10 Most Powerful Weapons of World War II

World War II was the worst warhead in the history of mankind. When we think about the weapons used during World War II today, there is a lot difference in perception. Though the war was quite long back, many creepy weapons were used to defend and target the opponents. Additionally, a huge amount of investments in design and innovations were put forward to come up with bizarre weapons. Here, we have listed the 10 most powerful weapons of World War II, which can still blow your mind.

10. Silbervogel Bomber

Silbervogel Bomber

Silbervogel was referred as “Rocket Bomber” in late 1930’s that was designed for sub-orbital bomber. It was designed in a very powerful manner with rocket-powered, which was used by Germans in World War II. As the name says, the bomber was silver in color and was considered to be one of the most powerful and weird during 1940s. Though the rocket bomber was proposed, it was just used for the trail purpose by Germans.

9. Yamato-Class Battleship

Yamato Class Battleship

The Yamato-Class battleships were considered as the most powerful battleships during World War II with full load weighing about 72,000 tons. It was Japanese’s warship that consisted the heaviest artillery every mounted on a ship. The shells mounted on the artillery were as heavy as 1,460 kg and was capable of piercing anything on its way to a distance of 42 km. The designs of Yamato-class were very unique and was kept secretly until 1941 to avoid revealing the concept behind the battleship.

8. Explosive Rats

rats explosive

Seems pretty funny when we come across a term “Explosive Rats”, which puts a thought process of crackers. Also was famously known as “rat bomb” by British Special Operations Executive to counter Germans during World War II. Winston Churchill played a major role in setting Europe to chaos, where the most dangerous rats came to picture. The rat’s carcasses were filled with plastic explosives and were to be distributed near German boiler rooms. Further, the heat induced on them subsequently caused multiple region chaos across the city to cause major economic and social loss for Germans during World War II.

7. Soviet Anti-Tank Dogs

Anti Tank dogs


As the name symbolizes, Soviet Union in 1941 used trained dogs to combat tanks and enemy location of Germany by dropping the bombs to detonate. The dogs were given intense training for six long months to drag the bomb from the body to targeted tanks. Being one of the most lethal method to execute, Soviets however were unsuccessful in executing the opponent since the dogs had to experience the whole new environment. None of the dogs could master the task, and returned back to the operator killing both the dog and operator. Finally, the dogs were just trained to move towards the opponent’s tanker as a suicide bomber with the intention to spoil the tank chassis.

6. T-34 Tank

T 34 Tank


The T-34 tank was one of the most decent, simple and powerful combat tanks, which was first introduced in 1941. Primarily owned by Soviet, the tank was referred as “the finest tank in the world” by German’s von Kleist. It was capable of handling any kind of terrain regions like rugged mountains and forests, and had high velocity firepower. The front armor of the tank was designed in the form of slope to deflect the rounds and the opponents had great challenge to penetrate the walls of the tank’s front line. Though many other tanks have come up these days with greater armor quality and combat ranging, T-34 still hold position in the top ranking for tanks in the world.

5. The V2 Rocket

The V2 Rocket

The V2 Rocket was the first long range ballistic missile, which was developed by Germans during World War II as a vengeance weapon. Being launched vertical, the V2 rocket became the first artificial object to cross the boundary of space. The launch pads are portable and it is impossible to figure out the exact launch point. The rocket is terribly strong, which travels vertically six miles before it cuts through its way to become horizontal. Beast in terms of speed capable of travelling at a speed of 4000 miles per hour. It digs several feet on the targeted ground before exploding and the impact can kill over 9,000 people around.

4. Dora and Gustav Rail Cannon

Dora and Gustav Rail Cannon

Dora and Gustav rail cannon was commonly referred as “Schwerer Gustav” with an intent to destroy the forts of France. It was developed by Nazi Germans during World War II, which was considered as the strongest weighing about 1,350 tonnes. The launch is so powerful that it is capable of hitting targets 47 kilometers away. It was considered as the heaviest and largest caliber ever used in a combat. A single shell in Gustav Rail cannon is at a terrible length of 800 mm to pierce almost everything on its way.

3. V3 Cannon

V3 Cannon

V3 Cannon was the most powerful and deadly cannon used in World War II. It was primarily developed to devastate London with a secret project codename as “Busy Lizzie”. V3 was developed to devastate Luxembourg from two large bunkers located in the regions of France. The weapon is heavily potent having multi-charge propelling system to project at high velocity.  The length of the barrel is pretty huge for perfect thrust against the base. V3 cannon was German’s most powerful weapon during World War II.

2. Gato-Class Submarine

Gato Class Submarine

Gato-Class submarines, refers to a special type of fish name “Catshark”, which rests on the seabed. It was first introduced by United States in 1941 and the following submain service became a destructor for Japanese merchant marine. The Gato class provided strong support as a backbone to US Navy fleet that helped them completely destroy Japanese Naval force. They had the capacity to dive up to 300 Feet and withstand intense pressure. Further, all the Gato-Class submarines were armored to withstand immense shots from the opponent.

1. Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb

Atomic bomb is the world’s greatest and lethal inventions of all time. United State was the first nation to use Atomic bomb to hit Japanese city Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Atomic bomb is basically a derivation from nuclear weapon, which uses fission energy to impact the location. A single atom bomb consists of energy equivalent to 10 million TNT, which uses the concept of fission reaction. Additionally, the blast and destruction is so kick ass to blow the entire city. And the radiation from atomic bomb is much dangerous that can cause mutation to cause disease in humans and animals. This weapon leaves none in the city, which perfectly came true in 1945 where none of the German and Japanese were left behind by end of the war.

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