10 Most Dangerous Rivers In The World

Rivers are the greatest contributors to life forms right from the existence of living beings on earth. People today have been using the rivers across the world for either drinking, transportation or adventures. To be honest, anything naturally created cannot be refrained and some examples exist here as well. Some of the rivers listed here pose dangers because of improper maintenance by people around, some flooding the lands nearby and some hosts the most dangerous animals. Let’s look at the 10 most dangerous rivers in the world, that are to be explored with enough precautions.

10. Nile River

Nile River

Nile river is best known for its length as is considered as the longest river in the world. But unfortunately, we cannot jump into it to experience the bliss of river. Inside resides the world’s deadliest creatures. Some of them include venomous spiders, hefty crocodiles and deadly mosquitos. Now don’t neglect the dangerous mosquitos here, as they carry parasites in them and can cause fatal sickness in humans. There are some portions of the river where the current tends to be very strong and even good swimmers find it difficult to counter them. Though swimming in summer is fantastic with your besties, try to understand the safety measures and zones before to jump inside.

9. Brahmaputra River

Brahmaputra River

Brahmaputra river is one of the major rivers flowing in India, which shares along the borders of China and Bangladesh. Due to these sharing from different territories, the river is comprised with multiple names to call over. Now emphasizing on the dangers from the river, the first thing comes up is the melt down of glaciers from Himalayas. A lot of times, the glaciers are seen melting either due to global warming, which eventually floods the nearby villages. Report says that the Guwahati is prone to sinking due to heavy flooding by Brahmaputra river.

8. Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Mississippi river is one of the most lethal rivers in the world, which can give a brink of highway to hell. Located in the United States, the river is well known for its contribution to acquire the second-largest drainage from the country. Now, just imagine you jumping into a whole junk of drainage and above which having fierce underwater current. Try not to do that! Apart from the hazard of water pollution, the underwater current can pull even the best swimmers around. However, every year there are a bunch of them still take chances to cross over the river, who finally get rescued by the rescue team.

7. Parana River

Parana River

Parana river name uncommonly recognized as “Para rehe Onava” is derived from the Tupi language, which means “like the sea”. By the name the river gives a big-time fear to people and warns them not to jump inside with enough precautions. About 4,880 kilometers, the rivers stand second in the list of longest rivers in the South America. The Parana river recklessly flows from the origin in Brazil and shatter anything coming on its way. Majorly there have been a lot of times people suffer from flooding in nearby territories and impacts heavy in daily routine.

6. Orinoco River

Orinoco River

Orinoco River is best known for its length flowing almost for 2,140 kilometers. Considered as the third longest river in South America. As it ends up draining into the Atlantic Ocean, the river becomes very difficult to navigate due to extreme curve and underwater currents. Orinoco river can make you lose your way even with the help of a navigator. It can create havoc to people living along the river because of intense reef. The danger is not just the rapid water flow, but is also with sudden waterfalls through the route of the river.

5. River Wharfe

River Wharfe Yorkshire

River Wharfe is a fantastic river to walk along the sides and can be taken as one of the best places for outings and picnics. But, keeping that in mind, never take a chance to jump into the water as they are deadlier than they look. Located in Yorkshire, the river’s underneath water current is massive enough to pull anyone down the sloppy rocks. The water currents are so powerful that it can raft you again and again to death.

4. Yangtze River

Yangtze River

Yangtze river is considered dangerous due to the industrial waste that are being flown into the river on daily basis. Considered as the most renowned river in China and is the third longest river in the world. However, the river was not much taken care to protect from industrial wastes, which caused complete change in color of the river.  Due to such circumstances, a huge loss has been encountered for the habitat residing in the river of Yangtze.

3. Niger River

Niger River

Niger river is in Western Africa with a length of about 4,180 kilometers holding the third longest river in Africa. Unusual river paths are always crazy and lethal, isn’t it? Of course, Yes! The river was responsible in sweeping over 20,000 people causing massive flood in the city. Almost all the residing people went homeless and engulfed a lot of them by spreading diseases. More than people affected were the animals, and the number of animals killed were awful. Over 30,000 animals were killed due to flooding in the nearby city and stench of corpse made the city a grave of weeping souls.

2. Congo River

Congo River

Congo river is also recognized as the “Heart of Darkness”, which is in Africa. Additionally, the river holds the second place for its length in Africa after the Nile river. Now, just imagine a 3,000-mile mazing stretch of the river water along the sides filled with vegetation. Don’t just consider the lethality by the animals there, but the river itself is so confused that it can act like a maze. Consider it to be a “Gateway to Hell”, as getting out of it seems impossible.

1. Amazon River

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon river is by far considered the most dangerous due to its fused forest and river combo. Located in South America, the river comprises of animals that are yet to be discovered. And the ones that are present are so lethal and dangerous that they can kill you just in a matter of seconds. Further, beneath the river lies the proven theoretical example of huge anacondas and deadly piranhas.

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