10 Most Beautiful Villages In The World

Do you want to get away from your busy schedule and city life? Have you thought of touring a village before? Some of us might have spent their childhood in a village but not all are gifted. No pollution, no population and more of nature make living in villages an amazing experience. If you are in a city, then you are missing these beautiful villages around the world. One must check some of them to enjoy a one-time life experience. Get away to these villages now.

Here is the list of ten most beautiful villages in the world you must visit before you die:

10. Manarola, Italy


Manarola is a small village in the province of La Spezia, Italy. The bright and colorful buildings in the village give immense beauty to the location. It also drives several tourists from around the world. Manarola is the second-smallest and oldest of the towns in the famous Cinque Terre. Paintings by the famous Italian painter Antonio Discovolo had Manarola as a center of attraction and celebration.

The village is famous for wine-making and fishing. Summer months are popular among tourists. The main tourist attractions in the village include “Love’s Trail”, hiking trails in the hills and vineyards above the village. If you have plans to tour Italy, then Manarola village should be in your list. This place is a heaven on Earth and the coastal beauty here is breathtaking.

9.  Shirakawa, Japan


Shirakawa is a small village in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan. It is part of the famous Shirakawa-go historic villages. The primary importance and beauty is given by Shirakawa-go village. Shirakawa-go stretches through the Shogawa river valley and across the border of Gifu. The site is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with Gokayama village. This traditional village is famous for showcasing unique building styles known locally as gasshō-zukuri

This village experiences constant snowfalls due to its excellent weather conditions for snowing. It is highly secluded making it serene and beautiful with mountains, snow, mist, fog, greenery, river and valley. This village is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway. It is often known as ‘the last unexplored area of Japan’. The village is greatly preserved from human pollution and population.

8. Hongcun, China


Hongcun is a small village in the historical Huizhou region of Anhui Province, China. This beautiful village lies near the southwest slope of Mount Huangshan. The scenery here is mesmerizing and unique. It is in the shape of an ox with several streams and lakes. Since 2000, the village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The location is so beautiful that the famous Chinese movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon scenes were filmed here.

It has been a good location for tourists and photographers. Tourists enjoy the Yuezhao” (Moon Pond), Nanhu Academy, architecture and carvings of the approximately 150 residences dating back to Ming and Qing Dynasties. The village also has a museum inside one of the biggest residences here.

7. Wengen, Switzerland


Wengen is one of the world’s most beautiful mountain villages in the world. It is home to the classic Lauberhorn ski races of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup every year in January. The scenic village is located at an elevation of 1,274 m (4,180 ft) above sea level. The resident count increases or doubles during winter due to its splendid scenery.

The car-free holiday resort village offers hotels and houses made of timber. It is a famous family-friendly skiing location in Europe. The scenic and panoramic walk from Männlichen to the Kleine Scheidegg is the best the village can offer to its visitors. Trümmelbach falls is another important and magnificient attraction of the village which is also the Europe’s wildest glacier gorges.

6. Gasadalur, Denmark


Gasadalur is an amazing village in the world. The panoramic view of the village over the island of Mykines is breathtaking. It is on the famous Faroe Islands. The village is remotely located and has a very less population. The village offers lush green fields, splendid mountains and home to the most beautiful water – Múlafossur.

The secluded location is a real fairy world. In 2004, a tunnel was blasted through one of the mountains to provide automobile accessibility. This village is a great place to hike, boat and enjoy some great photography. One also gets to enjoy the culture of Faroe Islands like art, food and people.

5. Reine, Nordland County, Norway


Norway is an amazing country to live. Reine is a small village in the Nordland County of Norway which isn’t an exception. This beautiful fishing village is scenically located in the Lofoten archipelago, above the Arctic Circle. In the late 1970s, Norway’s largest magazine Allers selected Reine as the most beautiful village in Norway. Since 1743, the village has been an important commercial center. Today, despite being remote it serves thousands of tourists annually.

A photograph of the village from the Reinebringen Mountain has been the front page of several books and tourist booklets in the village. The village gives a breathtaking view during the midnight sun. The village is visited by many tourists just to experience the mountainous landscape of the village.

4. Mawlynnong, India


The cleanest village in India is something to boast about. It is naturally beautiful and scenic. Mawlynnong is a village in the Meghalaya state. In 2003 & 2005, Discover India declared Mawlynnong as the cleanest village in Asia. The reputation has boosted tourism in the village and to the state. Smoking and use of plastic are strictly prohibited in the village. Wastage is collected in dustbins made of bamboo which is later used as manure. Rainwater harvesting is an important part of the community.

The picturesque natural beauty of Mawlynnong is something one shouldn’t miss if you are in India. Due to its immense beauty, the village is also known as ‘God’s own garden’. The village becomes prettier during monsoon with lush greenery and misty mountains. One should enjoy hiking and trekking near the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya where this gem is located.

3. Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt is a beautiful village in the district of Gmunden in Austria. It lies magnificently on the road linking Salzburg and Graz. The village is so beautiful that a replica of the village was built in China with the same name. It is on the shores of a pristine lake known as Hallstatt Lake. The village is often credited as probably the most beautiful village in Europe. In 1997, the “Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape” was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The scenic mountains, lake and the panoramic village would take your breath away. The village is known prehistorically for being a salt production house which gave the name Hallstatt culture. The Hallstatt culture is linked to the Proto-Celtic and early Celtic people of the Early Iron Age around 800–450 BC.

2. Bibury, UK


Bibury is a village in Gloucestershire, England. This village is so beautiful that it used to be Emperor Hirohito’s favorite place in England. The architecture of the village is just mind-blowing which blends with the lush green surroundings in an elegant way. The unique Cotswold stone cottages here are a major tourist attraction and an eye-candy. These unique cottages are called as the Arlington Row. Apart from the Arlington Row, tea houses and other historic buildings here attract several tourists from around the world.

William Morris (1834-96) once described Bibury as “the most beautiful village in England”. The charming village has many iconic churches. The village gets scenic along the River Coln with Arlington Row and Rack Isle. It is a perfect place for a peaceful and picturesque getaway for people from the urban world.

1. Oia, Greece


Oia is a small village on the islands of Thira (Santorini) and Therasia in Greece. The village is one of the most beautiful villages in the world with great architecture and costal scenery. The white painted houses of the village provides unique panaroma and a great experience for tourists. The houses becomes elegant with the typical white and blue painted combinations of the house.

The villagers get amazing experience of the famous Santorini caldera. The peak of the village is a ruined castle which provides with a 360-degree view of the village. Apart from the amazing mansions and architectures, the village has many things to offer to tourists. Some of them are Art Gallery Oia, Naval Maritime Museum, and the Panagia church.


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