10 Mysteries Of The Internet

Did you know that internet has several hidden and weird things? We have been using the internet daily without knowing the facts that the internet also has many mysteries. Many of the professional people on the internet do not know about some of the weird things that have taken place on the web. The Cicada 3301, Bitcoins and The Markovian Parallax Denigrate are some the weirdest mysteries of the internet that have never been found out.

The ten most mysterious things found on the internet that are creepy and strange (the great unsolved internet mysteries):

10. Valor por Tamaulipas

Valor por Tamaulipas

Valor por Tamaulipas is one of the most mysterious Facebook pages, known for reporting Mexican Drug War and other security updates of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. No-one knows the whereabouts of the administrator or the relatives of the admin. In a country where many journalists have been assassinated for reporting drug violence, this page has been immune to threats. The Facebook page went live on 1 January 2012 and has over 500,000 likes. In 2013, a drug trafficking organization announced $600,000 pesos (US$46,000) for those who inform the whereabouts of the admin of the page. Even after the threat, the admin and the page remained immune. But, there are reports that the admin’s wife and children have fled from Mexico. The admin reported on the page that he will continue to stay in Mexico. Nobody knew the admin name or has seen him. The page name translates to “Courage for Tamaulipas”.

9. Dark Web, Internet Mariana Trench & Mysterious Deep Levels of the Internet

Dark Web Access With Tor Browser

Deep web and dark web are two relatively similar things on the internet which has gained huge popularity. The internet we browse using search engines like Google is just 10 to 15 percent and the remaining 80 percent of the internet is hidden, encrypted, private, protected, or inaccessible using any of the common internet technologies we know. The deep web and the dark net are places on the internet not accessible by a normal browser and sometimes not accessible with the common operating systems, hardware and software we use. SSeveral secrets, dangerous things and mysteries of the world and illegal stuffs are in the dark web. Some of the deep web and Darknet are accessible using a browser known as Tor browser. But, there are certain layers on the internet which are not accessible even with a Tor browser. These parts of the mysterious internet are known only to a handful of people and its existence is believed a theory by many. Two such layers of the internet are the Closed Shell System and the Marianas Level. Julian Assange is a famous person from the Darknet who is from the deepest and inaccessible levels of internet. This is one of world’s biggest internet mysteries where Bitcoins are used for transaction.

8. Unfavourable Semicircle

Unfavourable Semicircle

Unfavourable Semicircle is a mysterious YouTube account similar to the Webdriver Torso. Unlike the Webdriver Torso account, this account was banned by Google themselves. Google had acknowledged that Webdriver Torso is a video testing tool but nobody knows the existence of Unfavourable Semicircle. The account became popular for publishing high volumes of videos with unusual nature. On 30 March 2015, a YouTube account with the name UnfavourableSemicircle went live. During its early days, it started to post at a rate of one video every 10 minutes. But, this rate skyrocketed to three videos every minute. Many of its videos are silent with random digits and were titled with the Sagittarius symbol. The YouTube channel never tried to attain public attention but a Reddit thread was created to discuss the unusual videos uploaded by the account. There are several speculations to why the account exists and the reason behind the videos. On Feb 25 2016, the account was banned by YouTube for violating their terms of service. As of now, the video uploader is not known and the purpose of the account and the videos.

7. 62.10401554464931 24.459908986464143

62.10401554464931 24.459908986464143

62.10401554464931 24.459908986464143 is another extremely mysterious thing on the internet and YouTube. The video with the name 62.10401554464931 24.459908986464143 went online on YouTube by a user known as 626544984949854984858948l1. Nothing is known about the purpose of the video and the person who posted the video. The video is kind of creepy. It shows weird things like dark forest, skull and morphing face. Some believe that this video is a hoax and an attempt to start an online mystery. Others believe that this video might have deeper meanings like that of the Cicada 3301. The creepiest thing about it is that when you search on Google for this video. The search result shows a coordinate on Google maps of a forest in Finland.

6. A858


r/A858 is a mystery Reddit user who is known to have posted cryptic random strings, numbers and characters. Many of its cryptic messages are not decoded and only few of them have been deciphered. The purpose behind posting so many random decoded texts is unknown. Many believe that there was some purpose behind it. Several Reddit sections and online forums have spent thousands of hours to crack the codes. What do these random texts really mean? What is the aim behind sending so many cryptic messages? Are they correlating on something big? Who is the poster? Many such questions are still unanswered. There have been several such instances on the internet relating to cryptographic messages being posted online, Cicada 3301 and Markovian Parallax Denigrate are few examples.

​5. Bitcoins

Many of us know that Bitcoins are a famous virtual currency on the internet. The digital currency is a way of transaction online for buying things, trading and many other virtual transactions. But, who is the owner and how the Bitcoins work are a mystery. They are secure and anybody with a computer can create them. Another mysterious thing about Bitcoins are their popularity as nobody is sure why they are so famous. An unidentified programmer with name of Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be the inventor of the cryptocurrency. During the early days, Nakamoto mined 1 million Bitcoins after which he disappeared and is silent in front of the media and public. The company even has ATMs. The operating systems of Bitcoins are rather confusing to many of its prime users and to the tech world on the internet. After its introduction is 2008, even today it remains one of the biggest mysteries on the internet.

4. GhostNet

Flag of China

GhostNet is one of the scary mysteries of the internet. The name GhostNet was given by researchers at the Information Warfare Monitor. It’s a large-scale cyber spying operation which was first discovered in 2009. This operation is believed to have links with an Advanced Persistent Threat. The treat appears to be originating from People’s Republic of China. The infiltration in more than 103 countries is something dangerous and scary to know. Most of its targets are high-profile computer systems of embassies, government organisations, and foreign ministries. What is so mysterious about GhostNet is that the IWM couldn’t conclude whether the Chinese government was behind this. Nobody knows who is behind it. Many of its servers were Chinese government servers. There are no proper evidences that Chinese government is funding the GhostNet because there have been several incidences of Chinese government conducting investigations against GhostNet.

3. The Markovian Parallax Denigrate

The Markovian Parallax Denigrate

The Markovian Parallax Denigrate is one of the greatest internet mysteries. This is also one of the oldest and weirdest mysteries on the internet. It comes from the 1990s popular proto-web chat system known as Usenet. This oldest surviving mystery began in 1996 when the community reported unusual spam messages emanating from a user known as Markovian Parallax Denigrate. The messages were random words and phrases which were indecipherable by anyone. The strange thing about the messages was that they were distributed throughout the community. They were pointing to the fact about high human intelligence.

Nobody in the world knew anything about how these messages were originating or what it all meant. Usenet was displaced off the internet and most of the messages were not archived. A Reddit user known as A858DE45F56D9BC9 seem to be the modern and advanced version of the Markovian Parallax Denigrate.

2. Internet Black Holes

Internet Black Holes

There are several instances when you are cut out from a website or the mail doesn’t reach the recipient. We tend to believe and accept that the server was down or the wireless connection got down. But, the problem is more mysterious. According computer science research, it has been put forth that such information are lost due to the Internet Black Holes. It has never been found where these packets of data vanish. There are several researches and monitoring happening on this subject to detect and analyze these cyber gaps. These cyber black holes are sucking a lot of information than it was thought earlier. In 2008, two researchers at the DefCon hacker conference demonstrated massive security vulnerability in the worldwide internet traffic-routing system. They found big black holes all over the internet which could be misused by cyber criminals to interpret large amounts of data without being detected. There lies several such mysterious black holes on the internet yet to be identified and why such black holes actually exist is a bigger mystery.

1. Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 is the weirdest thing on the internet. Cicada 3301 is the name of an organization which posts some of the toughest and mysterious puzzles on the internet. It is one the eeriest unsolved mysteries on the internet. The organization posts puzzles on data security, cryptography and steganography. Why does they post these puzzles and for whom are a mystery. Few people believe that these puzzles are for recruiting intelligent individuals into CIA, MI6, NSA or a cyber-mercenary group. There are many speculations on why Cicada 3301 posts such puzzles on Twitter. The owners of the company are unknown and nobody has monetized the organization. There are several theories, hypothesis and speculations regarding this mystery of the internet.


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