10 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds Around The World

Can a cat reduce your stress level and lower your blood pressure? Yes, of course, having a cat can lower blood pressure as well as stress. Now, imagine you own a cat which is pretty and gorgeous, which makes you always fall for it at any moment in life. The beauty grabbed by the cats listed below either have unique coloration, structure or texture. We bring for you the 10 most beautiful cat breed in the word one should own though they are expensive to adopt.

10. Rogdoll


Rogdoll is well-known for muscular body and distinct blue eyes. The outer coating is impressive with silky soft coat and needs intense care for grooming. Was developed by Americans, the cat breed is best suited in placid temperatures. Very passionate to play with kids and is considered to very friendly with the family. Since they tend to socialize easily, the cat breed is recognized as “dog-like cats”. Additionally, the cat breed follows the owner like a pet dog and the behavior exactly resembles the one like dog.

9. Nebelung


Nebelung is an alluring cat breed and is very rare, originates from Germany. The cat breed is special for its blue-grey coat with impressive wide-set green eyes. The pointing ears and round greenish eyes feels like a perfect doll to play with for kids. The fur at the tail portion is pretty long when compared to the body. The body is well built and sturdy for all naughty works at home. It does not adapt to changes at home, however, gets well socialized with family members. Generally follows its favorite person and loves to sit on the laps.

8. Munchkin


Munchkin is the only cat breed in the list with very short legs. Although, the cat breed is considered as new, there have been a lot of controversies during the recognition by International Cat Association in 1995. Most gorgeous in terms of looks, the Munchkin cat is very joyful and intelligent. Weighs between 3 and 4 Kgs, and the color ranges between black and brown. Due to short legs, there are no extra capabilities of leap and sneak. Additionally, due to short legs, the cat breed tends to feel hard for jumping.

7. Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat is a lovely cat that one can have as a pet. The cat breed is preset in Russia from quite a longtime now, and is considered as the national car for Russia. The Siberian Cat breed is rare outside Europe and gained popularity since 1990 after the import from initiated from United States. It was first mentioned in a book by Harrison Wier, which then developed to be the most beautiful cats in the world. Consists of unique texture when fur is into consideration, which is glossy. But, there is no particular coloration or pattern for outing coating of the cat breed.

6. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

A dominant-gene mutation caused the cat’s ears to fold and bend forward, and hence the name “Scottish Fold”. It completely resembles a cat toy with incredible yellow eyes. The facial appearances can probably seem like an owl. Scottish Fold breeds are very expensive when compared to the other normal breeds. They tend to stretch out their legs and rest on the belly like an old monk and hence called the “Buddha Position”.

5. Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van Cat

Developed in United Kingdom, the Turkish Van is gorgeous with white colored coat on the body. The cat breed is considered to be rare, which consists of distinct patterns on head and the tail with complete white body. The hair length is semi-long and gives a sleek appearances. Bathing them is very challenging, since fur completely absorbs water. Additionally, drying them is pretty easy with quite a more maintenance on coating. Very naught in general that can probably jump around at home. The cat may weight about 7 Kg and the length is moderately long.

4. Persian Cat

 Persian Cat

Fantastic by looks, the Persian cat looks like a queen when cat breeds as a whole is into considered. In 2015, the cat was featured as the 2nd most popular cat breed in the United States. Also recognized as “Persian Longhair”, it was first originated from Iran (Persia) way back in 1620. Persian cats can be a perfect toy for kids, since they are very kind and expect for prior attention. They come in over 80 color combinations and almost all seems to be astounding.

3. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

Named as Bengal, since the cat resembles like a leopard. Bengal cat is a domestic breed mostly found in America. About 4.6 Kgs in weight, the patterns on the cat is randomly distributed like a leopard with orange coat on the body. The belly is white in color with astonishing long tails. The eyes are impressively large and are usually blue or green in color. At first looks, the cat can seems wild with rosette spotting all over the body.

2. Birman Cat

Birman Cat

Birman Cat breed was first recognized in France and the name is derived from French form of Burma. In French form of Burma, the breed name is “Birmanie”, which is also recognized as “Sacred Cat of Burma”. Appearances are somewhat unique with brown face and impressive blue eyes. Comprises of vibrant gloves on each paw, Birman is capable of making anyone fall for it. Body is rectangle with distinct Roman nose and deep sapphire blue eyes, which can be a perfect pet for homes. Very naughty indeed and socialize easily with people.

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coon bags the most beautiful cats in the world with unique physique and hunting skills. As the name says, the cat is native to Maine from North America. It is considered as the largest domestic cat breed with really impressive fur all over the body. In 19th century, Maine Coon was put forward for cat show and since then made a big impact in terms of cat breed beauty. Today, steals million hearts from TV shows and movies. Color ranges between black and brown and as far as character is in concern, the Maine Coon produces similarities as dogs.

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