10 Beautiful Unknown Countries You Must Visit

If you ask about the dream cities and countries from most of us today, a definite answer turns out to be something like Switzerland, Finland, France, and so on. Obviously to be honest many European countries fall in the most beautiful and amazing countries in the world. But, there are few countries in the world that people have never heard off. Most of these beautiful unknown countries are best in terms of culture, economy, peace and high life expectancy.

Here, we have listed the 10 beautiful unknown countries you much definitely visit at least once in a lifetime.

10. Rwanda


Rwanda is Africa’s most beautiful and one of the smallest country. The state is located in the elevations, middle of rich vegetation, and the most loved gorillas. Also specially recognized as the state of thousand hills. Most tourists prefer to go on a gorilla safari in Rwanda. With all the positive vegetation in the state, one tragedy that always crept and horrifies is the Rwandan Genocide back in 1994. Though the culture was primarily affected during the genocide, the state has come up pretty well in recent times.

9. Estonia


Estonia is a popular destination spot for travelers in Europe with the most fascinating lakes. The state consists of about 1,400 lakes that can certainly win million hearts. Antique and legacy artifacts in museums can impress the tourists to a whole new level. The northern regions and shores of Estonia consist of Limestone Mountains and cliffs that can produce wallpaper scenic views. In terms of climate, snow covers are to be seen in south-eastern parts of Estonia.

8. Azerbaijan


Officially recognized as “Republic of Azerbaijan”, is a well-established country in terms of wealth and economy. The location of Azerbaijan is pretty not well classified since it neither comes in Asia nor in Europe. Due to which the state is meant to be considered as the Transcontinental Presidential Republic. There are very few countries to follow irreligious principles and one among them is Azerbaijan. Though basically, the majority of people here are Muslims, they consider practicing religion nowhere improves lives. Having all these into consideration, Azerbaijan is not just rich and economically good, but also in the environment around to visit once in a lifetime.

7. Latvia


Latvia is located in northern parts of Europe bordered with Estonia in the Baltic region. There are three countries bordered in the Baltic region located in Northern Europe, unfortunately, people around the world find it hard to figure out. One of the best in class lifestyle having a high Human Development Index and income to the country. Estonia bordering with Latvia as well is inclusive in the list since both produce the same environment in terms of economy as well as nature. Both Estonia and Latvia share a common history, which means that there are many historical places to visit in both of the states.

6. Tuvalu


Tuvalu is a country that maximum people in the world wouldn’t have come across but is one mesmerizing place as a whole. Located in between the islands of Hawaii and Australia, Tuvalu gives a perfect paradigm shift for the adventure lovers. Tuvalu as the name symbolizes “Eight standing together”, which means eight of the nine Tuvalu islands were inhabited. Additional, Tuvalu islands are scattered and hence the combined ones are referred to as the “Polynesian Nation Islands”. Fantastic lifestyle in terms of culture that the Tuvalu villagers follow with colorful occasions throughout the year.

5. Brunei


Brunei is Micro Island located north of Malaysia along the Chinese coastline. With a variance in culture among the people of Brunei, it adds up profound color to the state. According to Forbes, Brunei is ranked the fifth richest nation after Singapore in terms of petrol and gas production industry. Additionally, the state is also considered as the “developed country”, holding the second rank in Human Development Index. Apart from being well enough in terms of economy, the state is worth seeing once before lifetime to experience extraordinary beaches, and historic places.

4. Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein is a very tiny country bordered with Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east. With an estimated population of 37,000, the state is perfect heaven with fused nature all over. It happens to be the best sporting destination during winter with the exclusive floating breeze. Rated as the best country to live in the world with the least corruption and crime rate. Further, Liechtenstein stands with the least percentage for the unemployment rate at 1.5%. If you love rugged mountains and hairpin curvy journey, then the state is meant for you to visit once in a lifetime.

3. Andorra


Andorra is a tiny mountainous country bordered with Spain and France. The state is best known for epic mountains and scenic viewing angle. A walkthrough along the roads of the mountain can produce a perfect paradise feel. The village is elevated at height of 1,023 meters above the sea level with a population strength of mere 85,000. Personally, when I came across the life expectancy of the state to be 81 at Andorra, it produced a mind-boggling thought process that it could be genuinely due to the environment and peace among people. Meant to be visited in a life span to enjoy the micro hassle-free lifestyle.

2. Vanuatu


Definitely most of us today wouldn’t have even heard of a country name Vanuatu. The state is located in the east of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean and west of other beautiful islands like Fuji. Any state in the world with all four sides’ water is obviously beautiful and one among them is Vanuatu. James Cook was the first to explore the island in 1774 and the island estimated to be 3,300 years old. Finally, consisting of a waterfall on an island is very rare and Vanuatu excels with the most amazing and beautiful waterfalls.

1. Albania


Albania, located in Europe is considered as Europe’s as well as the world’s most beautiful country.  With square kilometers of 28,784, the state comprises of a perfect classical and epic locations. Very cheap in terms of cost of living, the city produces an antique feel. Additionally, traveling to Albania is considerably cheap. Being said that the state is meant to travel once before death, the state grabs the world’s best-deserted beaches and committing viewing angles. Albania is also the home for the oldest and best lakes in the world, due to which one should never miss in their lifetime.

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