10 Most Beautiful Beaches Around the World

There is always a saying that Salt water cures all wounds, which also is capable of curing many more wounds when it kisses the shores to pop out to be the most beautiful beaches around the world. Beaches are considered as the most happening places like parties, dinners, and weddings. Further, the positive vibes are spread all over during such events with the love of shore sands.  Additionally, a depressed person should be experiencing one of the beaches listed below to come out of the depression rather going for medication. However, Most of us can fall in love with the beaches listed below on our first sight.

10. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora

Matira beach is named as the “Romantic Island” due to various reasons and one among them being the beach as the most magical. A perfect beach for dreamers and one can expect a perfect paradise to come true. Bora Bora is the island which is about 18 mile in length and is fudged with white sandy all along the shore.  Luxury beach resorts adds on value to the beach with perfect lagoon experience. Also, the beach not just bags the beauty but also the history of it being used as the refueling point for American troops during World War II. Furthermore, a lot of landmarks and fouling of military weapons would be seen around the island and also from the Matria point.

9. Ipanema Beach, Brazil


Ipanema beach is one of the most social beaches around the world, located in Rio de Janeiro. The beach is fantastic from the top end view which collaborates with the Rio city and two big mountains at the end. Being said social, people tend to be very interactive in terms of playing games, singing, and many other activities. Furthermore, the beach is appreciated not just for sociality of the people around but also the sunset during summers that win millions of hearts. People prefer to watch the sunset from the Ipanema beach making it one of the most unique beaches in the world.

8. Blue Bay, Mauritius

Blue Bay

Mauritius is one of the most preferred places by couples for honeymoons. However, when it comes to beaches, Blue Bay tops the rank with the most wonderful landscape and fantastic scenery. The flawless beauty is admired by lot of tourists with enduring adventure sporting like snorkeling that makes it heights of enjoyment. Hence, As the name of the beach says, the blue bay can cherish you with loads of happiness and peace with depth of blueness all around.

7. Phuket, Thailand


Phuket beach is the most beautiful beach along the largest Island in Thailand. The name is derived from Thai which references to “hill and mountains”. As it symbolizes, the specialty of Phuket beach is the surrounding hills and mountains that add extra essence for picture perfect scenery. The beauty of Phuket beach is personified in the form of surrounding heavy steeped cliffs. It can give a perfect paradigm shift to shore lovers due to an incredible viewing experience. A lot of crowd is flooded during the day and one can have peace in the evening with blissful breeze.

6. Palombaggia, Corsica, France


Palombaggia is the most famous beach in Europe, which is located in Corsica. With crystal clear blue sea kissing the golden sands, the beach looks simply fabulous. It is a 2 Km stretch and feels like a perfect paradise through the end of the beach. Many water games are carried out near the bay and the beach water is safeguarded all over the year with enough cleansing. Palombaggia stands unique due to vibrant variance in color ranging between green pine vegetation, red rocks and golden sands.

5. Bahia Honda, Florida, USA

Bahia Honda

Bahia Honda, located in Florida, references to a deep bay in Spanish language. Tourists fall for Bahia beach due to an incredible and rare reef fish wandering all around the shores of Bahia Island. The beach can steal the heart of millions due to its attractive sea shore and water quality. Many of the tourists love camping at this beach, since the experience over the day camping would be above the levels of imagination. A long bridge along the beach adds unique beauty to the Bahia beach.

4. Sun Island, Maldives

Sun Island

Sun Island located 62 miles from the airport in Maldives is a mind blowing beach with exotic ambience.  The resorts in and around the beach can mesmerize the feel for the first timers. Generally meant for filthy rich crowd, which offers luxury bungalows that can sooth you to sleep with the sizzling water sound. Located in the Indian Ocean, the beach is well fused with dense tropical vegetation that attracts majority of the tourists in the world.

3. Honopu Beach, Hawaii

Honopu beach hawaii

Honopu beach was featured in recognized Hollywood movies like King Kong, Raiders of the Lost Ark and many more. Additionally, one can experience the real heaven in this beach with surrounding mountains across. Further, the beach is not easily accessible and one will have to risk from the ferry to reach the beach shore by swimming all over. Cliffs surrounded by beach makes it one of the best places to visit, and none could be visible in the vegetation. Shore is impressive cumin in color and is also recognized as “Cathedral Beach”.

2. Playa del Amor -Marieta Islands, Mexico

Playa del Amor

One of the most favorite beaches by travelers across the globes, and that stands to be the “Playa del Amor”. Located in the islands of Marieta, the beach colloids with the land having the most gorgeous oval rock roof that win hearts of millions. Considered to be the best beach in Mexico and stands second in the world in terms of view that even involve the experience of cave exploration. Localities come up with an impressive name as “the hidden beach” due to the encircling rock above the beach shore.

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1. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Anse Source d Argent

Anse Souch d’Argent is the most beautiful beaches across the globe that impounds with the most catastrophic happies among the travelers. Furthermore, the picture from this beach turns out to be a wallpaper and are considered to be the most happening beaches in the world. The crescent shaped beach in the islands of La Digue located in Seychelles. Additionally, reaching this particular island is pretty toiling since there is no connecting flight and one will need to get through ferry to reach the heavenly destination.

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