury apartments, and villas in the area. The people in the locality are highly fashionable and enjoy being so. Few famous startups from Koramangala are Big Basket, Wooplr, Instamojo, Lookup, and HackerEarth.

8. BMTC Volvo Services is One of the Best in India

BMTC stands for Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation which is known for its amazing transportation services. It is one of the best in India. One must really appreciate the services offered by BMTC. They have 100s of Volvo buses connecting various parts of the city. As the city doesn’t have local electric train transport as in Chennai and Mumbai, the government decided to bring good road transport and hence BMTC. Not only BMTC services are good but also KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation). BMTC also offers exclusive Volvo services to the Kempegowda International Airport.

7. City’s Connection with Army Regiments, Combat Engineering, and Support

Madras Engineer Group

The city is home to the Madras Engineer Group in Ulsoor and the ASC College and Corps in Agara. The Madras Engineer Group dates back to 1770s. The ASC College and Corps date back to 1860s. The Madras Engineer Group is one of the oldest army regiments in the country. The MEG has its origin from the Madras Presidency Army from the British Raj. The prestigious Madras Engineer Group in Ulsoor has its history of engagement dating to the Second Anglo-Afghan War and First World War. The group is informally known as the Madras Sappers and is known for their hallmark Shakos. The Shakos had let them being distinguished as a unique army troop in several battlefields around the world for more than 200 years. Several roads and streets still have names inspired from military naming conventions such as the Infantry Road, Artillery Road, and Brigade Road.

6. Wonderla – Best Amusement Park in India

Wonderla - Best Amusement Park in India

Wonderla is one of the best amusement parks in India. In 2014, Tripadvisor ranked Wonderla 1st in India and 7th in Asia. This is the highest rating by any amusement park from India. The flagship amusement park was the second amusement park by the Wonderla Holidays Limited. The theme park opened in the year 2005 and the first park opened in 2000 in Kochi. It became the first amusement park to have a reverse roller-coaster. The theme park has amazing world-class rides, shows and water games for a thrilling getaway. Now, the game park even has an attached resort. The theme park has a variety of world-class amenities and games for complete entertainment.

5. Aero India – The Prestigious Air Shows

India’s premier Air Show happens in Bangalore every two-years. It is one of the greatest air shows in Asia. It is held in Air Force Station, Yelahanka. The event is called Aero India which was established in the year 1999. The brilliant aerobatics is organized by Defense Exhibition Organisation. You also get to see some static displays. It is the second largest air show after the Paris Air Show. You get to see India’s military might in the air and the exhibition also sees contributions from other countries. The first air show in India happened in the year 1996. Several Indian and foreign defense manufacturers have been showcasing their products for sales in the event ever since 1996. Bangalore is proud of the Air Show. There is news about the shows to shift to Goa in the future.

4. Home to Some the Most Prestigious Governmental and Nongovernmental Organizations

The city has a big list of the country’s most prestigious governmental and nongovernmental organizations. You will feel awesome going through the list of these organizations. Goosebumps!! A big list of them and we have handpicked a few of the very best and greatest here:

  • Rail Wheel Factory – The Rail Wheel Factory produces more than 60% of the Indian Railway’s wheel and axle requirements. They produce more than 70,000 wheels and 25,000 axles.
  • IIM – The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is consistently ranked as the top college in India for management studies.
  • IISc – The Indian Institute of Science is considered a top-notch institution in India for research and development in scientific fields. It also tops in the top 100 institutions worldwide. IISc is widely regarded as India’s best university.
  • NIHMANS – The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS) is a premier medical institution in Bangalore, It is regarded as one of the best in India.
  • Indian Air Force, Border Security Force, Central Reserve Police Force, HAL, NAL, BEL, ISRO, DRDO, NIFT, Wipro, Infosys, Biocon, MTR, Cafe Coffee Day, Reva and many more.

3. First City in Asia to Get its Streets Lit

Commercial Street of Bangalore with Electric Poles

Visual Tales Bangalore since 1900, unfolds the tales of the city through photographs and painting at Rangoli Metro Art Centre, MG road Bangalore. Recopy by S K Dinesh

The first electric street light was lit on 5 Aug 1905 in Bangalore. The city became the first cities in India to get electrified using a hydroelectric power plant. The hydroelectric power plant, set up in Shivanasamudra gave power to the streets of Bangalore. Kolkata, previously Calcutta was the first city to receive electricity but Bangalore became the first to get from a hydroelectric power plant and became the first to get lights on its streets. This has been a pioneering achievement for Karnataka and India in the field of electricity production. By 1906, many parts of Bangalore streets were lit up with streetlights which marked the future of Bangalore’s development. Today, the city has Electronic City (an IT and electronics hub) under its pocket as an achievement.

2. UB City – First luxury mall in India

UB City - India's First Luxury Mall in Bangalore

Bangalore’s iconic building; UB City is the first luxury mall in India. It is one of Bangalore’s biggest luxury commercial property projects. The beautiful building was a joint venture of UB Group and Prestige Group. The building consists of four towers with the tallest tower (UB Tower) has 19 floors with a height of 404 ft. The building is an inspiration of Las Vegas skyline. The building boasts a helipad, an almost unlimited parking space, and extremely luxurious apartments and is one of the tallest multi-building structures in Karnataka. The mall houses some of the greatest luxury brands from around the world.

1. K.R. Market – Biggest flower market in Asia

K.R. Market in Bangalore is the biggest flower market in Asia and in India. This is something Bangaloreans need to be proud of. Even in the future if another flower market becomes bigger than K.R. Market is formed, K.R. Market will be the first in the whole of Asia to get electricity. K.R. stands for Krishna Rajendra and is also known as City Market. The market is not only famous for flowers but all other wholesale commodities such as vegetables, pulses, and grams. The prestigious market was established in 1928 which was previously a water tank and then the 18th-century battlefield during the Anglo-Mysore Wars.

Other important mentions are:
Electronic City Elevated Express Highway, Lal Bagh, Mantri Pinnacle – one of the tallest building in south India, delicious food, invention of rava idli, Cubbon Park and Vidhana Soudha.


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