10 Heavenly Marvelous Dishes Ever Invented Out Of A Potato

Let us be honest, how can we ever resist the insanely amazing creation of god that tastes delicious no matter fried / roasted / baked / mashed / stewed!! Care not calories for these incredible dishes make your taste buds scream – Holy mother of all fast foods that tastes ah-mazzing!!!

This fourth largest food crop in the world needs no Master Chef to create these simple yet mouth-watering recipes ever invented. All outstanding dishes ever made started with simple raw ingredients, read along and you will be astonished.

Let’s check the list of 10 amazing dishes ever invented out of a potato:

10. French Fries

French Fries

This is the only finger food that brings wholeness to birthday parties, game nights, and weekend barbecues or just as an evening snack. A million ways of cooking this marvel floods open the creative in you! Cut a potato in to finger like pieces, deep fry them in oil and Cheese it up or drown in sauce. 500 calories of guilt free pass to heaven coming your way.

Nutritional Fact: Apart from being unbelievably delicious, potatoes are a rich source of potassium and vitamin B6! They also contain carbohydrates and vitamin C. Hence are a natural remedy to treat blemishes, dark circles and wrinkles.

9. Potato Chips

Potato Chips

It’s the king of snack world! It comes in all shapes, size and flavors. Even though it was invented accidentally, it came out to be one of the universally loved snacks of all times. Slice the potatoes into thin pieces and wash to remove excess starch. Fry these slices in oil and voila! Delightful Hot chips coming your way.

8. Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

This is because we love cheese and we love potatoes; why not mix them up together! Bake a potato into a mushy mixture, add all the beloved spices you own, muddle them all up. Round them into thin balls and stuff some cheese into it. Bake them or deep fry; they will just melt in your mouth.

Life Hack: When it comes to rust, potatoes are your replacement to those expensive cleaning products. Cut the potato in half and dip it into baking soda. Rub the baking powder covered side firmly on the rusted areas. The oxalic acid in the potato combines with baking soda to dissolve rust.

7. Potato Grenades

Potato Grenades

This yummy indulgence will literally make you want to stuff your mouth full of them. Bake a whole potato with skin until squishy. Make a small incision and scoop some flesh out. Meanwhile mix cheddar, broccoli, cream cheese, house seasoning, and onions. Stuff the potato with the filling. Bake until heated through for about 10 minutes. There you go! Best enjoyed with sauce and loads of love!

6. Devils Eggs

Potato Devils Eggs

How about showing some Italian influence in cooking! There are hundreds of ways of putting together eggs and potatoes but, these are my personal favorite. Boil an egg, cut it into 2 halves, scoop out the yolk and fill it with mashed potato and guacamole. This is exquisite and simple to make. Another way of putting them together is a traditional Italian comfort food. A frittata! It is an eggish mixture of cooked fried potatoes and scrambled eggs. Peeled and diced potatoes cooked in salt water, cracked and beaten eggs with added salt, olive oil and some pepper. Fry them all in a pan until golden brown texture.  It’s ready to eat!

Tip: When you go shopping next time remember, Russet or sweet potatoes go well if you are baking. Try white or yellow ones for grilling and salads taste better with red and blue ones.

5. Pizzatoes


Speaking of Italian, creativity soars when it comes to cooking with potatoes. Pizzas just got adorable with these tiny, fits all mouth delicacy. Cut a potato in half. Bake them and scoop a small portion of potato from the halves. Fill this with mozzarella, some pizza base, and top it with pepperoni any other pizza topping you like. Microwave them until tender.  Serve it with pride and earn guaranteed praise!

4. Hash Browns

Hash Brown

Amazing as it sounds, the shredded fried potatoes are a staple food in North America. The shredded potatoes are fried in a large pan into a patty with added onions, eggs, chopped meat, leftovers, coriander or any other vegetables. These are commercially made into frozen dehydrated food which travelers carry or made available as a ready-to-cook meal.

Beware: Potatoes when kept for a long time exposed to light turn green indicating increased production of glycoalkaloid which is a type of poison. When consumed causes potato poisoning. Hence they have to be stored in a well-ventilated dry place kept between the temperature of 40-50 F.

3. Croquette

A croquette is a divine fried food roll containing mashed potato, ground meat (veal/beef/turkey), vegetables, spices (lots if you have an Indian – Mexican origin). Over its evolution, every improvisation this meal took gave it a different name. For example, in India it’s called Aloo Tikki – circular croquettes with only veggies and mashed potato, Indonesia calls it Kroket – a minced chicken delight, Japan’s Korokke popularly served  with Tonkatsu sauce, South Korea sells Goroke in almost every bread shop. Thanks to Wikipedia for some GK! Coming to my way of cooking, I like to experiment with traditions like these by drowning the recipe in béchamel or fish sauce. Sandwich it between breads, cover it in flour and deep fry.

2. Boxty


These are nothing but pancakes with a twist! Originated in Ireland, potato pancakes or Boxty is a blend of mashed potatoes, raw grated potatoes into a latke type pancakes. Eat this with salad, for breakfast, brunch or as a snack. Combine mashed and raw potato with flour and baking soda. Turn this mixture into a smooth batter by adding buttermilk till required consistency. Pour this batter on the pan, heat both sides till golden and it instantly turns into a blissful combination of yum. You can also add flavor by experimenting with some Garam Masala, oregano, chilies and onions.

Tip: While cooking potatoes it’s always better to microwave or steam them instead of boiling because water leaches some nutrients off the potato

1. Sweet Potato Cake

When I first found this recipe, it astonished and inspired me to write this blog! There is nothing in this world you cannot add potatoes to. Even your waistlines may approve those love handles, indulge and trust me you will be glad you did it. Peel the skin off your sweet potatoes. Cook them to a mush. In a bowl, take three cups of flour, two tsp of baking powder, one tsp of cinnamon, half tsp of baking soda, quarter tsp of baking powder. Mix them well.

In another bowl take two cups of sugar and one cup of butter and mix them. Blend the butter mixture and the flour mixture with a tsp of vanilla and two eggs. To this mixture add the mashed sweet potato and mix it until a smooth paste. Transfer the mixture into a baking tray and bake on 350 degree. There you go, an easy and delicious way of making cake using potatoes.